The Complete Guide To Ladakh In December- All You Need To Know

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Are you daydreaming of an epic winter getaway? Look no further! Grab your woolies and snag one of those irresistible Ladakh packages because we’re talking about Ladakh in December. 

Yep, you heard it right! Forget the cliché snowy destinations; we’re taking the road less travelled—literally. Imagine cruising through snow-capped mountains and frozen rivers! This is Leh in December for you, the heart of Ladakh that pulsates even in sub-zero temperatures.

Sure, it’s a chilly affair, but let’s make ‘cold’ the new ‘cool,’ shall we? Think of places to visit in Ladakh that look like a backdrop from a fantasy film. Ladakh in December is when monasteries appear more mystical; lakes take on a magical sheen and stars? 

Well, they seem almost within reach! Stick around as we reveal what makes Leh in December a once-in-a-lifetime experience and why Ladakh in December should be your next Insta-worthy adventure. 

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Ladakh In December- The Complete Guide

Places To Visit In Ladakh In December


Magnetic Hill

Zanskar Valley

Pangong Lake

Nubra Valley 


Things To Do In Ladakh In December

Chadar Trek

Attend The Festivals 

Trekking In Ladakh


Adventure Sports

Bike Trip

Weather Of Ladakh In December

Overall Conditions

Average Temperatures

How To Reach Ladakh In December

By Air

By Road

By Train

Things To Carry To Ladakh In December


Snow Boots

Gloves And Caps

Skincare Essentials

Snack And Water


Power Banks And Extra Batteries

Places To Visit In Ladakh In December

1. Leh

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The capital city of Ladakh, Leh is nothing short of a winter fairytale in December. The snow-covered city provides the perfect backdrop to its ancient palaces and monasteries.

Why To Visit?

Less crowded, perfect for a serene experience.

Gorgeous landscapes, adorned with a blanket of snow.

The winter sun creates breathtaking photo opportunities.

Local festivals are at their peak, giving you a glimpse of Ladakhi culture.

Things To Do

Shop for trinkets and warm Pashmina shawls for Shopping In Ladakh.

Dine at some fantastic Restaurants In Ladakh.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the city from the Leh Palace.

Visit the Shanti Stupa for some inner peace.

2. Magnetic Hill

Image Source : Discoverychannel

A gravity hill located near Leh Magnetic Hill has the optical illusion of a downhill slope appearing as an uphill slope. Cars seem to roll uphill, defying gravity. Mysterious? Super!

Why To Visit?

Witness the mind-bending illusion in real time.

Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

Delve into the local legends surrounding the hill.

Ideal for quirky Instagram shots with #LehLadakhInDecember.

Things To Do

Experience the ‘magnetic’ phenomenon.

Capture surreal photographs.

Enjoy a picnic with a view.

Listen to local stories from guides.

3. Zanskar Valley


Zanskar Valley is a sublime expanse of raw beauty. During December, the river turns into a frozen ice sheet, creating the famous Chadar trek route.

Why To Visit?

Jaw-dropping snowy landscapes.

Adventure of a lifetime with the frozen river trek.

Witness the unique culture of the Zanskar people.

Absolute serenity and tranquillity.

Things To Do

Attempt the Chadar trek.

Visit ancient monasteries like Stongdey.

Interact with the local community.

Bask in the beauty of nature.

4. Pangong Lake


This high-altitude lake is famous for its breathtaking beauty and ever-changing hues. Ladakh in December covers Pangong Lake in a crystalline sheet of ice.

Why To Visit?

Mesmerizing ice formations on the lake.

See migratory birds making the lake their winter home.

Star-gazing on clear winter nights.

Solitude and beauty at its best.

Things To Do

Enjoy lakeside camping in Ladakh.

Engage in ice skating (conditions permitting).

Capture the beauty on your camera.

Enjoy a bonfire by the frozen lake.

5. Nubra Valley

Image Source : OutlookIndia

Imagine a landscape where white snow meets desert sands, creating a vivid tapestry of extremes. That’s Nubra Valley for you! Tucked away in the northernmost reaches of Ladakh, this valley showcases an exceptional blend of geography—snow-capped peaks, desert sand dunes, and lush meadows—all in one place! In December, the valley undergoes a snowy transformation, enhancing its dreamy allure.

Why To Visit?

Witness the unique blend of sand dunes and snow—only in Ladakh in December!

Get panoramic views from the iconic Diskit Monastery.

Experience the surreal sight of Bactrian camels ambling in the snowy dunes.

