10 Best Homestays in Shillong: Where Comfort Meets Culture

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If you’re planning a visit to the hill station of Shillong – the Scotland of the East, one of the best ways to immerse in the culture here is to stay in one of the many homestays in Shillong that offer a charming stay experience. Shillong, the mesmerizing capital of Meghalaya is an essential part of any Meghalaya Tour as it’s a destination that’s not only known for its natural beauty but also for its warm and welcoming culture.

So, get ready to explore Shillong – a scenic hill station surrounded by misty hills, deep valleys, lush forests, and many scenic waterfalls of Meghalaya. Along with the natural gems, the pretty colonial buildings and the super-friendly locals are sure to captivate you with their charms.

In this guide, we’re going to delve deep into the world of the best homestays in Shillong, uncovering the best options, budget-friendly choices, and some family-friendly accommodations. But, before that let’s understand why one should stay in the homestay in Shillong.

Reasons To Stay In The Homestays In Shillong


Homestays, unlike traditional hotels in Shillong, offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. You’re not just a tourist passing through; you become a part of the community for the duration of your stay. It’s like having a home away from home, and in Shillong, this experience is nothing short of magical.

Staying at the best homestays in Shillong offers plenty of compelling reasons to enhance your travel experience. Here are a few enticing ones:

  • Proximity to Nature’s Wonders: Homestays near tourist attractions in Shillong put you right at the doorstep of breathtaking natural wonders. Imagine waking up to the sight and sound of majestic waterfalls, lush green valleys, and serene lakes. These homestays offer unparalleled access to Shillong’s scenic beauty.
  • Cultural Immersion: Homestays in Shillong are often run by warm and welcoming local hosts. Staying with them provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Khasi culture. You’ll savor traditional meals, engage in cultural exchanges, and gain insights into the way of life in Meghalaya.
  • Personalized Experiences: Unlike standard hotels or resorts in Shillong, homestays offer a personalized touch. Hosts often go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and enjoyment. They can recommend off-the-beaten-path attractions, arrange guided tours, and even share stories and legends of the region.
  • Affordability: Many of these homestays in Shillong offer affordable rates without compromising on quality. It’s a budget-friendly way to experience the beauty of Shillong without breaking the bank.
  • Safety and Security: Shillong is known for its safety, and homestays maintain this reputation. Your hosts are usually residents who care about their community’s safety, making your stay secure and worry-free.

So, whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, a cultural enthusiast, or simply looking for an authentic travel experience, homestays in Shillong provide the ideal stay option for an unforgettable journey.

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10 Homestays in Shillong

Choosing the right homestay in Shillong ultimately depends on your preferences and budget. Whether you’re seeking luxury, affordability, family-friendly options, or proximity to tourist attractions, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation that will enhance your Shillong experience.

The Best Homestays in Shillong

1. Mid Pine Homestay

mid- pine-homestay
Source : Booking.com

Mid Pine Homestay in Shillong is one of the best homestays in Shillong, which is also comfortable and cozy. The Mid Pine Homestay is a beautiful bungalow surrounded by lush trees, which makes it a great place to stay if you are looking for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle of the city. Guests love the serene atmosphere of this place with comfortable rooms and the natural surroundings that make for a great retreat. This homestay serves American, Asian and traditional vegetarian food options for a filling meal

  • Location: Lower New Colony opp to Madeline Girl’s Hostel, Laitumkhrah, Shillong
  • Amenities: Heater, Family Room, Laundry Service, Free Parking, Room Service, Car Rentals
  • Approx Cost: ₹3300 per room, per night onwards

2. Sha Ri Loum Homestay

Source : Booking.com

Away from the chaotic city centre, the Sha Ri Loum Homestay is a pretty boutique property, surrounded by lush pine and deodar forests on all sides. The huge glass windows and balconies attached to the rooms are just perfect for enjoying the lush surroundings around the property. The villa has a total of 4 bedrooms The host here is very warm and has a pretty good knowledge of the tourism scenario of the state. This homestay also offers Asian and Vegetarian breakfast options to its guests. 

