Garden of Five Senses: Your Guide to Delhi’s Natural Beauty

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Have you ever visited ‘Dilwalo ki Dilli’, it is a city of happiness, fun, joy, and many more. Delhi has many major projects that are designed for people to entertain their leisure time and one such magnificent project is the Garden of Five Senses. 

Delhi is at the heart of our India travel package, as most of the journey either starts from Delhi or ends in Delhi. 

In this majestic city of love and laughter lies a beautiful park sprawling 20 acres that offers its visitors a multi-sensory experience like no other and is much better than other amusement parks in Delhi. Garden of Five Senses is located in a village close to the Mehrauli heritage area called Said-Ul-Azaib village. 

This place was developed by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation in 2003, for people to Delhi to unwind from the hustle of life and enjoy the bliss of nature. 

The coolest thing about the Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi is that it is designed in a way that exploring this garden will stimulate all five human senses. You can see, hear, feel, taste, and even smell the goodness of this beautiful place on entering. 

Garden of Five Senses in New Delhi is a majestic place to get away from the stress of life without going out of the city and can be your best weekend getaway in Delhi.  

History of Garden of Five Senses 


The history of Garden of Five Senses dates back to 2023 when the thought of transforming a barren land into a vibrant garden started. The basic idea behind the garden was to create a space for locals that would offer a unique sensory experience to its visitors. 

The story of Garden of Five Senses contains the efforts of many renowned architects and landscape designers of India. 

In the 2000s the project of turning a piece of land into a lush green oasis for people which is divided into several thematic zones. The names of these zones include the Khas Bagh, Neel Bagh, Color Gardens, Herb Garden, and the Court of the Five Senses, among others. 

The story of Garden of Five Senses has gained popularity as a prominent attraction and has even received many awards for its unique design, scenic beauty, and open spaces to enjoy nature. 

The garden was mainly designed by architect Pradeep Sachdeva which is designed to be modern in essence yet has its roots in the heritage of the ancient locality of Mehrauli. There are several sculptures and murals which makes it one of the largest collections of public art in India. 

What is the Best Time To Visit the Garden of Five Senses?


The best time to visit the Garden of Five Senses is during the colder season, that is between October to March. There are several reasons to recommend colder months mainly because Delhi lies in the northern part of India where the temperature is too hot during the summer season so during summer you can visit some other summer vacation places in India

This may cause inconvenience for visitors whereas cooler days offer comfortable temperatures to enjoy a serene nature walk within the park and also the vibrant flowering during the spring attracts tourists from all around the world. 

These months are recommended because during these months the blooming season is at its peak so the park is filled with the vibrance of flowers. The verdant beauty of this park creates a visually stunning landscape that heightens our sensory reception and helps us to enjoy the diversity of this park.  

Also, another reason is that winter days attract more tourists to this city so for people who are looking to socialize, enjoy interacting with different people, and participate in social gatherings, winter is the right time for them to visit the Garden of Five Senses. 

Overall we can say that October to March is the right time for everyone to enjoy the sensory delights of this place in different ways 

How to reach the Garden of Five Senses in Delhi?

how to reach

If you are someone who is from outside Delhi then first of all you need to reach Delhi to visit the Garden of Five Senses. So pack your bags and board your flight to Delhi then once you reach Delhi you can decide whether to reach the Garden of Five Senses through bus or metro. 

Depending on the location of your stay you can board your bus to the Garden of Five Senses

If you are at Charmwood Village 

You can board your bus line 717, 717A to the bus stop on Maherauli Badarpur Road, and from there you can take a walk of 15 mins to the Garden of Five Senses location. It will take around 53 minutes from the village. 

If you are at Lajpat Nagar

From Lajpat Nagar, it takes 47 minutes to get to The Garden of Five Senses location through bus line 427.

From Humanyun Tomb

From the Humanyun Tomb, it takes around 59 minutes to reach Mehrauli Badarpur Road on bus line 427.  

From the Grand

From The Grand, it will take around 55 minutes through the 717/717 A bus line.

Some of the other bus lines to Garden of Five Senses are :

  1. 427 Line
  2. 356 Line
  3. 434 Line
  4. 522 Line
  5. 717 Line

Depending on the location of your stay you can board your Metro line  to the Garden of Five Senses

Some of the closest metro lines in Delhi are near the Garden of Five Senses 

  1. Malviya Nagar, 9-minute walk.
  2. Saket Metro Station is 847 meters away, an 11-minute walk.
  3. Saidulajab / Saket Metro Station is 1018 meters away, a 15-minute walk.
  4. Saidul-A-Jab / Saket Metro Station is 1117 meters away, 16 minutes walk.
  5. Hauz Khas is 1383 meters away, an 18-minute walk.
  6. Qutab Minar is 1866 meters away, 26 minutes walk.