Get enchanted by the pristine beauty and rare tranquility of the valley.

Things To Do

Take a ride on the Bactrian camels, but this time, through snow!

Engage in winter trekking to explore the valley’s varied landscapes.

Capture the ethereal beauty through your lens, perfect for the ‘Gram!

Visit the hot springs to take a dip in geothermal waters, even in the chill of December.

6. Monasteries In Ladakh

Image Source : Matadornetwork

Ladakh is home to some of the oldest and most picturesque monasteries like Spituk Gompa, Thiksey Monastery, and Alchi Monastery. In December they’re covered in snow, giving them a divine touch.

Why To Visit?

Experience Ladakh’s rich spiritual side.

Marvel at the ancient Tibetan architecture.

Join in for the peaceful monastery prayers.

Learn about Buddhist traditions.

Things To Do

Attend morning prayers.

Explore the ancient scriptures and murals.

Meditate in the serene surroundings.

Interact with the monks for insights into Buddhism.

Things To Do In Ladakh In December

1. Chadar Trek

Image Source : Britonthemove

One of the most enthralling experiences in the icy realms of Ladakh in December is the Chadar Trek. It’s not just a trek but a journey over the frozen Zanskar River. It’s a marvel where nature magically transforms a river into a thick sheet of ice, aptly named ‘Chadar’ which in the local language means ‘sheet’.

Why To Do It?

Witness a stunning frozen spectacle that is rare to find anywhere else.

Experience the raw, biting cold and the challenge of walking on ice.

Get a glimpse of the traditional Ladakhi life during the winter months.

An unbeatable thrill for every adventure enthusiast.

Average Cost: Approximately INR 25,000 to INR 35,000

2. Festivals In Ladakh

Image Source : ThetimesofIndia

Ladakh in December offers more than simply snow and cold. It’s a month of festivities in Ladakh and the festivals reflect the region’s rich traditions and lively culture. Attendees can enjoy local dance and music as well as traditional cuisine.

Why To Do It?

Dive deep into the unique Ladakhi culture and traditions.

Meet and interact with locals, fostering a cultural exchange.

Enjoy traditional music and vibrant dance performances.

Savour traditional Ladakhi delicacies that warm your soul.

Average Cost: Most festivals are free. However, expect to spend INR 500-1000 on local food and handicrafts.

3. Trekking

Image Source : Adventurenation

Apart from the Chadar Trek, there are numerous other trekking spots in Ladakh that offer awe-inspiring landscapes. These treks let you journey through beautiful valleys, high-altitude passes, and ancient monasteries.

Why To Do It?

Explore untouched beauty and serene landscapes.

Gain a sense of accomplishment by conquering high-altitude terrains.

Witness mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets.

Camp under a sky illuminated with countless stars.

Average Cost: Ranges from INR 15,000 to INR 30,000, depending on the duration and trekking route.

4. Camping

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Camping in Ladakh is for those who wish to sleep under a star-lit sky with the cool breeze for company. Though December is extremely cold, it offers an unmatched experience for brave hearts, especially near Pangong Lake or Tso Moriri.

Why To Do It?

Experience absolute tranquillity and disconnect from the world.

Wake up to surreal landscapes right outside your tent.

Indulge in stargazing without light pollution.

Enjoy the thrill of surviving the chilling Leh weather in December.

Average Cost: Around INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 per night, inclusive of meals.

5. Adventure Sports

Image Source : AutocarIndia

December is also the best for various adventure sports in Ladakh. From snowboarding to ice skating, the cold desert turns into a playground for adrenaline junkies.

Why To Do It?

Feel the rush as you slide or skate on snow and ice.

Boost your endurance and test your skills.

Immerse yourself in a snowy wonderland.

Capture mesmerizing photos for your adventure albums.

Average Cost: Ranges from INR 1,000 to INR 5,000 depending on the activity.

6. Bike Trip

Image Source : ThetimesofIndia

For bikers, a Leh Ladakh bike trip even in December is a dream come true. While the cold is intense, the roads often remain clear offering magnificent views of snow-clad peaks and frozen lakes.

Why To Do It?

Experience the thrill of riding through the world’s highest motorable roads.

Capture memories of pristine landscapes.

Stop at iconic places like Khardung La and Magnetic Hill.

Cherish the camaraderie of fellow riders.

Average Cost: Approximately INR 20,000 to INR 30,000, excluding personal expenses.

