Gandhi Udyan Park: The Gem Of Raipur

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Everyone loves their leisure time and always wants to visit the places that give them immense peace in a daily hustle. Talking about peace, have you ever heard about the Gandhi Udyan Park, located in the heart of Raipur Chhattisgarh, which offers a serene escape from our hectic schedule? Let’s find out more about this place. 

About Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur


The Gandhi Udyan Park is located at Nayapara Road, Mangal Bazar of Raipur City, which extends to Bhagat Singh Chowk and is very close to the Chief Minister’s Residence. The park is abundantly filled with natural vegetation and attracts visitors of all ages because of its recreational activities held by the organisers of Gandhi Udyan Park. 

If we look at the landscape of Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur, we will find that it is a testament to thoughtful design that reflects natural beauty. It has green spaces such as manicured lawns and gardens with colourful flowers and giant trees. The Gandhi Udyan Park consists of a walking area of about 400 metres and a playground. If you are a morning person, you can attend the yoga sessions conducted by the organisers. Whether it’s a morning walk or just a stroll, the place never disappoints you and is perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

History Of Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur


The Gandhi Udyan Park was named after our father of the nation “Mahatma Gandhi” to pay tribute to his philosophies of peace and non-violence. Before the colonial era, the park was called “Company Bagh” and allowed Britishers to participate in recreational activities. After a few decades, the Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur has evolved from a simple green garden to an oasis of urbanization that people visit to escape their daily hustle. The importance of Gandhi Udyan Park increased after November 2000 as Chhattisgarh became the new state. 

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What Is The Role Of Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur in Urbanization?


If we look into urbanization, the Gandhi Udyan Park plays a significant role in promoting sustainable urban living. It is a place that provides a shared space for recreational activities, like street acts, community gatherings, and various cultural events. However, enhancing the Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur is always a priority for the administrations, as it can help attract people to their retreats.

Because of tourism, the park has become one of the best tourist attractions in Raipur. As the place combines natural beauty and tranquillity, the Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur has also increased its footfall from outsiders. Apart from this, the park promotes sustainable development and environmental awareness, and due to the vast use of social media, the Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur is now a popular spot for capturing landscapes.

Things To See In Gandhi Udyan Park


The park is an open space blended with natural vegetation and resources, and it is still beautiful to stroll. Here are some of the things that you can observe in Gandhi Udyan Park

1. The Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Whenever you step into the park, you will see the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the centre, which pays tribute to his work and philosophies. The statue is surrounded by lush greenery with a serene landscape.

2. Sculptures and Memorials

Another thing that you can observe in the park is a variety of sculptures, monuments, and memorials dedicated to the historical activities of the freedom fighters and local heroes. This memorial helps us recognize the contributions of our freedom fighters that have shaped their identity over the years. Every memorial tells a different story that resembles courage, resilience, and sacrifice from freedom fighters to reformers.

3. Floral Beauty & Garden

There will be flowers and a beautiful garden if there is a park. This unique place of Raipur is decorated with vibrant coloured flowers and a lush green garden that pleases our eyes. Whenever you visit this beautiful park, you can stroll through the manicured lawns, aromatic rose gardens, and seasonal flower patches. Don’t worry; you will find their name labelled in the garden. You will find floral species such as lotus, a variety of roses, jasmines, and many more.

4. Ponds

Another unique thing about the Gandhi Park Udyan is that it is decorated with a few water bodies, such as small ponds, lakes, and fountains, that enhance its beauty. Visitors can sit and relax by the edge of the water; however, if you are with the little one, do look out for them to avoid unwanted accidents.

5. Cultural Events

As we know, the park is part of urbanization and hosts various events. It also hosts cultural events such as musical concerts and public events that celebrate the arts, traditions, and heritage of the country’s different regions. You can immerse yourself in learning about folk dances and classical music that unite people and foster a community spirit. 

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Things To Do In Gandhi Udyan Park


The Gandhi Udyan Park of Raipur has a large playground, a walking area of up to 400 metres, and different facilities for different activities. 

  1. Jogging: If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can go for a jog in the tiled area of the park to ensure that no one is harmed while running or jogging. 
  2. Children’s Play Area: If you are with your toddler, teenagers, or young ones, you can easily access the children’s play area to play with them and have fun with your entire family. 
  3.  Open Air Amphitheatre: The Amphitheatre is meant only for cultural performances, events, and recreational activities. If you want to experience this, you have to check the schedule to see if the officials of the Gandhi Udyan organize any event. 

Jogging, running, playing with loved ones, and attending events are some things to do in Gandhi Udyan Park.

Hotels Near Gandhi Udyan Park


If you are new to Raipur and finding hotels nearby, then here are some places that you can choose to visit

1. Hotel Maurya

It is one of the hotels near Gandhi Udyan Park Raipur, located at a distance of 1.7 km. It offers comfortable accommodations with warm hospitality. Due to its wide range of amenities and services, it meets the needs of businesses and leisure travellers.

2. The Grand Neelam Hotel

It is one of the popular choices of tourists, and it is located approximately 3 km from Gandhi Udyan Park. The Grand Neelam Hotel of Raipur also offers comfortable accommodation options, and it is a convenient location by which you can get easy access to shopping, dining, and sightseeing.

3. The Edge Hotel Raipur

The Edge Hotel Raipur is one of the most modern and stylish hotels 2 km from the Gandhi Udyan Park. This place is known for its beautiful contemporary design and hospitality. It offers accommodations and amenities that fulfil the needs of travellers and business people. Another focus of The Edge Hotel is its well-appointing pool and gymnasium for fitness enthusiasts. 

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Restaurants Near Gandhi Udyan Park


You spent your time in a park and had fun with your family and friends, but why upset your stomach? Here are some of the restaurants near Gandhi Udyan Park:

1. Cafe Junoon

At a distance of a few minutes, you can find Cafe Junoon, one of the prime locations for people visiting Gandhi Udyan Park. The cafe offers various cuisines, including Chinese, Gastropub, Indian, and Asian Fast food. Another good thing about this cafe is the staff is so supportive and asks if you have any allergies related to the food ingredients to avoid any harm and dangers.

2. Madras Grill

The Madras Grill is also a place that you can visit near the garden. The distance of this restaurant from Gandhi Park is about 1 km, and it offers a wide variety of delicacies, including Chinese, Indian, Seafood, barbeque, Asian dishes, and soups.

Gandhi Udyan Park Timing


If we look at the Gandhi Udyan Park, the Timings are 5:00 am to 9:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. There is no such entry fee for visiting the garden; however, there may be charges for participating in recreational activities held by the organizers.


Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or want to spend your leisure time, you can do so. The Gandhi Udyan Park of Raipur fulfils the criteria of both personalities, and it is a place that offers a green escape in the heart of Raipur that is suitable for all ages. So whenever you travel to Raipur, remember to visit this beautiful place.

Is there an entry fee to visit Gandhi Udyan Park?

There is no entry fee to enter the Gandhi Udyan Park; however, you must pay the charges to attend the recreational activities.

Where is Gandhi Udyan Park located?

The Gandhi Udyan Park is located at Nayapara Road, Mangal Bazar of Raipur City, near the Chief Minister’s Residence.

What is Gandhi Udyan Park?

Gandhi Udyan Park is a garden filled with a variety of vegetation and holds recreational activities and cultural events.

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