Fulhadhoo Island In Maldives: Dive Into Serenity

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Travel has seamlessly woven into our lifestyle amidst evolving trends. When selecting a destination, oceanic locales often immediately capture our attention with their charm and the soothing rhythms of their shorelines. Among numerous options, the Maldives stands out prominently, offering easy visa processes and serene vistas across all segments. For those seeking the ultimate tropical getaway, exploring the best Maldives tour packages ensures a memorable trip filled with adventure, relaxation, and luxury.

To remain economical and focused, choosing the right island from the available 180 inhabited ones in the Maldives is crucial. For travellers desiring to balance their budget with a full holiday experience, Fulhadhoo Island stands as one of the best places to visit in Maldives.

This destination not only encapsulates the essence of the Maldives but also leaves visitors with countless cherished memories to revisit. Let’s delve deeper into what makes Fulhadhoo Island a standout option.

About Fulhadhoo Island In Maldives


Fulhadhoo Island or Felidhe Atolhu is one of the small islands of Vaavu Atoll in the Maldives. This picturesque island is nestled in the Laccadive Seashore. This island is only 200 metres wide and 700 meters long with only 200 permanent local residents. 

Vaavu Atoll itself has only 5 inhabited islands with an overall population of 1600. Among them, Fulhadhoo Island in Maldives holds a special place. Not only the luxury hotels in Fulhadhoo Island are famous but are also well-known for it’s indigenous cultural practices.

This place also emerges as an ideal destination for families thanks to the amenities of some of the finest family hotels in Fulhadhoo Island.

How To Reach Maldives Fulhadhoo Island


Reaching Fulhadhoo Island in the Maldives is itself a power-packed adventure trip. With a distance of 57 km (35 miles) from the Velena airport, Male city this place can be travelled by speedboat, seaplane transfer and also on ferry.

It may take more than 2.5 hours of journey to reach Fulhadoo Island via ferry, but it comes at a very affordable cost ranging around $10 per head one way. However, most of the luxury hotels in Fulhadhoo Island offer free transfers upon picking up their stay. 

For faster transfer you can opt for speed boat services from Velena, it hardly takes 1 hour and 10 minutes straight to reach any of your luxury or family Hotels in Fulhadhoo Island with a charge of $40 per head one way.

If budget permits you can also pick a seaplane transfer which must be booked in advance. This transfer hardly takes 35 minutes to reach Fulhadhoo Island resorts with a charge of $250-$400 per head one way.

Life On Maldives Fulhadhoo Island


Life on Maldives Fulhadhoo Island is intermingled with rich cultural values and a unique lifestyle. With only a population of 200-odd native Maldivians, this island maintains a community of knitting which is a skill passed on through various generations.

The next important ways of means is fishing activity, the locals mostly rely on food and earning means from fishing activities. Apart from this they also got skills in local boat-building techniques with traditional craftsmanship that is infused with utmost creativity.

​The famous traditional dance form called Langiri is often performed on Fulhadhoo Islands in Maldives which is a part of the cultural festival and local celebrations. This act is mixed with rhythmic dance with Maldivian drums. Some of the luxury hotels in Fulhadhoo Island also offer this cultural event conducted at their newar sighting for its tourists to participate and feel the cultural richness.

Best Time To Visit Fulhadhoo Island


The best time to visit Fulhadhoo Island In Maldives is in the months of July- November. In particular, Maldives in November offers ideal weather to enjoy a subtle climate and special water activities. If you want to stay on budget you can also pick months of dry season which is November to April.

Though the days are sunny, nights offer clear skies and composed seashore sightings. But dry seasons are more prone to humidity and tropical downpours without any signs. So, it is better to plan in the frame of July-November, this frame also offers special discounts as the holiday season is nearby.

Stay Options In Fulhadhoo Island Resorts

When it comes to choosing the perfect stay options in Fulhadhoo Island Resorts, you can have plenty of options to choose from. Here are a few:

1. Fulhadhoo Over Water Bungalow

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

An Over-Water bungalow is one of the most sought-after stay options in Fulhadhoo Island resorts. This stay option lies over the azure water of the Indian Ocean with spacious and luxurious rooms with direct access to the private pool and open waters. 

You can enjoy snorkeling activities in the back of your bungalow with personalised spa services and dining options.

2. Fulhadhoo Beachfront Villas


Rests on the pristine shorelines of the island, Fulhadhoo Island beachfront villas offer a serene experience with its lavish accommodation option mixed with Maldivian architectural style.

