House of Bockage: All You Need To Know

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Are you interested in knowing about the historical places of India ? Do you have the zeal to explore the rich history of our country during the Portuguese colonisation? Then, you should visit House Of Bockage in Daman, Daman to know about its past significance and impressions it has created in the society. 

While you are planning for a vacation to one of such historical places of India, make sure to keep this unique place in your India Trip bucket list. It will enlighten you more about the rich story and traditions of our country. This place has made India as the oldest country in the World.

History Of House Of Bockage


The house of Bockage daman fort carries a wide story on the historical Portuguese culture and rule in India. Once upon a time during Portuguese rule, it used to be one of the prominent residences of the colonial officials and administrators. 

This architectural heritage has seen numerous changes in the past, right from the time of India’s independence to the changing political landscape of today. While visiting Daman, you should visit this historical place that defines the richness of Daman’s history among the future generation.

How To Reach House Of Bockage 

  • By Air

If you are travelling to Daman via flight, then you can book your tickets for the nearest airport which is Mumbai and Surat. From Mumbai it is 170 kms to Daman and from Surat it is 90 kms to Daman.

  • By Train

For reaching Daman via train, the nearest station is Vapi which is 170 kms from Mumbai and 90 kms from Surat. All the major Delhi-Mumbai or Mumbai-Ahmedabad trains stop at this station. If you want to reach Daman from Vapi which is at 12 kms distance, prefer to take a private taxi or local bus to reach your destination.

  • By Road

The road network of Daman is very well organised with a wide range of connectivity to the major states of the country. The nearest place to daman is Vapi which is almost 12 kms away from daman. For road connectivity, the town has a distance of 170 kms from Mumbai, 360 kms from Ahmedabad, and almost 110 kms from Surat for road travel.

Best Time To Visit House Of Bockage


Whether you are looking for a serene walk in the coastside of the town or a tour around the architectural heritage, the months of winter are the best time to visit Daman. 

From the month of November to February, the place remains cool in its temperature that allows visitors to enjoy a comfortable time visiting around the corners of the place. There are several mouth watering foods available in nearby restaurants similar to the cafes in Mumbai for the visitors to taste diverse Asian cuisines.

Also, during these months there will be less tourist density which gives you an opportunity to spend a quiet and peaceful vacation time with friends and family. Also you can prefer this place for a romantic date night with your spouse. Many tourists come during this time to enjoy some of the best New Year Events as well.

Best Things To Do In House Of Bockage


If you are interested in exploring the preserved ancient architecture of our country, visiting the House Of Bockage location will give you a wonderful experience with enriching your knowledge about the architectural heritage of our country. 

If you are an Art loving person too, you can immerse yourself by observing the finest artworks, paintings and some magnificent designs on the walls and interiors of the ancient buildings. 

If you want to spend a leisure day reading a book or walking alone with yourself, you can spend a quality time in the nearby garden side or lake side where you can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere to relax your mind. It is also considered a great place for the New Year Events In India.


The House Of Bockage in Daman is a prominent architectural structure that defines the rich history of Daman and Portuguese culture. If you have an interest in exploring the different architectural heritage of the country, prefer to visit the Poet House Of Daman popularly known as the House Of Bockage. Whether you are planning for a budget travel or luxury travel, this place has everything to offer to you.

What is House of Bockage known for?

House of Bockage is known for its exceptional architectural beauty, beautiful gardens along with a rich history of French culture.

Where is House of Bockage located?

House of Bockage is located in Moti Daman in the union territory of Daman and Diu, India and known for its significant historical buildings of the colonial period.

Can I visit House of Bockage for a brewery tour?

Although brewery shops can be found while visiting the House of Bockage but this place is more popular for its historical architectures and buildings rather than brewery.

Does House of Bockage offer any special events or tastings?

It may conduct events on some special days especially on the days related to cultural occasions. Make sure to check the online websites for related information before planning your visit there.

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