10 Ways To Plan A Pawrfect Pet-Friendly Vacation

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It’s all fun and exciting when you plan a vacation, but there is always this guilt of leaving your poor little furry buddy behind while you enjoy and have an excellent time. It feels selfish to enjoy while they wait for you at home. 

Enough of leaving your little buddy behind, for it’s time to plan your pet-friendly vacation, so you can take your pet with you wherever you go. 

Here are some tips and tricks to plan your next pet-friendly vacation. 

Find a Pet-Friendly Destination


Since you plan to take your furry buddy with you, it’s essential to research beforehand and look for a pet-friendly destination. Now you would ask, what is a pet-friendly destination? A pet-friendly destination is where you have multiple pet-friendly restaurants and hotels because you don’t want to bring your pet only to keep them locked inside the hotel room. 

Some places have pet-friendly hours, meaning you can take your pets to some places for a few hours. 

There is one thing that you should remember even if you are in a pet-friendly place, you will be responsible for your pet’s behaviour. 

Documents For Travelling Internationally With Your Pet

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While planning your international trip, ensure you have all the information and documents you may require. 

Every country has different requirements, such as a negative rabies test, vaccination records, passport of your pet and registration proof. It is advised that before going on the trip, you take your pet to the vet, get all the necessary vaccinations, and consult the vet about the precautions. 

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Hotel Policies


Most hotels are pet-friendly, but they have specific policies regarding it. For instance, your pets may not be allowed in hot tubs, swimming pools, gyms, game rooms, etc., to avoid disturbing the other guests. 

So do your research thoroughly before booking the hotel or motel because if these policies are not followed, you may end up paying a fine. 

Besides, most 3-star to 4-star hotels have pet perks, including an extra water bottle, water bowl, some pet snacks, an extra bed, and many others.

So if your budget allows, you can also go for these hotels and not regret it.

Vacation Rentals


The best way to find pet-friendly accommodation is to go for rentals. You wouldn’t believe that there are rentals available all across the world. You must have already heard about Air BNB. 

Search for your perfect Air BNB where you and your pet can stay peacefully. 

So call the owner, take as much information as possible, and ask them about terms and conditions and amenities that will be provided to you. It’s best to take in all the information before moving further. 


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It’s essential to follow basic etiquette not to bother other guests. 

Remember not to leave your pet unattended or in your room without a crate. 

Ensure that you keep your pet entertained to avoid any unruly behaviour, and also try to keep playing and giving attention to your pet because it wouldn’t make sense if you leave them in the hotel room and enjoy them all by yourself. It wouldn’t be fair to them as well. 

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

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Since your vacation starts with a lot of research, finding restaurants that allow pets is essential. 

Besides, you must ensure whether they allow pets inside the restaurant or on their patio. If this information is unavailable on their website, you should call them and ask about it. 

Ensure that you keep snacks and treats for your pet so they don’t disturb you or anyone present. 

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Ensure The Safety Of Your Pet


Your pet cannot speak up when it feels unsafe or is too hot or cold, so you must ensure it feels comfortable with you. 

Before driving, carefully harness the seat belt; your pet is well-fed, and the temperature suits its body. 

Ensure that your pet does not take its neck out of the window because it increases the chances of getting hit by objects.

The last thing you want is that your furry friend gets hurt. 

And never, I say, never leave your pet in a parked vehicle because the car might heat up, and your pet may have a heatstroke. 

Pet-Friendly Resources


You can get a pet directory, which is like a guide for your pet, especially when you are on vacation with your furry buddy. 

So get yourself one of these directories and take your pet out for that vacation you have been planning for a while. 

What Do You Need To Pack For The Vacation

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It’s essential to make a checklist before packing your stuff up, especially for your pet. Your checklist should include the following:

  • Medications 
  • Pet Food
  • Leash
  • Vaccination Records
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Potty Bags
  • Travel Crate

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Check Your Pet’s Patience Before The Trip


It’s essential to know the patience level of your pet before you start the trip. If you have been a pet owner for a long time, you must be aware of your pet’s tolerance level. For instance, if you take a road trip, you know how long your pet can stay in the car without getting restless. 

With that knowledge, you can analyse and proceed further with your plan. 

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