Gomtimata Beach: A Perfect Blend of Sun, Sand, and Serenity

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Craving a beach escape that’s more than just crowds and noise? Then set your sights on Gomtimata Beach, a secluded paradise tucked away on the western tip of Diu! 

For those seeking serenity amidst nature’s beauty, Gomtimata Beach is a must-visit destination included in many India tour packages.

Imagine sinking your toes into pristine white sand, the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea lapping at your feet, and the sound of the waves washing away your worries. Here, peace is king, offering a much-needed break from the everyday hustle.

A Sanctuary Steeped in Mythology

A Sanctuary Steeped in Mythology

A Sanctuary Steeped in Mythology

Gomtimata Beach is named after the revered Gomtimata Temple, a captivating structure dedicated to Goddess Gomti, revered as the incarnation of the sacred Gomti River.

Hindu mythology states that the Gomti River, renowned for its purity and life-giving waters, is one of India’s most auspicious rivers. Built from excellent coated marble, the temple crowns the shore, and its white exterior contrasts sharply with the blue sky above. 

The temple walls are adorned with elaborate carvings that convey messages of dedication and faith. The temple’s tranquility and the seashore’s captivating views create a truly spiritual environment.

The presence of the temple at Gomtimata Beach fills it with a sense of cultural significance. It’s a place where locals come to seek blessings and find solace. 

Visitors can also pay their respects at the temple, experiencing a glimpse into the religious beliefs and practices that are an integral part of Diu’s identity.

What is the best time to visit Gomtimata Beach?

What is the best time to visit Gomtimata Beach?

What is the best time to visit Gomtimata Beach?

November to February are the winter months and offer pleasant weather with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 28°C. This is the peak tourist season in Diu, so expect larger crowds.

 The summer months from March to May see a rise in temperatures, reaching up to 35°C. However, the crowds start to thin out, making it a good option for those seeking a more secluded experience. Keep in mind that the strong sun might not be ideal for everyone.

How to Reach Gomtimata Beach?

How to Reach Gomtimata Beach?

How to Reach Gomtimata Beach?

Diu is a small island territory accessible by air, water, and road. Here’s how to reach Gomtimata Beach:

By Air: Diu Daman Airport (DIU) is the closest airport, located about 3 km from Diu town. From the airport, you can hire a taxi or rickshaw to reach Gomtimata Beach, which is approximately 13 km away.

By Train: The nearest major railway station is Veraval in Gujarat, around 90 km from Diu. From Veraval, you can take a taxi or bus to reach Diu.

By Road: Diu is well-connected by road to major cities in Gujarat like Ahmedabad and Rajkot. You can take a state transport bus or hire a private car to reach Diu. 

What are the various Places To Visit Near Gomtimata Beach?

Nagoa Beach:

 Nagoa Beach most popular beach in Diu is known for its water sports activities and lively atmosphere.

Diu Fort: 

A majestic 16th-century Portuguese fort, offering stunning views of the coastline and is one of the best places to visit in Daman and Diu.


Sea Shell Museum: 

A unique museum showcasing a fascinating collection of seashells from all over the world.


Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple:

 A group of 18 ancient Shiva temples, steeped in history and religious significance.

Naida Caves: 

Visit the fascinating Naida Caves, a network of naturally formed caves featuring intricate rock formations, tunnels, and passages, ideal for exploration and photography.

Best Things to Indulge in at Gomtimata Beach

Best Things to Indulge in at Gomtimata Beach

Best Things to Indulge in at Gomtimata Beach

 Let’s dive into the best things to do in Daman and Dius best beach and discover the essence of relaxation and adventure amidst the splendor of the Arabian Sea.

Shell collecting: 

The beach is a treasure trove of seashells. Take a walk along the shore and collect these natural wonders in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They make beautiful keepsakes or gifts.


The beach is a haven for various bird species. Keep your eyes peeled for seagulls, kites, and other feathered friends soaring gracefully across the sky.

Picnic by the beach: 

Pack a light lunch and some refreshments and enjoy a delightful picnic on the beach. The sound of the waves and the cool sea breeze will create a perfect dining ambiance.