  • Location: Sha Ri Loum Umshing Umjapung, Mawroh-Mawtawar Rd, near San Ker, Shillong
  • Amenities: Outdoor Fireplace, Garden, Heater, Tour Desk, Balcony, Laundry, Wi-Fi, Sun Terrace, Housekeeping, Parking, Walking Tours, Vehicle Rentals
  • Approx Cost: ₹5000 per room, per night onwards

3. The Cinnamon Tree Homestay

Source : VYMaps.com

The Cinnamon Tree Homestay in Shillong exudes a retro vibe with its picturesque setting. The property is located just off the main road, making it accessible to the nearby shopping market in Shillong. The property has a beautiful lawn and a garden with local flowering plants and also a cherry blossom tree. One can sit leisurely here and enjoy the views while listening to the chirping of the birds. The host has a decent knowledge of all the local plants in the garden and the birds that are often seen around in this property. This property has 3 spacious and well-equipped bedrooms and can accommodate a maximum of 6 guest in total. 

  • Location: Wahthio, Upper, Nongthymmai, Shillong
  • Amenities: Garden, Hot Water, Iron, Indoor Fireplace, Free Parking, Patio, Pet-Friendly, Smoking allowed
  • Approx Cost: ₹3800 per room, per night onwards

4. Daiatei Homestay

Source : Booking.com

Located near the Shillong Gold Course and one of the best churches in Shillong, Daiatei Homestay is one of the top homestays near tourist attractions in Shillong that offers majestic city views on one side and the lush green views of the golf course on the other side. The rooms here are pretty spacious, have private balconies and are well-equipped with modern amenities. Most of the travelers especially mention the manager and the host of this property which promise a seamless and memorable stay here. This homestay is well-maintained and spotless. The property also provides basic breakfast and some snacks to relish your taste buds with.

  • Location: St Peter’s and Paul Parish, Pynthorbah block-3, Near Catholic church Mawtneng, Shillong
  • Amenities: Balcony, Breakfast, WiFi, Terrace, Free Toiletries, Picnic Area
  • Approx Cost: ₹2800 per room, per night onwards

5. BelleVue HomeStay

Source : Agoda.com

The BelleVue Homestay is a rustic property with a vintage charm and one of the best homestays in Shillong. The property is surrounded by lush greenery and also has a private lawn area. The rooms in this property are very spacious, and clean and are equipped with all the modern amenities. The large windows provide great views of the surroundings, making it one of the favorite homestays in Shillong for couples seeking a peaceful vibe. As this property is located on a hill, one can enjoy some stunning views of both sunrise and sunset backed with charming city views. 

  • Location: Cleveland, HV7R+Q93, B.M.Roy Lyngwa, Road, Dhankheti, Shillong
  • Amenities: WiFi, Breakfast, Garden, Balcony, Laundry, Free Parking, Hot-Tub, Tea/Coffe Maker, Common Kitchen and Living Room
  • Approx Cost: ₹2700 per room, per night onwards

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Budget Homestays in Shillong

1. April Springs Homestay

Source : Booking.com

April Springs is a scenic heritage property and one of the best budget homestays in Shillong that has a colonial charm. It is very popular amongst tourists seeking budget-friendly options to stay in Shillong. The vintage interior and the peaceful vibe of this place, also make it a popular homestay for couples. This bungalow is surrounded by a beautiful garden and also provides access to the terrace, which offers mesmerizing surrounding views. The host is super friendly and will assist you with all your travel arrangements. The rooms have an in-built fireplace, wooden interiors, and furniture and are very neat and clean, which makes it a perfect vintage budget homestay in Shillong for budget travelers.

  • Location: U/B 23, Upper Nongrim Hills, near Shongsuk Hostel, Nongrimbah, Shillong
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Balcony, Garden, Parking, Toaster, Balcony, Car Rentals, ATM machine on-site, Dining Area
  • Approx Cost: ₹2500 per room, per night onwards

2. Casa Encanto Homestay

Source : planetofhotels

Casa Encanto Homestay is a beautiful colonial bungalow turned into one of the popular budget homestays in Shillong. The warmth of the host and the perfect setting of this property will make you feel at home. The rooms are very neat and clean with attached bathrooms and huge windows, providing some scenic views of the surrounding. You can definitely enjoy your time here by sitting idly on the wooden verandah/ balcony that opens up to the lush views around. Guests also have access to the garden and terrace here, where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. This property also serves a Full English/Irish, American or Asian breakfast daily. 