Best things to do in Garden of Five Senses


Some of the coolest things to do in this beautiful place are:-

  1. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the Garden and enjoy the Serene environment that soothes all the five senses of visitors. 
  2. Enjoy the Amphitheater that occasionally hosts various performances and activities and allows people to enjoy music, dance, etc.  
  3. Attend Cultural events in the garden that help you connect with people or simply enjoy music and dance shows. 
  4. Visit the Khas Bagh, which is also made inside the Garden and is decorated with Mughal-style architecture, water channels, and lush greenery.  
  5. Enjoy the food of its restaurants and cafes amidst the greenery of the garden. 
  6. Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of the garden which contains several art illustrations and sculptures. 

What are the best restaurants in Garden of Five Senses?


There may be many restaurants in Delhi that have huge popularity among locals because of its ambiance, service, and many more. But there are restaurants inside the Garden of Five Senses that will steal your heart with their menu and services. Some such restaurants are:-

Lodi – The Garden Restaurant

This restaurant serves a variety of Indian and continental dishes along with different kinds of beverages. If you are looking for a place immersed in beauty and positive vibes then this restaurant is the place for you.

Guppy by ai

Just like the name of this restaurant, the cuisine they offer is also interesting. They served amazing Japanese delights in a contemporary setting. 

Fio Cookhouse and Bar

This place is known for its elegance and delicious European and Italian cuisine and is very famous among visitors. This place is very close to the entrance of the gate of the Garden of Five Senses and offers both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements.


This is a multi-cuisine restaurant and is located inside the Garden, it offers everything from Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes. You can get the full experience of dining amidst nature with its outdoor seating arrangement. 

Fork You

Are you looking to eat an American-style comfort food such as a burger and many more? You can get your favorite beer along with a hearty meal of gourmet burgers, sandwiches, and many more. This place can be considered better than many cafes in Delhi.  

List of hotels near Garden of Five Senses


Here is a list of hotels near the Garden of Five Senses that will offer you an amazing stay.

Nashtey Home Service Apartment 

This is the closest stay to the garden and is at a great location for visitors. The rooms are very spacious and the attendants are known to be very sweet and helpful.

Hotel Saket 27

This place is also within 1 km from the Garden of Five Senses and is a 3-star hotel known for its amazing hospitality. Being close to most of the tourist attractions such as the Qutab Minar and Lotus Temple this place can be your perfect accommodation near the Garden of Five Senses. 

Sheraton New Delhi

This place is close to the District centre bus stop Saket and is also within walking distance from the garden. This 5-star hotel is also within 1 km from the Metro station and offers a polished and elegant interior. 

Bedchambers Saket

This place is also very close to the metro, it’s very hygienic, excellent interior and the staff are very polite and friendly. The rooms are very comfortable and cozy so let this place be your accommodation near the Garden of Five Senses. 

Kuvera Homestays

Kuvera Place is also close to the garden and is a 3-star hotel with an excellent interior and great staff. This hotel is child-friendly and offers free breakfast and free Wi-fi also offers laundry services at a reasonable price.

Garden of Five Senses in Delhi timings

The Garden of Five Senses in Delhi Timings is between 9am to 7 pm.

Ticket Price

The ticket price of Garden of Five Senses is 

₹35 for Adults

₹15 for Children and Senior citizens

What makes the Garden of Five Senses stand out among other parks in Delhi?

 Its unique construction of stimulating the five human senses through different ways and also its huge location makes this place stand out among the other parks of Delhi.

What are the must-see attractions within the Garden of Five Senses?

Some of the must-see attractions within the Garden of Five Senses are:-

  • The Khas Bagh
  • The Neel Bagh
  • The Sculpture Park
  • The Herb Garden
  • The Amphitheatre

Are there any events or festivals held at the Garden of Five Senses?

Yes the garden holds many events and festivals such as the flower shows, food festivals, art exhibitions and many more.

What are the visiting hours and entry fees for the Garden of Five Senses?

The visiting hours are between 9 am to 7 pm and the entry fee is ₹35 for Adults, ₹15 for Children and Senior citizens

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