Indian Embassy Advises Passengers To Reschedule Travelling To Dubai

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As the weather conditions took an unexpected turn in Dubai on 16th April 2024, chaos was created due to the heaviest rainfall in 75 years that caused floods and significant highways to submerge, bridges, and roads to close. Looking at these scenarios, the Indian Embassy advised passengers to reschedule travelling in Dubai. Let’s find out more about it. 

This advisory was issued on 19th April by the Indian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates. It prompted Indian passengers to reschedule their nonessential travelling to Dubai due to the havoc created by UAE’s change in weather, which caused significant disruptions to airport operations. 

The Indian Embassy said, “All the Indian passengers who are travelling to or transiting through Dubai are advised to reschedule their non-essential travel until the operation starts working smoothly.”

What Is The Reason Behind Rescheduling The Trip? 

Source: Evening Standard

1. Low Visibility

Heavy rain and storming weather give airline operations low visibility, which has diverted the flights and delayed incoming ground flights, significantly impacting the schedules.

2. Flooding & Damage to Infrastructure

Most of the parts and infrastructure of the Dubai airport have experienced flooding that affected the runways and roads for taxis and caused considerable damage that needs proper repair. 

3. Flights Only For Essential Services

Currently, the authorities have prioritized the emergency and essential services, so nonessential passenger flights are delayed. 

While the situation is quite harsh, UAE authorities are working diligently to restore and normalize operations at Dubai Airport as soon as possible. The staff has indulged themselves in repairing and maintenance. 

The Embassy also suggested staying informed and regularly checking the new updates through their authentic websites and official social media pages. The advisory also stated that while the authorities of the United Arab Emirates are working hard enough to normalize the operations, the passengers can travel only after the final confirmation of the particular flights chosen by the passengers.  

Looking at passenger’s safety and minimising the inconvenience, the Indian Embassy advises passengers to reschedule travelling to Dubai. 

It also advises to look out for confirmations if they have any existing bookings for the latest updates on flight departures, cancellations, or any other rescheduling options to support the Indian passengers at the Dubai International Airport; the Consulate General of India has started an emergency helpline numbers from 17th April 2024. 

We know that the weather conditions and the heavy rainfall have caused havoc in Dubai Airport, and passengers are facing delays and cancellations. They are advised to reschedule their flights. This may cause some inconvenience, irritation, and frustration to the passengers. However, we must understand that this is for passengers’ safe departure and landing. As the problem is resolved, passengers can enjoy travelling to Dubai.

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