Holi In Sangla: Unique Holi Celebrations

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Holi is one of the most vibrant festivals of the Hindus that fills the air with colours and merriment. There are several places where you can see grand Holi celebrations, however, not many people are aware of the celebration of Holi In Sangla, Himachal Pradesh. 

We all know about the significance and the legends behind the Holi celebrations, but you must be hearing for the first time that the Holi in Himachal Pradesh or Sangla of Kinnaur Valley to be precise is celebrated with as much vigour and enthusiasm as anywhere else in the country.

The Holi Festival in Sangla is part of a four-day Faguli Festival, in which Holi is celebrated on the third day, and the most surprising fact about the celebration is that it is played not only with dry colours but also with snow. 

The Holi festival in Sangla is really crazy and you should definitely see the enthusiasm and vigour in people when they celebrate the festival of colours. 

On the first day, a dish is made out of buttermilk called Totu and roasted barley flour, which is distributed among everyone else in the form of Prasad. 

Holi Celebration In Sangla


Holi celebration in Sangla is something to be a part of, as Holi in Sangla is celebrated with wine, crazy music, sweet distribution, and the most interesting part about the celebrations is that some of the scenes from the epic Ramayana are reenacted. 

It’s like watching the theatre of the ancient times. The Faguli Festival is celebrated by the people of the Kinnaur Valley, and they are seen lighting oil lamps just like they do in Diwali.

So to sum up, we can say that the Faguli festival is a unique blend of the two major festivals of India, which are Diwali and Holi, which makes Holi in Sangla a must-visit festival to be a part of. 

Holi in Sangla is one of the most unique celebrations in the country and everyone should at least visit this place once during the festival because we are sure you must have not seen anything like this before. To understand the true diversity of India, one should take part in this festival. 

Holi in Sangla is more of a carnival rather than a festival, which is celebrated over the course of three to four days offering multi colour visuals at a place that remains deserted during the winter months but gets filled with vibrant colours as Holi marks the end of winters and beginning of of the summer season. 

Holi In Himachal Pradesh

For all those people who always thought that the most exciting Holi celebrations take place in UP and Rajasthan, we are guessing that you must not have heard about the celebration of Holi in Himachal Pradesh. 

Himachal is known for its snow-capped peaks, verdant valleys, and spellbinding views but not many people are aware that it is also popular for its lit Holi celebrations which is worth witnessing. 

1. Kinnaur


Located just a bus ride away from Delhi, the celebration of the festival is incomplete you won’t be a part of Holi in Sangla, which is a part of the four-day Falguli festival, where Holi is celebrated on the second day with a lot of enthusiasm, live music, dance performances and theatres where scenes of the Ramayana Epic are enacted. 

So you can imagine the level of celebration that takes place during Holi in Sangla. 

Holi Parties In Sangla

There are no Holi Parties in Sangla as such, however, the entire town participates in the festival to make it a success and also to make the most of the festival with their loved ones. 

Holi Events In Sangla

Holi events in Sangla include a four-day Faguli festival, and out of this Faguli festival, Holi in Sangla is celebrated on the second day.

2. Kasol


Another place for the celebration of Holi in Himachal Pradesh is Kasol, so if you are planning a trip to Kasol, then plan it during the Holi vacation. Kasol is the best place to celebrate Holi in Himachal Pradesh for you can enjoy it with your friends because the place is popular for hosting trance Holi parties that last all night long. There is trance music, dance, and unlimited food and booze, to party all night. 

The picturesque backdrop of the snow-capped mountains sets the vibe, making Holi celebrations a special one.

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3. Shimla


If you are planning a trip somewhere in March, then you should wait a little and take a trip to Shimla for the most vibrant celebration of Holi in Himachal Pradesh. 

Watch people gather on the street and turn the place into vibrant colours. There is music, sweets, and treats sold by the street vendors to make the Holi celebration wild, amidst the backdrop of the lush green mountains. 

4. Mandi


If you are looking forward to witnessing the most natural Holi in Himachal Pradesh, then head to Mandi for the same. 

The best part about the Holi celebration in Mandi is that the entire town comes together as one big family for the grand Holi celebration at one central location. Can you imagine, the entire town gathering together in one place to celebrate the festival with merriment and enthusiasm?

It is quite similar to the celebration of Holi in Sangla. 

Are there any special rituals or traditions associated with Holi in Sangla?

The most common tradition of Holi in Sangla is that on the day of Holi, everyone gathers at the Nag Mandir, and some men dress up as characters from the epic of Ramayana. These men lead the procession from Nag Mandir in Sangla to other villages. 

What makes Holi celebrations in Sangla unique?

Holi in Sangla is considered unique because it offers a unique blend of two major festivals of India, that is Holi and Diwali. People play Holi with snow and dry colours, while they also light lamps, which makes it a unique celebration. 

When does Holi take place in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh?

Holi marks the end of winter and welcomes spring, and is a part of a four-day celebration of the Faguli festival in Himachal Pradesh.

How is Holi celebrated in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh?

Holi in Sangla is celebrated as a part of the four-day festival of Faguli, and Holi, on the other hand, is celebrated on the second day of Falguli Festival with snow and dry colours.

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