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The Japanese Shipwreck Point Bali is one of the two famous shipwreck points in Bali. The other one is the Liberty wreck in Tulamben. The Japanese Shipwreck Point is a must if you are a snorkelling aficionado, since it is abundant with great marine biodiversity and underwater activities. 

Most divers visit the Tulamben area for the Liberty Shipwreck but often are unaware of this hidden gem in nearby Amed Village. The Japanese Shipwreck point is located in Banyuning Bay close to Amed Village, a famous diving and snorkelling destination on the eastern tip of Bali. Banyuning is just one of the seven villages along the 8km long strip of coastline that is referred to as “Amed”. 

A diver’s paradise as they say about Amed, if you are keen on spending your holiday diving and snorkelling by the day and relaxing and just chilling by the evening then a visit to the Japanese Shipwreck Point is an absolute must. There are a number of options for you in Amed Beach itself to spend your Bali holidays. You can also plan your Bali holiday through Bali Trip Packages and have an amazing holiday at this Island of Gods.

The wreck is literally just off the beach in Banyuning Bay, making it easy to snorkel on. Very little is actually known about the Japanese Wreck in Bali or how it ended up underwater at Banyuning. In fact, it is not even clear that it is actually Japanese. The Japanese Shipwreck Point is marked by one (or two) black buoys and although the spot is freely accessible from the beach, many local guides will offer to take you there by boat.

Very little information is there about the history of this Shipwreck. However, two major stories are that it was a Japanese patrol ship which must have sunk during WWII and got its name because of an intact Japanese-style toilet found on the remnants of the vessel. Furthermore, it was either the term ‘Java-nese’ was mistaken for ‘Japa-nese’ and that stayed on. Now whatever the case maybe, this shipwreck in Bali is covered in some of the most beautiful corals and sponges in the area making it a wreck diving favourite for the area. There is also plenty of fish, shrimp, manta rays and other marine life to keep you entertained for a couple of hours. From the beach, you simply swim out the 50 metres or so to the wreck which begins in a few metres of water making it suitable for all levels including snorkelers. The wreck itself is fairly small and looks more like it used to be a tug.  The depth on the wreck varies from just 6m to about 12m. It lays on silty sand that can easily be stirred up by too many divers or a change in the prevailing currents. But overall the wreck itself is very easy and a safe dive.

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Things to do near the Japanese Shipwreck Point


The wreck is not the only attraction in Banyuning Bay. The general area is well worth exploring and there are many other things to see. With the wreck behind you, you have two basic choices – go to the right or go to the left. Heading straight out is not an option as it will take you into the depths and there is not much to see. 

Going right takes you north and along a sloping sandy bank for about 60m or so. There you will find some bommies in about 12 m of water. Heading left from the wreck will take you east around a headland and along the coastline. This is a really interesting dive as it is almost two dives in one. From about 12m down to around 30m there is an excellent variety of the smaller marine life. Ranging from pygmy seahorses to gobies and nudi’s. You can spend your day discovering a range of aquatic fishes.

To add on to your list of things to do near the Japanese Shipwreck Point, you can also choose from an array of activities in and around Amed Beach. Some of them are:

  • Explore Amed’s surroundings on your bike

A small quaint fisherman’s village, Amed village will take you back to the days what it was like before the tourist boom in Bali. You can easily explore the village on your foot or rent a bicycle and cycle along the picturesque shoreline of black volcanic sand and blue waters for some mesmerising views. 

  • Diving or snorkelling in USAT Liberty Shipwreck

There is another more popular shipwreck nearby, known as the Liberty Shipwreck, on the coast of the Tulamben region,very close to the shore. This is a huge sunken ship at the bottom of the sea which was an American cargo ship that, while en route from Australia to the Philippines, was struck by a Japanese torpedo in 1942.

For many years, the shipwreck was stationed on the beach of Tulamben. However, in 1963, after the eruption of Mount Agung, it was dragged to the bottom of the sea. Thus, becoming a diver’s retreat filled with some amazing corals and other marine life.

  • Go snorkelling in Jemeluk Beach

Bali is known to be rich in marine biodiversity and its underwater activities are quite famous amongst snorkelers and divers. Amongst the different beaches where you can snorkel Jemeluk Beach, which is  located just after Amed Beach is the most ideal. Unlike other Beaches in Bali, in Amed Beach, you will find black volcanic sand and rocky pebbles. However, its waters are very calm since there is hardly any current which means that snorkelling or diving in Amed is always going to be a treat.

