Holi Celebration in Vrindavan 2024-10-Day Schedule

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Holi Celebration in Vrindavan 2024 will get started with its festivities and grand events from 17th March till 26th March. Holi is filled with colors, joy, and amazing festivities in Vrindavan and is celebrated with so much love and happiness. 

Brajbhoomi reflects the excitement, love, and big celebrations throughout these days because people celebrate Holi here like nowhere else! The sweet traditions, pure rituals, and playful mood of everyone make them come together and have the best Holi celebration in Vrindavan. It is one of the best places to celebrate Holi in unique ways. 

Get ready to witness Holi Celebration in Vrindavan 2024 as it is going to be super-amazing! People have been following the traditions and celebrating Holi for a full week, which caters to so many tourists in Vrindavan, Barsana, Nandgaon, and Mathura. 

Vrindavan Holi Schedule 2024

So many Holi events in Vrindavan are witnessed by local people and tourists out there! Due to grand celebrations, it has become so popular throughout the world, that people especially come here to witness the Holi Celebration in Vrindavan. So, here is a whole Vrindavan Holi schedule for you all to get your plans started! 

March 17 (Sunday), Barsana – Laddoo Holi 

March 18 (Monday), Barsana – Lathmar Holi

March 19 (Tuesday), Nandgaon – Lathmar Holi

March 20 ( Wednesday), Vrindavan – Phoolon ki Holi in Vrindavan 

March 20 (Wednesday), Mathura – Celebrations at Krishna Janambhoomi temple

March 21 (Thursday), Gokul – Chhadi Mar Holi 

March 22 (Friday), Dwarkadhish

March 23 (Saturday), Vrindavan – Widows’s Holi in the Gopinath Temple grounds

March 24 (Sunday) – Mathura – Holika Dahan 

March 25 (Monday) – Mathura, Color celebrations 

March 26 ( Tuesday) – Baldeo, Huranga Holi at Dauji Temple

Holi events in Vrindavan 

So, let’s get started with the details of the Holi celebration in Vrindavan! Here are some of the beautiful events that are going to happen. 

1. March 17th, 2024: Laddoo Holi in Barsana 


Venue: Shriji Temple in Barsana 

Activities: There are laddoos thrown everywhere with dances 

The Laddoo Holi celebration in Vrindavan is all about tossing laddoos, and people celebrate the festivities with utmost sweetness. Throwing Laddoos at each other is treated as one of the best rituals and traditions where people enjoy the festivities even more. It takes place in the Shri Radha Rani Temple (Shriji Temple) in Barsana. 

People gather here at the temple to celebrate one of the sweetest pre-festivities in Barsana. Don’t miss this amazing event in the holy place to witness the best-ever Holi celebrations like never before. 

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2. March 18th, 2024: Lathmar Holi in Barsana


Venue: Streets of Shriji Temple 

Activities: Fun celebration where women chase the men to beat them with sticks

Lathmar Holi celebration in Vrindavan is a very unique style to have the festivities begin. Lath means “stick” and in this way, the women chase men to beat them with sticks in a very fun manner. Also, the men have to hold a shield on top of their heads to save themselves. 

There are so many dances, joys, and sticks seen all around the streets of Barsana. This makes the Holi celebration in Vrindavan much more special and unique throughout the world. 

You don’t need to freak out, as this Holi celebration in Vrindavan is done just for fun! You can enjoy this tradition for fun and get the festivities started for the big celebration. It is done because of some pre-stated fun facts about Lord Krishna and Radha, where Krishna came to tease the Gopis and Radha but they came out with the sticks and chased him for fun!  

3. March 19th, 2024: Lathmar Holi in Nandgaon


It is similar to the Lathmar Holi celebration in Barsana, which takes place on the previous day! Large crews come together to sing and dance and celebrate Holi in style! Men from Barsana go there to throw colors at women of Nandgoan and then the festivities take place with the sticks. 

This fun starts around 4:30 PM – 5 PM and don’t forget to reach Nandgaon before 4 PM to catch all the festivities and fun! This is where you can witness the utmost fun and joy while having the big Holi celebration in Vrindavan. 

4. March 20th, 2024: Phoolon Wali Holi in Vrindavan and Mathura


Venue: Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan

Activities: People throw flowers to devotees

This is one Holi celebration in Vrindavan where priests throw flowers to devotees as a blessing. People come together in groups, to dance and chant together and throw flowers and petals. This festivity is known to be the holiest and most famous temple devoted to Lord Krishna in the world. 

This temple opens around 4 PM, and you are advised to arrive early as there is alot of people who come here to attend the best ever Holi celebration in Vrindavan. The another big celebration that would be done on 20th March is on Krishna Janambhoomi temple in Mathura. 

