Howrah Bridge Andaman: Geological Marvel of Neil Island

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Amongst all the natural wonders on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Howrah Bridge Andaman is one of the most visited tourist places in Andaman due to its proximity to the capital of Port Blair. 

Located on the famous Neil Island – an essential part of any Andaman and Nicobar Tour Package, the Howrah Bridge Andaman is a naturally formed coral arch bridge. The name of the rock formation was given by the Bengali people who used to live on the island. They used to refer to it as Rabindra Setu and later changed it to Howrah Bridge. 

In this guide, let’s learn more about the Howrah Bridge in Andaman.

Location And Geography Of Howrah Bridge Andaman


The Howrah Bridge Andaman is situated just 40 kilometers from Port Blair at the picturesque Neil Island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Neil Island is known as the vegetable bowl of the region, thanks to its thriving agriculture. A gem in the Bay of Bengal, Neil Island is renowned for its natural rock formation and some pristine beaches in Andaman.

Neil Island’s Howrah Bridge is a geological wonder made up of two living coral reefs. This coral bridge has been formed over the years as shaped by the sea waves. This continuous erosion has created a huge hole in the hill wall and thus the Howarach Bridge in Andaman was formed. In fact, during the Tsunami in 2004, this wall served as a protective barrier, protecting Neil Island from destruction.

Neil Island attracts tourists not only because of the beauty of Howrah Bridge but also because of the beautiful beaches like Laxmanpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and Bharatpur Beach which are named after the characters of the Hindu mythology of Ramayana. Neil Island is a paradise for tourists who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To witness the natural marvel of the Howrah Bridge, enthusiasts venture to Rocky Beach No. 2 during low tide. The walk on the dead corals and rocks reveals the breathtaking sight of this unique formation, standing as an example of the island’s natural splendor. Neil Island, with its agricultural abundance and captivating landscapes, attracts travelers seeking a peaceful retreat in the lap of nature.

Things To Do Around The Howrah Bridge Andaman


Neil Island in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago is not just home to the famous Howrah Bridge in Andaman but also offers a plethora of activities to make your visit truly memorable. Here are a few things to do for you along with exploring the Howrah Bridge at Neil Island:

1. Explore Other Beaches on Neil Island

Neil Island is more than just the Howrah Bridge – it’s home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you’re a beach lover, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to explore the stunning beaches of Laxmanpur, Bharatpur, and Sitapur, or just take a stroll along the shoreline and feel the soft sand beneath your feet. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or just want to take in stunning views, relaxing on the pristine beaches is probably one of the best things to do in Andaman.

2. Take A Guided Tour

Enhance your understanding of Neil Island’s rich culture and history by opting for a guided tour. Local guides provide insights into the island’s heritage, sharing knowledge on the unique marine life and the significance of landmarks like the Howrah Bridge. This immersive experience allows you to connect with the island on a deeper level, gaining a greater appreciation for its natural and cultural wonders.

3. Beachcombing

Indulge your senses in the simple joys of beachcombing around Neil Island. As you traverse the shores near Howrah Bridge, you’ll discover unique seashells, coral fragments, and other treasures washed ashore. The rhythmic sounds of the waves and the gentle sea breeze create a calming backdrop for this delightful activity. Beachcombing offers not just souvenirs but also a meditative escape into the island’s natural bounty.

4. Watch A Sunset

Experience the magic of a Neil Island sunset, a breathtaking spectacle that paints the sky with hues of orange, pink, and gold. Find a cozy spot near Howrah Bridge Andaman or any of the beautiful beaches, and witness the sun bidding adieu to the day. The tranquil surroundings and vibrant colors create a mesmerizing atmosphere, making it a perfect moment to capture in photographs or simply savor with loved ones.

5. Explore the Unique Flora and Fauna by Jungle Trekking

For nature enthusiasts, Neil Island offers the opportunity to explore its unique flora and fauna through jungle trekking. Venture into the lush greenery surrounding Howrah Bridge Andaman and let the diverse ecosystem captivate your senses. Keep an eye out for endemic plant species, colorful birds, and other wildlife that call the island home. Jungle trekking provides a refreshing escape into nature, allowing you to appreciate the island’s ecological diversity.

6. Swim in the blue waters

Neil Island is known for its crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re a keen swimmer or just want to cool off after a long day at work, the inviting blue waters beckon to you for a refreshing dip. Head to a beach near Howrah Bridge Andaman, or take a dip on one of the beaches near Laxmanpur where the gentle waves make for a perfect spot for a relaxing swim.

