Embark on a beautiful trail with the Hampta Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh

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Are you looking for a high-altitude trek in India filled with adventure? Then the Hampta Pass trek in Manali is the one for you. This is one of the best-treks-in-manali which gives you the opportunity to experience snow-capped mountains, green meadows, pine and oak forests, valleys with streams, rocky terrain, and an off-road drive to a pristine lake at 14000 feet. The exclusive Himachal pradesh tour packages will help you have the best experience with the best itineraries.

Hampta Pass Trek – An Overview

About Hampta Pass

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Hampta Pass is located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas, connecting the Chandra Valley in Lahaul to the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India. It is named after Hamta Village, situated below Sethan Village. The Hampta Pass trek offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning landscape on the Manali side of Himachal Pradesh. From the top, you will witness an incredible view of the beautiful yet deserted Lahaul valley in Spiti. The trek is challenging, as it involves crossing glaciers and fast-flowing rivers. However, it is a great choice for adventure lovers. And for those who prefer a shorter trek, you can still experience the thrill of a lifetime by trekking to the picturesque Chandratal Lake.

Located just a stone’s throw away from Manali, Hampta Pass is easily accessible via transport from Manali to Jobri, where the trek begins. So pack your bags, put on your hiking boots, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the stunning Hampta Pass!

Other Details about the Hampta Pass Trek:

  • Hampta Pass Trek Difficulty Level – easy to moderate
  • Hampta Pass Trek Starting Point – Manali
  • Hampta Pass Trek Altitude – 14100 ft.
  • Hampta Pass Trek Duration – 5 days
  • Trekking km – 25 kms

The Hampta Pass trek begins in Manali and takes you through Jobra and Chika, which is situated at an altitude of 10,100 feet. As you trek through this route, you will come across lush greenery, the Rani River, and the majestic Dhauladhar Ranges. The climb to Balu ka Ghera from Chika offers the first glimpse of the towering mountains and the valley filled with meadows and flowers. The slopes gradually ascend until you reach the Hampta Pass, and Hampta Village will serve as your host for some time. 

The valley surrounding the village is serene and calm. The final destination of this trek is the beautiful Chandratal, which is surrounded by pure white peaks and clouds. At an altitude of around 14,010 ft, Chandratal is a confluence of three paths- Hampta Pass, Spiti valley, and Rohtang Pass. The lake water keeps changing colour throughout the trek. From the top of the pass, you get to see panoramic views of Deo Tibba, Mt. Indrasen, and its glaciers.

Best Time To Visit Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta pass trek Himachal Pradesh is a unique experience, and every month has its own beauty.

1. Hampta Pass Trek in June

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If you’re looking for a snow trekking experience in Hampta Pass, June is a great time to go. During this time, there is still a lot of snow around, and it melts very slowly. The place is filled with snow till mid-July. However, the trek becomes much tougher after the third day when you cross Balu ka Ghera campsite due to heavy snow. If the road conditions are good, you may be able to see the beautiful Chandratal lake at 14000 feet. 

You can even stargaze at night! You can let nature take you away for a while and come back feeling evolved. If you’re lucky, you may also get to see the Milky Way if the sky is clear.

2. Hampta Pass Trek in July

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If you’re interested in trekking in Manali during rainy weather, July is the perfect month for it. The snow begins to melt in the middle of July and the monsoon season brings a lot of rain to the area. This causes the region to become green and fresh with wildflowers, water bodies, forests, and dense fog. 

You’ll have a lot of fun crossing the rivers and waterfalls on the way. 

The Rohtang Pass is only open for a few months like July, August, and September, so if you want to experience monsoons in Hampta, then July would be the perfect time. You’ll also get to experience the rainfall, adding to your life’s memories! Lastly, don’t forget to visit the magical Chandratal Lake for camping.

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3. Hampta Pass Trek in August and September

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In August and September, the valley will be sunny as the snow melts completely. During this time, the region looks very different with green meadows and new flowers blossoming. Although the skies are generally overcast during this period, the occasional showers only add to the beauty of the trek. You need to be super careful during this period and plan meticulously.

By late September, the sky clears up, revealing stunning views of the mountainside. The trees shed their leaves and paint the landscape with warm autumn colours.

4. Hampta Pass Trek In The First Week Of October

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In October, trekkers can experience the first snowfall of the season on Hampta Pass. However, heavy snowfall in the second week may make it difficult to cross the pass. It’s advisable to take an alternate route while descending as the Rohtang pass route may get closed due to snow blockage.

Hampta Pass is only accessible by foot during a few months of the year, specifically from May-June to Mid-October. For the rest of the year, the area is extremely cold and covered with snow, making it difficult to trek. It is best to avoid trekking during these months as the weather is harsh and the trails are not suitable for walking due to the snow.

Things to do in Hampta Pass Trek

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You will get to explore a lot of adventure activities in the Hampta Pass trek. Some of them are 

  1. Relaxing and chilling at Sethan village during the trail. The Sethan Valley is a famous place to visit in Manali in one day The Hampta village just below the Sethan village can also be visited, The legend has it that Yudhistir took this route when journeying toward heaven.
  2. Have a wonderful camping experience at Balu ka Ghera and Shea Goru – two of the most beautiful campsites on the trek.   

Take photographs of the flora and fauna during the trek. You will get to see coniferous trees like Pinewood, Maple, Deodar, Silver Birch, and Oak trees. You will also spot wildlife like shepherd dogs, sheep, vibrant Himalayan birds like whistling thrushes, and white-capped redstart. The beauty of this place makes it a top photography spot in Manali.

What is the Hampta Pass Trek?

The Hampta Pass Trek is a popular hiking route located in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh in India. This trek is known for its breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and pristine rivers. The easy to moderate trek usually takes 5 days to complete and covers a distance of approximately 35 km.

What is the starting point of the Hampta Pass Trek?

The starting point is Manali. Many trekking operators start their journey from here.

How long does the Hampta Pass Trek take?

It usually takes 5 – 6 days for the trek to get completed.

What are the highlights of the Hampta Pass Trek?

The highlights of the trek are many including Chandratal Lake, stunning views of mountain ranges like the Dhauladhar Range and the Pir Panjal Range, and the Himalayan flora and fauna.

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