7. Having A Thorough Look At The Weather Guide

Image Source : Darterphotography

A visit to Leh in December necessitates being well-informed about the weather conditions. The Leh weather guide provides insights into temperatures, necessary clothing, and more to ensure a safe trip.

Why To Do It?

Stay prepared for sudden weather changes.

Dress appropriately to avoid health issues.

Plan activities based on weather predictions.

Enhance your overall experience by being weather-wise.

Weather Of Ladakh In December

Image Source : Thestatesman

In December, Ladakh wears a thick blanket of snow, painting the mountains, monasteries, and even the barren landscapes in pristine white. Picture this: Frozen lakes, icy roads, and temperatures that can plunge down to -20°C! It’s not just a trip; it’s an experience that’s going to send shivers down your spine, literally and figuratively.

Now, if you’re wondering what Leh in December is like, imagine sipping hot butter tea as you overlook the snow-covered town from your cosy guesthouse. The pace of life slows down, but the charm skyrockets. Streets may be quieter, but every corner is bustling with local life, framed by twinkling stars and snowy peaks.

How To Reach Ladakh In December

Image Source : Indiatoday

By Air: If you’re thinking about how to reach Ladakh in December, flying is your quickest bet. The nearest airport is in Leh, and guess what, it’s operational even when the snow descends!

Airline options include Air India, GoAir, and SpiceJet, flying from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Srinagar. After landing, wrap up warm because Leh in December is a winter wonderland, literally! You’ll find plenty of cabs to take you to your dreamy Ladakh destination.

By Train: Now, you might be scratching your head thinking, “Is it even possible to reach Ladakh by train?” While there isn’t a direct train to Ladakh, you can get close.

Board a train to Jammu Tawi or Udhampur and from there, you can hire a cab or take a bus to Leh. Remember, Leh in December will require you to pack a lot of warm clothes. 

By Road: Ah, the road trip to Ladakh in December! For the brave hearts only, because the drive gets tough with snow and ice. Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are the popular routes, but they are generally closed due to heavy snowfall. So, how to reach Ladakh in December by road?

Your answer is the Zoji La Pass, open only to the army and the locals. Make sure to travel in a four-wheel drive and carry essentials like food, water, and a first aid kit.

Driving through white-capped mountains and frozen lakes? Trust us, it’s a trip of a lifetime!

Things To Carry To Ladakh In December

1. Heavy-duty Jackets

Image Source : Warwickshireclothing

Ladakh in December is like a walk-in freezer. No kidding! Pack down or synthetic jackets that can battle the freezing temperatures.

2. Snow Boots

Ever tried walking in a winter wonderland with flip-flops? Yeah, don’t. Go for snow boots with a good grip.

3. Gloves And Caps

Keep your fingers and ears from going numb. Woollen gloves and a warm tight cap are essential items to bring to Ladakh in December.

4. Skincare Essentials

The dry air there is no joke. Carry heavy moisturizers, lip balm, and sunscreen. Yep, you heard right, sunscreen!

5. Snack And Water

Image Source : Freshoffthegrid

Grab some high-energy snacks like granola bars and dried fruits. Trust us; you’ll need them. Also, hydration is key so water bottles are a must.

6. Medicines

While travelling to Ladakh in December you should carry basic medicines for fever, and altitude sickness and must carry your medicines for chronic issues (if any).

7. Power Banks And Extra Batteries

With the cold your gadgets’ batteries are going to drain faster than you think. Be prepared!


So there you have it! Your ultimate list of things to carry to Ladakh in December. Now, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags, pack ‘em up, and head out for the winter magic that only Ladakh in December can offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Ladakh In December

1. Is it safe to travel to Leh Ladakh in December?

Travelling to Leh Ladakh in December presents challenges due to heavy snowfall, icy roads, and extreme cold. Many passes and routes close, making accessibility difficult. While it’s possible, it’s advisable only for those well-prepared for harsh conditions. Always consult local authorities for current information.

2. Is Pangong Lake frozen in December?

Yes, Pangong Lake usually freezes over in December due to the extreme cold temperatures in the region. The lake transforms into a mesmerizing icy expanse, offering a surreal and breathtaking landscape that attracts both adventurers and photographers. It’s a winter wonderland!

3. How is Leh in December?

Leh in December is a winter wonderland, offering a magical experience of snow-covered landscapes and frozen rivers. However, it’s extremely cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. Essential services are limited and high-altitude regions are usually inaccessible due to heavy snowfall. It’s serene but challenging.

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