This stay offers a walkway on a private garden, a plunge pool, shaded verandas and also hammocks to rest in leisure with international Spa treatments and outdoor games.

3. Fulhadhoo Garden Suites


This stay is ideal for all those natural lovers as it lies in the secluded lush tropical garden. It has spacious interiors, open verandas and also outdoor showers amidst the oceanic waters.

You can get a free breakfast meal at your poolside and in the evening you can take a free bicycle ride to explore all the corners of the island. Fulhadhoo Island Garden Suites offers in-house spa service which is an award-winning service to have a peaceful retreat.

4. Deluxe Water Villas Of Fulhadhoo Island


Deluxe water villas in Fulhadhoo Island resorts offer spell-bound privacy with top-class amenities. These spacious interior stays come with panaromic views of ocean waters surrounding the fresh lagoon.

You can get access to a private deck where you can have sun baths, spa services and also under the star dining experience. Get access to complimentary snorkelling gear and a guided tour of the reef exploration.

5. Family Suites Of Fulhadhoo Island


These open spacious accommodations cater to all the needs of the families. It offers multiple bedroom options, and separate living areas All the amenities like multiple bedroom stays, separated living areas, child care zones, and furnished terraces of Family suites keep the Fulhadhoo Island Resorts as one of the best family-friendly resorts in the Maldives.

Visitors can enjoy the guided tours for deep diving, snorkelling and various other water activities along with an en-suite bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen for personalised cooking. Get access to free Island hopping and private beach picnics.

Luxury Hotels In Fulhadhoo Island


Here is the list of luxury hotels in Fulhadhoo Island:

1. Blissful Beach Villas

This beach villa comes amidst the Island beauty of Fulhadhoo Island. Spacious villas with private plunge pools, complimentary breakfast and sunset view options from a private veranda.

2. Tranquil Bay Resort

This is an overwater bungalow stay with direct access to the private pool and an open deck with lavish rooms with lots of cuisine options. Drinks and breakfast are served in the comfort of your room.

3. Serenity Sand Resort

This is a beachfront suit with world-class spa and dining options. Visitors can enjoy unparalleled comfort and in-home services with lots of activities in this stay option.

4. Paradise Sand Resort

It is a private paradise stay, where you will be staying in overwater hammocks with all the amenities included. Get your breakfast at your private pool and enjoy water activities at your comfort at any time needed.

5. Azure Horizontal Resort

If you are looking for a relaxed stay coupled with luxury, Azure Horizon offers deluxe villas that meet your expectations. With panaromic views and an island tour, this is one of the top staying options.

Best Family Hotels In Fulhadhoo Island


Here is the list of best family hotels in Fulhadhoo Island:

  1. Ahiva Village: Cozy stay option suited for families along with decent dining options.
  2. Palms Retreat: Spacious villas at a budget that comes with comfort and convenience for all tourists.
  3. Villa Marina: This stay has easy access to the beaches and local attractions with all the modern amenities and culinary options.
  4. Island Dive Hotel: ​The best in amenities come with a package of snorkelling and deep diving options.
  5. Three Hearts Guest House: Affordable family-friendly accommodation with a pleasant atmosphere.

Things To Do On Fulhadhoo Island


Here is the list of things to do on Fulhadhoo Island:

  1. Explore Fulhadhoo Island Beaches: Have nuances of Bikini and sunset beach for a serene experience.
  2. Fulhadhoo Island Restaurant Food: Try diverse options of culinary experience with a mix of local and international varieties.
  3. Explore Fulhadhoo House Reef: Have a leisure stroll around this house reef to have sight of vibrant marine life.
  4. Scuba Diving Fulhadhoo: Alimathaa Dive, Miyaru Kandu, Foru Kolhu, Fulidhoo caves, Kunaavashi Kandu are some of the best diving spots to visit marine life and rich corals.
  5. Explore Fulhadhoo: Explore local traditions like Langiri, weaving culture and fishing at your leisure.

How do you get to the island of Maldives?

Reach Velena airport Maldives, and from there you can pick water or air services to reach whichever Maldivian Island you want to reach.

Is Fulidhoo worth a visit?

With its rich cultural aura, pristine charms, and spectacular stay options Fulidhoo is surely a worthwhile place.

How do I get to Fulhadhoo Island?

You can take a Ferry, Speed boat or Seaplane services to Fulhadhoo Island from Male City.

What is Fulhadhoo known for?

Fulhadhoo Island is known for its charming beaches, azure waters, rich marine life and also the indigenous culture of its inhabitants.

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