You would be mesmerized by the celebrations, dances and songs while having the most sweet chanting sounds all around the temple. Get ready to witness the best Holi celebration in Vrindavan in the most popular temple of Lord Krishna. 

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5. March 21st, 2024: Chhadi Mar Holi in Gokul


Gokul is about 15 Kilometers from Mathura. Chhadi Mar Holi is in some ways the moderate version of Lathmar Holi as women use chadi or “little sticks” to chase men. You must not miss on this procession if you go to Gokul on this day! 

Children come out dressed up as Krishna and the idol of Radha is carried during the procession. This starts from Gokul Dham temple at about 12 PM. This celebration would last for about 1 and a half hours. 

Gokul is a popular location because it is said that Krishna spent his childhood days here in Gokul. So, the celebrations take place here as well! You should definitely see this kind of Holi festivities which cannot be seen anywhere else. 

6. March 23rd, 2024: Widow’s Holi in Vrindavan


This Holi celebration in Vrindavan is mainly for the widows who they come out to celebrate the traditional event with utmost happiness. As these women are not accepted by society, they are also given a chance to come out and celebrate this festivity. 

Widows are only allowed to wear white saris and are not allowed to celebrate any festivals. However, since 2013, they have been allowed to celebrate the Holi festival. 

Sulabh International took this admirable initiative, which commenced only in 2013.

Widow’s Holi is a good opportunity for photographers to capture some exceptional frames. Now Jumped to the Holi Celebration In Vrindavan, the Next day Its Holika Dahan.

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7. March 24th, 2024: Holika Dahan in Mathura


Holika Dahan is the most famous ritual done for the Holi celebration in Vrindavan. It is a ritual where people set alight on a bonfire and burn an effigy of Holika, which is a symbol of evil in India. So, this reflects the triumph of good over evil. 

You can witness these traditions and rituals while having a Holi celebration in Vrindavan. It can be seen anywhere on the streets of Vrindavan. So, make sure you are attending this important ritual where people celebrate their happiness for good over evil. 

This is done after sunset and is a grand procession whenever Holi is celebrated. 

8. March 25th, 2024: Holi Color Battle in Mathura


This is the main day for the Holi celebration in Vrindavan. And, the best place to enjoy this celebration is in the main town area of Mathura at Holi Gate and nearby places. Also, there are big celebrations done at Dwarkadhish Temple which should not be missed. You can see people coming here from morning 10 AM and big crowds gather up till afternoon. 

Also, there are people applying colors and having fun water fights on the street to enjoy this amazing festival and Holi celebration in Vrindavan! This is going to be a great time for you to attend the big celebrations here. 

9. March 26th, 2024: Huranga Holi in Baldeo


Baldeo is a village located about 30 Kilometers from Mathura! It is said to be that area where Krishna’s elder brother ruled. After the main event of Holi, people celebrate the end of Holi in Dauji Temple. Also, these festivities last for about 3 and a half hours from 12:30 PM to 4 PM. Also, here the men are not only chased and beaten with sticks but also stripped. 

This is also one of the unique traditions for Holi celebration in Vrindavan which you can witness among the festivities. 

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Where should I stay during Holi in Vrindavan?

If you’re planning to visit Vrindavan during Holi, it’s best to stay close to the heart of the festivities. Look for accommodations near famous temples like Banke Bihari Temple or the ISKCON Temple. Staying in this area will ensure you’re right in the middle of all the colorful celebrations and cultural activities. Plus, it’ll be easier to immerse yourself in the joyous spirit of Holi and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this sacred city during the festival.

What are the key Holi events in Vrindavan?

In Vrindavan, Holi is a vibrant and joyful festival celebrated with great fervor. One of the key events is the “Lathmar Holi” where women playfully hit men with sticks, symbolizing the playful teasing of Lord Krishna and the gopis.

Another significant event is the “Phoolon ki Holi” where colorful flowers are showered on devotees. The “Rangaji Temple Holi” is famous for its grand celebrations, with people drenched in colors dancing to traditional music.

Additionally, the “Braj Ki Holi” is celebrated with folk songs and dances, adding to the festive atmosphere. These events bring people together, spreading happiness and promoting unity in the community.

Why is Vrindavan famous for its Holi celebrations?

Vrindavan is famous for its Holi celebrations because it’s believed to be the place where Lord Krishna, played Holi with his friends and devotees. People from all over India and around the world come to Vrindavan to experience the joyous festivities and immerse themselves in the colors and spirit of Holi.

The celebrations here are vibrant and lively, with music, dance, and the throwing of colorful powders known as “gulal.” It’s a time when people come together to celebrate love, friendship, and the victory of good over evil in a truly memorable way.

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