Hundur Monastery In Ladakh- The Complete Guide For 2024

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Did you know that Ladakh, often known as the land of adventures also has another side to it, the spiritual side? Yes, you read that right, it’s the spiritual side which makes the monasteries in Ladakh so popular. One of those monasteries, which is a popular addition to all our Leh Ladakh tour packages is the Hundur Monastery. So, without any further ado, hop on and explore this place with our virtual Hundur Monastery tour. 

Overview Of Hundur Monastery


Hundur Monastery in Ladakh is one of the oldest monasteries, located in the Nubra Valley the monastery is a haven for those who want to learn about the Buddhist way of life. Not just that, the monastery is also close to some of the other prominent sites like Diskit Monastery and Lachung Temple. 

How To Reach The Hundur Monastery

The monastery, located in the Nubra Valley is 12 Kms from the Diskit Village. One can cover this distance with a drive of 20-25 minutes. 

Upon reaching the monastery, one has to climb to the monastery as it is located on a hill. Moreover, this distance can be covered by taking a jeep, car or even a bike, if you’re on a Leh Ladakh Bike trip

Highlights Of Hundur Monastery

  • Since the monastery is located on the edge of the Nubra Valley, you’ll be left awestruck by the amazing views of the surroundings, making them the perfect backdrop for all your pictures. 
  • The monastery is a hub for all things related to Buddhism, so if you’re there you can check out the ancient scriptures, painting and other artwork that perfectly display the Buddhist way of life. 
  • You can talk to monks to get more information about Buddhism. 
  • Be prepared to be mesmerised by the architecture of the monastery, which simple yet just out of this world. 

History and Origin

The origins of Hundur Monastery, one of the best places to visit in Ladakh trace back centuries. According to local people it was founded by revered Buddhist masters who were drawn to the tranquil beauty of the Nubra Valley. The monastery’s precise founding date remains uncertain yet its existence dates back to ancient times, reflecting the legacy of Buddhism in the region.

Architecture And Design Of Hundur Monastery In Ladakh


Think of a colourful building surrounded by mountains and trees, in a gist that’s exactly the feel that this monastery gives. It’s like a colourful artwork with lots of pictures and decorations. 

When you enter the monastery, you’ll be seeing a big hall where everyone comes together to pray. The hall is adorned with candles which adds the feeling of warmth to it. Outside, you’ll even see the Tibetan flags with the Tibetan chant ‘ OM Mani Padme Hum’ written on them. 

Since the monastery is the last point in the village where visitors are allowed, you’ll be mesmerised by the mountains surrounding it, and who knows you’ll even be able to watch visitors taking a camel safari in the Nubra Valley, making the perfect backdrop for your Instagram picture.

Spiritual Significance Of Hundur Monastery In Ladakh


1. Calming Atmosphere:

When you enter Hundur Monastery, the air feels peaceful, and the monks’ chants create a calm atmosphere. It’s a place where people come to find quiet moments away from the busy world

2. Meditation and Prayer:

Monks and visitors gather in the main prayer hall to meditate and pray. The sound of chants and the flickering of butter lamps create a spiritual ambiance.

3. Buddhist Teachings:


The monks dedicate their lives to studying and practicing Buddhism. Visitors can join in teachings to learn about kindness, wisdom, and inner peace.

4. Cultural Festivals:

Hundur Monastery celebrates festivals like Losar with colorful rituals. Pilgrims and tourists join in, experiencing the rich cultural heritage of Ladakh.

5. Positive Community Engagement:


Monks actively engage in charity and community service projects. Hundur Monastery promotes compassion and kindness, extending its spiritual values to help others.

Hundur Monastery isn’t just a tourist spot; it’s a haven for those seeking spiritual growth and a connection to something greater. Despite the popularity of Hundur Monastery tours and the Bollywood movies shot in Ladakh, its true significance lies in being a sacred space for reflection and inner peace.

Best Time to Visit The Hundur Monastery

The best time to embark on a Hundur Monastery tour would be during the summer months from May to September as the roads are operational and the weather is perfect for exploring the monastery. 

The monastery is usually closed during the winter months due to harsh winter conditions and heavy snowfall.

Nearby Attractions 


The Hundur Monastery has a plethora of popular places to visit and things to do in Ladakh around it, check out the list below to know more about the places and their distance from the monastery: 

Nubra Valley– 39 Kms 

Yarab Tso Lake– 27 Kms

Shey Monastey and Palace– 49 Kms

Spituk Monastey– 43 Kms 

Hunder Sand Dunes– 10 Kms

Magnetic Hill 42 Kms

The Hundur Monastery, though not that popular when it comes to taking a Ladakh tour is still prominent and holds a significant place in the Buddhist history. Created centuries back, the monastery is perfect for those looking to explore the offbeat places in Ladakh. 

With this being said and so much to offer by the monastery, what’s holding you back? Fasten your seatbelts and start your Hunder monastery tour. 

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