Sunset gazing: 

Gomtimata Beach is popular for its captivating sunsets. An amazing display of pinks and purples lights the sky as the sun sets, leaving viewers in complete amazement.




There are countless chances to take amazing pictures at the beach. There is something to capture the interest of any photographer, from the wide open ocean to the fine details of the Gomtimata Temple.

Water Sports: 

Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet skiing, exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the surface of the Arabian Sea.

What are the tips to keep in mind while visiting Gomtimata Beach?

What are the tips to keep in mind while visiting Gomtimata Beach?

What are the tips to keep in mind while visiting Gomtimata Beach?
  • Pack sunscreen with a high SPF rating, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s harsh rays.


  • Diu has a strong cultural identity. Dress modestly when visiting the Gomtimata Temple and be mindful of local customs.


  • Pack plenty of water and snacks, especially if you plan to spend a significant amount of time on the beach. Shops and restaurants might be limited in the vicinity.


  • While the beach is stunning, swimming is not recommended due to strong currents. Opt for sunbathing, walking, or building sandcastles instead.


  • Help preserve its beauty by carrying reusable water bottles and bags. Avoid littering and dispose of waste responsibly.


  • While there might not be many hotels directly in Gomtimata Beach, Diu offers various accommodation options in other areas. 


  • Since Gomtimata Beach is a secluded spot, facilities like changing rooms, showers, and sunbeds might be limited. Plan accordingly.


  • While some vendors might accept digital payments, it’s advisable to carry cash for purchases near the beach.


  • Diu offers a delightful array of seafood dishes. Sample the local delicacies to experience the true flavors of the island.

Culinary Adventure: Exploring the Delights of Diu's Cuisine

Culinary Adventure: Exploring the Delights of Diu's Cuisine

Culinary Adventure: Exploring the Delights of Diu’s Cuisine

Diu’s unique location, nestled between Gujarat and the Arabian Sea, has resulted in a fascinating culinary heritage. Its cuisine is a delicious blend of Gujarati flavors and fresh seafood, influenced by Portuguese colonial legacy. 

As you explore Gomtimata Beach, take a break to tempt your taste buds with the following local delicacies:

Seafood Extravaganza:

Freshly caught fish reigns supreme in Diu’s cuisine. Don’t miss the chance to try pomfret fry, a crispy fried fish dish seasoned with local spices. Lobster curries are another must-try.


Gujarati Delights:

The influence of neighboring Gujarat is evident in vegetarian options like Sev Tamatar ki Sabzi. Theplas are perfect for a quick bite. Don’t forget to try Dal Fry, a simple yet comforting lentil dish seasoned with Gujarati spices.


Fusion Flavors:

Diu’s Portuguese influence is reflected in dishes like Xacuti, a rich and creamy curry with a hint of sweetness. Chicken Cafreal, a Portuguese-inspired dish of marinated chicken.

Sweet Endings:

After a satisfying meal, indulge in a traditional Gujarati sweet like Gulab Jamun. Shrikhand is a creamy yogurt-based dessert, and don’t miss Bebinca, a layered cake with a unique texture and rich flavor.

Local Beverages:

Wash down your meal with a refreshing glass of Chaas, a spiced buttermilk drink perfect for the hot weather. For a local twist, try Sol Kadhi, a coconut milk-based drink flavored with kokum.

Gomtimata Beach is a gem waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil escape, a spiritual connection, or simply a chance to reconnect with nature, this beach has something to offer everyone. So, pack your bags, embrace the serenity, and create memories that will last a lifetime at Gomtimata Beach.

Where is Gomtimata Beach located?

Gomtimata Beach is located on the western tip of Diu Island, Daman and Diu, India.

What are the popular activities to do at Gomtimata Beach?

Here are some popular activities to enjoy at Gomtimata Beach: Seashell collecting, birdwatching, picnics, sunset gazing and photography

Are there any accommodations and facilities available near Gomtimata Beach?

There aren’t many hotels directly on Gomtimata Beach itself. However, Diu offers various accommodation options in other areas, with some being closer to the beach than others. 

What is the best time to visit Gomtimata Beach?

November to February is the best time to visit Gomtimata Beach.

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