7. See the vibrant Marine Life by indulging in Water Sports

Catch a glimpse of the colorful marine life around Neil Island by participating in water sports in Andaman. From snorkeling to scuba diving, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the colorful coral reefs and aquatic life that inhabit the Andaman Sea. The waters off Howrah Bridge offer an underwater panorama that is perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

8. Photography

Capture the enchanting beauty of Neil Island and the iconic Howrah Bridge Andaman through your lens. The natural rock formations, pristine beaches, and the captivating play of light during sunset offer ample opportunities for striking photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or just enjoy snapping pictures with your phone, Neil Island’s landscapes provide a picturesque canvas for your creative endeavors.

9. Relish in the local delicacies

No exploration is complete without savoring the local flavors of Andaman. Neil Island offers a culinary journey that reflects its cultural diversity. After a day of sightseeing around Howrah Bridge Andaman, indulge in the island’s seafood delights or try traditional Andamanese dishes. Linger in local eateries and restaurants in Andaman, embracing the authentic tastes that add a flavorful dimension to your travel experience.

10. Stargazing

As night falls on Neil Island, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of stars. Away from the city lights, the island’s night sky becomes a celestial spectacle. Find a tranquil spot near Howrah Bridge Andaman or any of the serene beaches and gaze at the twinkling stars, one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the nightlife of Andaman. Stargazing in Neil Island is a serene and magical experience, offering a peaceful end to a day filled with exploration.

In essence, the Howrah Bridge in Neil Island isn’t just a geological marvel; it serves as a gateway to a plethora of activities that cater to diverse interests. Whether you seek adventure in the water, wish to capture beauty through your lens, or desire to savor local cuisine, Neil Island ensures that every moment is filled with joy and discovery.

Best Time To Visit The Howrah Bridge Andaman

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The ideal time to experience the mesmerizing Howrah Bridge at Neil Island is during low tide. This geological wonder, best seen when the water recedes, unveils its unique beauty. To make the most of your visit and explore the nearby beaches, plan your trip between October and May. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and the sea remains calm, offering a perfect backdrop to enjoy the scenic wonders of Neil Island, including the iconic Howrah Bridge.

How To Reach Howrah Bridge Andaman


To reach the Howrah Bridge in Andaman, you will have to first reach Port Blair by taking an Andaman cruise from India or a flight to the Veer Savarkar International Airport. From Port Blair, Neil Island is approximately 40 km and can be reached by ferries. 2 government ferries run at 6:30 am and 11 am from Port Blair to Neil Island. The journey takes approximately 2 hours to reach.

Some catamaran cruises also operate from Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay to Neil Island. Sit in the comfortable air-conditioned cabins and reach Neil Island in 90 minutes. From Neil Jetty, you can reach the Howrah Bridge Andaman either by taking a walk or hiring a local taxi.

Frequently Asked Questions For Howrahh Bridge Andaman

What is the Howrah Bridge in Andaman, and where is it located?

The Howrah Bridge in Andaman is a naturally formed rock structure located in Neil Island, part of the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Situated approximately 40 kilometers from Port Blair, Neil Island is renowned for its agricultural richness and serene beaches, with the Howrah Bridge being a prominent geological attraction.

How did the Howrah Bridge in Andaman get its name?

The bridge in Andaman is called ‘Howrah Bridge’ by Bengali settlers, who originally called it ‘Rabindara Sethu’. Later, they changed it to ‘Howrah Bridge’, which is a pun on the famous Kolkata bridge ‘Howrah Bridge’. It’s been used locally for this amazing rock formation ever since.

What is the best time to visit the Howrah Bridge in Andaman?

The best time to witness the Howrah Bridge in Neil Island is during low tide. This natural wonder is most captivating when the water recedes, revealing the two living natural corals that form the bridge-like structure. Plan your visit between October and May for favorable weather conditions and a more enjoyable exploration.

What are some other attractions near the Howrah Bridge in Andaman?

Near the Howrah Bridge in Andaman, visitors can explore the serene beaches of Laxmanpur, Sitapur, and Bharatpur. These beaches are regarded as divine and offer a peaceful retreat. Additionally, Neil Island boasts diverse attractions, including its agricultural landscapes, nearby natural bridge formations, and opportunities for water sports, making it an all-encompassing destination for nature enthusiasts.

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