  • Sunset at Amed beach with views of Mount Agung

One of the unknown spots in Bali to view the sunset from, is Amed Beach. The beach offers a spectacular view of the sunset with Mt Agung as its backdrop and never disappoints. It is a magical place which will take you on an unforgettable moment in your Bali diaries.

  • Go Dolphin watching in the early hours in Amed Beach

Another hidden gem in the waters of Amed Beach, Dolphin Watching. Catch an early morning ‘Jukung’, a traditional balinese boat, and meet these friendly creatures and start your day on a smiling note. But please make sure you don’t chase or disturb these nature’s gentle creatures.

  • Visit Tirta Gangga Temple

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is one of the many Temples in Bali and is located approximately half an hour away from Amed. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Bali. It was built in 1946 by the Karangasem family in a one-hectare enclosure full of ponds, fountains, tropical gardens and stone sculptures. The most famous section of Tirta Gangga Temple, is a pond that has koi fish and stone columns that you can walk on.

  • Watch the sunrise from Bukit Cinta

If you are looking for an early morning adventure, then experiencing the sunrise in Bukit Cinta is quite the activity for you. This viewpoint has become one of the most popular places to watch the sunrise in Bali. It is a little piece of meadow overlooking rice fields with Mount Agung in the background and the view needs to be seen to fully appreciate its beauty. Just pray that the skies are clear to actually witness this breathtaking view though.

  • Visit the Lahangan Sweet viewpoint

One of the many things to do in Amed is visit Lahangan Sweet, a viewpoint located just over half an hour from town. From there, you will have spectacular views of Mount Agung if the weather is favourable. The most popular place at the viewpoint is the wooden platform built into a tree’s trunk. The view is enthralling and you will experience one of the most picturesque sunrises or Sunsets in Bali.

  • Visit Lempuyang Temple

If you are exploring East Bali, you definitely shouldn’t miss Lempuyang Temple, one of Bali’s holiest temples. It is located near Mount Agung, just over half an hour from Amed. Although the complex has a total of seven sanctuaries, this temple stands out for its famous “Gates of Heaven” with Mount Agung in the background, which is the highest and most sacred peak in Bali. We recommend you visit this temple quite early to witness the beauty of this temple because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali and hence becomes very crowded as the day proceeds.

  • Visit Blue Earth Village

At first glance, it looks like just a restaurant made of bamboo with beautiful views; however, it is much more than that. It is an educational and community centre whose objective is, among many others, to promote Amed as a sustainable tourism destination and therefore worth a visit in your itinerary.


Best Time to Visit The Japanese Shipwreck Point

The best time to explore the Japanese Shipwreck in Amed and go snorkelling is during the dry season from April to October. This period offers clear visibility and calm waters, allowing for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

How to reach the Japanese Shipwreck Point

There are many tour operators providing a day tour to the Japanese Shipwreck Point, which often includes pick up and drop off at your hotels and resorts, from various locations, especially the more touristy places like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, etc

These day tours often cover a scenic journey to Lipah Beach, and a traditional boat ride to Amed Wreck and heading on to Vienna Beach which roughly will take you 8.5 hours-9 hours. 

The duration of the activity allows participants ample time to explore shipwrecks and various snorkel spots in Amed. Travellers also have the choice of selecting between a small group tour (up to 9 people) or a private tour, ensuring personalised attention from a friendly guide.

Alternatively, you can also opt to stay in Amed Beach, where you will find multiple places to stay near the Japanese Shipwreck Point and enjoy your Bali holiday.

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How deep is the Japanese shipwreck in Amed?

The depth of the wreck varies from just 6m, down to about 12m. It lays on silty sand but comparatively the wreck itself is a very easy and safe dive.

What hotels are near Japanese ShipWreck Point?

There are quite many options to stay near the Japanese Shipwreck POint. Baliku Dive Resort is located just on the beach overlooking the Japanese Shipwreck Point. Also, there is Nalini Resort, Amed Dream Resort, etc just across the beach which are great stay options.

What is the best time to visit the Japanese Shipwreck Point?

The best time to explore the Japanese Shipwreck in Amed and go snorkelling is during the dry season from April to October. This period offers clear visibility and calm waters, allowing for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

What attractions are near Japanese shipwreck point?

There are a lot of attractions near the Japanese Shipwreck Point. You can visit the Liberty Wreck at Tulamben, go snorkelling at Jemeluk Beach, Go dolphin watching in Amed Beach, etc 

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