  • Location: Nongrimmaw, Laitumkhrah, Shillong
  • Amenities: Garden, Family Rooms, Heater, WiFi, parking
  • Approx Cost: ₹2600 per room, per night onwards

3. Pine Hill Home Stay

Source : Booking.com

If you’re looking for cozy and spacious homestays near tourist attractions in  Shillong, Pine Hill is the perfect spot! It’s only 500 meters from the road, and the rooms are clean and spacious. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy some amazing views from the balcony. There are double, triple, and six-bedded rooms, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs. Plus, the host can set up a barbeque or bonfire for you to enjoy. Guests have access to a lawn, living room, and dining area, and the staff here is friendly and polite.

  • Location: Mawñianglah Rd, 7th Mileupper, Shillong
  • Amenities: Airport Shuttle, WiFi, Heater, Room Service, Cooking Class, Outdoor Fireplace, Picnic Area, Laundry, BBQ Facility, Laundry Service
  • Approx Cost: ₹1500 per room, per night onwards

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Family-Friendly Homestays in Shillong

1. Brio Villa Homestay

Source : Planet of Hotels

The Brio Villa Homestay is a very family-friendly homestays in Shillong, with its ideal central location. This 2BHK apartment hosts 6 people maximum at a time. The hosts are super friendly and can guide you through the local sightseeing places or even find you local cabs and taxis to move around. This homestay also has a common kitchen with basic utensils and basic breakfast options like bread, butter, jam, cereals, cornflakes, oats, tea bags, and oats. etc. Kids have ample space to have fun around the house, thus making it an ideal family place.

  • Location: Manik Road, Madan Laban, Shillong
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Patio, Fully Equipped Kitchen With Utensils, Parking, Lockers, Children’s books and toys
  • Approx Cost: ₹5000 per room, per night onwards

2. Orange Homestay

Source : Tripadvisor

Orange Homestay is a pretty 3 storey bungalow, located near the city center of Shillong. This is one of the top family friendly homestays in Shillong that provides an ideal stay option away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This property has 4 rooms, which can accommodate 12 people in total. The Orange Homestay is a perfect couple and family friendly homestay in Shillong as it has a beautiful open terrace garden for kids to play around and enjoy the surrounding vistas. The property also has a separate dining area and provides homely meals. The rooms here are very spacious, neat, and clean with a tea maker in every room. 

  • Location: H.No:15 Pomlum Laitkor Rngi, Shillong
  • Amenities: Patio, Open terrace Garden, Hot Water, Washing Machine, Iron, Wi-Fi, Free Parking, Hot water, Toiletries, Vehicle Rentals
  • Approx Cost: ₹5000 per room, per night onwards

In Shillong, homestays aren’t just places to rest your head; they’re windows into the soul of this beautiful region. The warmth of the people, the breathtaking scenery, and the rich cultural experiences are all woven into the fabric of these homestays. So, when you plan your visit to Shillong, don’t just book a room; book an adventure, book memories, and most importantly, book a piece of Shillong’s heart.

Now that you’re armed with information about the best homestays in Shillong, budget-friendly options, family-friendly accommodations, and those near tourist attractions, it’s time to embark on your journey to the abode of clouds. Let the homestays of Shillong be your gateway to a lifetime of cherished memories.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, put on your adventure hat, and get ready to explore Shillong like never before. Your dream homestay is just a click away, and the wonders of Shillong await your arrival!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Homestays in Shillong

1. Why consider a homestay over a hotel in Shillong?

Opting for a homestay in Shillong offers a more immersive and authentic experience compared to a traditional hotel. Homestays allow you to connect with the local culture, interact with friendly hosts, and often enjoy a more personalized level of service. Moreover, Shillong’s homestays are often situated amidst scenic natural beauty, providing a tranquil and picturesque environment that’s harder to find in city hotels.

2. What types of homestays are available in Shillong?

Shillong offers a diverse range of homestays to cater to various preferences. Travelers can choose from luxurious options with panoramic views, budget-friendly stays for cost-conscious visitors, family-friendly accommodations with spacious rooms and play areas, and even homestays located near major tourist attractions for added convenience.

3. Do Shillong homestays offer meals?

Yes, many Shillong homestays offer meals as part of the package. Guests can often savor authentic local cuisine, particularly traditional Khasi dishes. However, it’s advisable to check the specific amenities and meal arrangements with the homestay you choose, as offerings may vary.

4. How can I book a homestay in Shillong?

Booking a homestay in Shillong is relatively easy. You can make reservations through various online platforms Booking.com, Cozycozy, Agoda, and Planet of Hotels. Simply visit the respective websites, search for Shillong homestays, select your preferred accommodation, and follow the booking instructions provided on the platform. It’s convenient and ensures you secure your stay in advance.

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