Hulhumale Beach Maldives: A Complete Guide On Youth Island!

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Are you planning to visit Maldives and are overwhelmed by the various Maldives package options online? Don’t worry it is common to face the heat in selecting the right island when you are on to this tropical paradise.

Let’s make it simple, If you are looking to stay near to capital city Male and want to have all the modern amenities including serene marine life, then Hulhumale Island Maldives is the insightful choice. This place not only has various recreational centres like Hulhumale beach, and top restaurants for cuisine explorations but also has various best places to visit in Maldives like Dolphin cruise points, Central Park and various spa resorts.

So, Let’s explore how can Hulhumale Island grab a sweet spot in the best islands of the Maldives, the right time to visit and how to reach it.

About Hulhumale Island


Maldives Hulhumale Island is a secluded island staged in the south of North Male Atoll. The uniqueness of Hulhumale Island lies in its nature of formation. It is basically a man-made Island to address the expanding population inside the Male city and its limited space availability. 

The first phase of his construction project started in the early 2000s by dredging the sand from Hulhumale Beach Maldives using recoupment techniques under the guidance of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC). Over the years it naturally settled its shape and evolved into a barren expansion of sand modified into a great urban centre today. This place has everything from high-level infrastructure to public utilities to support the burgeoning community. 

Staying close to the Velena airport, it also turned out to be a main hub for tourists and development with proper transportation, infrastructure and commerce. Every progress in Maldives Hulhumale Island is based on sustainability and innovation creating a strong sense of resilience for the next generations. 

How To Reach Maldives Hulhumale Island


With only a distance of 6 km from the Velena International Airport, reaching Maldives Hulhumale Island is very easy and also has multiple transport options. You can directly take a bus from the Male airport which can hardly cost you around $1.5 with a driving range of 20 minutes. You can pick a local taxi that charges you around $12-$20 depending on the holiday season and can get you there in 10 minutes.

If you want to reach by water, the public ferry can take up to $2-$5 for a ride and the speed boat charges around $15-$20 and take 10 minutes to keep you in Hulhumale Island. Depending on the stay you choose you can get a complimentary ride to reach Hulhumale Beach island.

What Is the Uniqueness Of Hulhumale Beach?


The uniqueness of Maldives Hulhumale Beach lies in its pristine beaches and beautifully crafted man-made Island construction to beat the urban congestion. It is based on sustainable efforts by prioritising greenery, underground utilities, geometric sewage systems and also desalination plants for drinking water throughout.

Locally this island is revered as a ‘Youth City’ forming a hub of multiculturalism and a developmental zone. Hulhumale Beach Maldives holds the serene vistas of Indian Ocean waters with rich vibrant marine life providing it the status of one of the best islands to stay in Maldives

There is a rich amalgamation of local Maldivian communities here such as Ahmed, Ali, Haasan, etc the main occupation for these communities back then was fishing and with the development they are now indulging in various developmental activities too like construction and infrastructure.

Dimension & Population Of Maldives Hulhumale Island


Hulhumale Island Maldives at North Male Atoll extent ranges from 432 hectares which is approximately 4.32 square kilometres. It is built completely on sustainable development to tackle the overshooting size of expansion. In the census conducted in 2023 is around 53000. However, this figure may vary along with the development of the tourism sector and shipment.

The Housing Development Corporation is planning for at least 2,50,000 residents in the near future to work more on development and boost the economy. With all the amenities included this place is turning to be the ray of hope for earning means to the locals as well as the foreigners looking for jobs in the tourism sector.

Best Time To Visit Hulhumale Beach Maldives


The best time to visit Hulhumale Beach Maldives is during the dry season which can keep your trip under the budget. During the months of July-November is the dry season the weather is characterized by seasonal rains which can surely help you see rich marine life with a little hindrance to the outdoor activities.

But if you want to enjoy the place with full potential regardless of the budget you can surely try in the months between November to April. These months not only offer you clear skies, and abundant sunshine but also the calm seas help you to expand your origins of fun to the water activities.

As December is the holiday season you can find various themed parties and special offers running all over Hulhumale Beach Island check with the guided tours for the added info and plan your Maldives trip accordingly.

Hulhumale Island Maldives Price


Price on Hulhumale Island can vary depending on various factors like holiday seasons, accommodation level, dining points and some of the best things to do in Maldives.

