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Jogini Waterfall Manali Overview


Jogini Waterfall is a popular tourist spot located in the Valley of Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It is around 3 kilometers away from the main market of Manali and roughly 2 kilometers away from the famous Vashisht Temple. The Jogini Falls is actually a border of the village of Vashisht. So, if you’re planning a trip to Manali, get an itinerary from himachal pradesh tour packages, to get covered.

Jogini Waterfall Manali is known for its natural beauty and is also of religious significance. The temple of the village goddess Jogini Mata is located at the base of the waterfall. The locals often visit the temple for Mundan(Chudakarana) and on some other occasions.

Jogini Waterfall Manali Height

The waterfall cascades down from a height of around 150 feet through multiple levels.

Best Time to Visit Jogini Waterfall Manali


The best time to visit Jogini Waterfall, an offbeat places in Manali is during the summer season, i.e. between March and May. In summer the weather is pleasant, and the sky remains clear most of the time. The temperature fluctuates between 21 to 27 degrees in summer.

During the winters, i.e. between October and February, the temperature drops considerably low during the winters . The average temperature during this time remains 5-7 degrees Celsius and sometimes goes down up to 0.8 degrees Celsius. The winter months are ideal for snowfall in Manali, creating a magical winter wonderland.

During the monsoon, from July to mid-September the region receives heavy rainfall. The amount of rainfall sometimes reaches up to around 200 mm. Frequent landslides during this time make hiking and trekking activities dangerous. So, this time of year should be avoided for any trip here.

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Top Activities to do in Jogini Waterfall Manali

If you’re someone who likes adventure activities, you might want to check out Jogini Waterfall. Below are some of the best activities for you to get indulge in :



Trekking in Jogini Waterfall is one of the most top activities to do in Jogini Waterfall. As you make your way up the trek from the Vashisht Village, you will be able to enjoy stunning views of the mountains, valleys, and the Beas River. The trek is moderately challenging, so it is suitable for both beginner and experienced trekkers. On the way, you will come across a variety of beautiful plants such as pine trees, rhododendrons, and wildflowers that add color to the scenery. Trekkers can click several fantastic pictures to make the trek memorable.

Climbing the rock cliff to reach the top of Jogini Waterfall is quite thrilling and takes only 15 minutes. However, if you don’t want to trek anymore, you can take a dip in the water pool or just gaze at the grandeur of the waterfall and surrounding nature.



Rappelling here is an adventure activities in Jogini Waterfall Manali. There’s a spot near the waterfall where you can go rappelling down a rock face. It’s a thrilling experience and you’ll get to see some great views while you’re at it. Rappelling adds an extra level of excitement and adrenaline to your visit and is a must-do.

Day Picnic


Jogini Waterfall Manali is a popular spot for picnics with plenty of space for families and groups to relax and enjoy nature. The grassy areas near the waterfall are perfect for spreading out a blanket and snacking while taking in the stunning views. Definitely will be worth counting as a top activity to do in Jogini Waterfall Manali.



Jogini waterfall is a beautiful spot for photography in Manali. The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a breathtaking view of the mountains, offering opportunities to take beautiful pictures. You can take a closer shot of the dynamic flow of the waterfall, capturing the water flowing down.

Places to Visit Near Jogini Waterfall

Vashisht Village

Vashisht Village is located near Jogini Waterfall, and it is famous for its hot springs. You can take a dip in these natural springs, which are known for their therapeutic benefits. The hot springs are believed to have medicinal value. The springs are said to cure many skin diseases. In the village, you can also visit ancient temples that honor Lord Rama and Sage Vashisht.

Hidimba Temple


The Hidimba Temple is located in the snow-covered hills of Manali and is dedicated to Hidimba Devi. Manali Hidimba Devi temple is unique and surrounded by beautiful cedar forests. Offering prayers in this temple is one of the best activity in Manali.

Solang Valley

Solang Valley Manali is a stunning and exciting place to visit regardless of whether it’s summer or winter. About 14 km northwest of the main town of Manali, Solang Valley is a well-known tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. This is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit near Jogini Waterfalls Manali.

Rohtang Pass


Rohtang Pass is a mountain pass on the eastern side of the Himalayan Pir Panjal range and it’s located at an elevation of 3978 meters above sea level. It’s a paradise for adventure-seekers, offering loads of activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sledging in the winter.

Naggar Castle

Naggar Castle is a historical edifice located in the village of Naggar, near Manali. It is a unique blend of Indian and European architectural styles and is known for its artistic splendor.

Tibetan Monasteries


There are several Tibetan monasteries offering a serene meditation and reflection atmosphere in Manali near Jogini Waterfalls. Some famous monasteries in Manali include Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa, Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa, and Manali Gompa.

Beas River

Visiting the Beas River flowing through Manali is one of the best things to do near Jogini waterfalls. It offers opportunities for riverside picnics, fishing, and leisurely walks along the riverbanks. Enjoying the serene beauty of the river and immersing yourself in the peaceful surroundings is a beautiful thing to do Jogini Waterfall, Manali.

Old Manali


Discover the charm of Old Manali, a lively neighborhood known for its traditional houses, narrow lanes, and bohemian vibes. Here, you can enjoy live music, visit popular food cafes in manali, shop for beautiful handicrafts, and relax in a laid-back atmosphere.

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What is Solang Valley, Manali?

Solang Valley is a beautiful valley located near Manali, Himachal Pradesh. It is famous for its scenic beauty, offering panoramic views of the mountains and numerous adventure activities.

What is the best time to visit Jogini Waterfall?

The best time to visit Jogini Waterfall is during the summer when the weather is comfortable. But if you want to enjoy the snow, winter will be the ideal time to visit this place.

Is there an entry fee to visit Jogini Waterfall?

No, there is no fee.

What should I carry while visiting Jogini Waterfall?

You must carry a comfortable pair of shoes, enough water to keep you hydrated, snacks, and a camera for clicking some beautiful pictures.

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