Accommodation Prices

  • Budget Guesthouses: It can vary from $50-$200 per night
  • Mid-range Hotels: $100-$250 per night
  • Luxury Resorts: $400-$2500+ per night

Dining Price In Hulhumale Island

  • Street Food Eateries: Anywhere between $5-$20 per meal
  • Restaurants: $20-$60+ per meal

Activities In Hulhumale Island

  • ​Water Sports: $50-$300 per activity
  • Island Hopping: $50-$200 per excursion.

Overall, while Hulhumale Island multitude of options to set on a budget, this can vary with the holiday season and the level you are staying on your trip.

Best Hotels In Hulhumale Maldives


Check the list of best hotels in Hulhumale Maldives:

1. Acacia Beach Hotel

Acacia Beach Hotel is one of the best hotels in Hulhumale Maldives with a beach viewpoint on a budget. You can have the best cuisine exploration amidst the views of Indian Ocean waters.

2. H78 Maldives

Here are the best places to visit in Hulhumale Island:

1. Hulhumale Island Beach

​H 78 Maldives comes with a modern hospitability structure with various spacious rooms and customised personal services. This place has a serene beachfront location and relaxation.

3. Plankton Beach Hotel

​Resting at the banks of Hulhumale Beach, Plankton Beach Hotel offers subtle accommodations with a laid-back atmosphere serving fresh seafood and local cuisines

4. Crystal Beach Inn

This is one of the best hotels in Hulhumale Maldives with modern amenities and a budget-friendly price sheet. You can get guided transport here and also explore culinary delights.

5. Samann Grand

This place offers lavish stays with an infinity pool and panoramic views of Indian Ocean waters with top-class food options.

Best Places To Visit In Hulhumale Island

Here are the best places to visit in Hulhumale Island:

1. Hulhumale Island Beach


The Beach is the main attraction of Hulhumale Island, where you can enjoy the serene vistas of Indian ocean waters amidst the white powdery sands coupled with rich marine life and various water fun activities.

2. Hulhumale Central Park

Central Park is one of the best relaxation places featuring various jogging tracks, meditation columns, playgrounds and picnic areas to have fun.

3. Hulhumale Mosque


This mosque has stunning architecture which can make you awe-struck with its splendour. You can have a glimpse of traditional culture and the culture of the Maldivian Muslim community here.

4. Hulhumale Ferry Terminal ​

Just a leisure stroll near the Hulhumale Ferry Terminal helps you have a memorable experience with the local street shops, various resting ferries and also the pigeon camps to have a splendid photo session.

5. Hulhumale Art Street


If you have an enthusiasm to explore the local artwork and handmade artefacts Hulhumale Art Street is the best vibrant market to explore and buy the things to make more memorable savings

6. Local Cafes & Restaurants

 Never miss out on the delicious Maldivian cuisines and fresh seafood served at the local cafes and restaurants with a multitude of options in culinary delights.

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Top Things To Do At Hulhumale Beach


When it comes to the top things to do at Hulhumale beach it offers many options for relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy sunbathing coupled with spa treatments, and enjoy water sports like jet skiing, snorkelling and paragliding. 

At times you can also enjoy the beachfront dining and candlelight dinner under the stars. Check with the guided tours to find any themed events on the time you visit Hulhumale Island.

Best Restaurants In Hulhumale Beach


Though there are many restaurants in Hulhumale Island Maldives here are the top picks:

1. Thai Wok Restaurant

Explore the Thai-styled flavourful curries, fried items and the seafood explorations served in Maldivan touch in this restaurant.

 2. Shell Beans Cafe & Restaurant

It is an elegant spot intertwined with a tasty International cuisine touch, artisanal coffee along with remarkable dessert options.

3. Salt Cafe & Restautant

This is one of the best restaurants in Maldives with panoramic views of Oceanic waters and contemporary Maldivian cuisines like seafood and salads.

4. Filaa Restaurant

​Explore Filaa for a diced international taste of grilled items and a pasta touch. You can also get access to refreshing beverages amidst the poised ambience.

5. Symphony Lagoon Restaurant

Symphony Restaurant lies at the elegance of the Lagoon to is accompanied by the best-in-class seafood and luscious Maldivian food.

Which beach is famous in Male?

Artificial Beach is famous in Male for its recreational activities like swimming, sunbathing, spa treatment and various other water activities.

What is Hulhumale known for?

Hulhumale is known for its status as a man-made island, vibrant marine life and colourful beaches and developmental activities.

Where is Hulhumale Beach?

It is just 6 km away from the capital city of Male.

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