Step Into 2024 With A Bang: Celebrate New Year In Kasol

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One of the best backpacking destinations of Himachal, Kasol attracts thousands of backpackers and travellers annually. Surrounded by mountains and greenery, it stands as a beacon of peace in the state. But that image is also a camouflage. The best New Year Party in Kasol is exactly what you expect during your Christmas and New Year Trip.

When the clock strikes 10 pm, Kasol acts as an energy, fun and frolic catalyst. Every Kasol New Year Party sees people flock from faraway destinations to experience this place’s boisterous and vibrant culture. A Kasol New Year Party is like a dreamy bacchanal with hundreds of people in track pants, togas and boots. It’s a riot of colours with balloons, boisterous crowds, music, ecstatic dancers and vibrant paintings.

There are so many New Year events in Kasol that it becomes hard to decide which party you should pick. So forget the planner and let your instincts take over. Here are some of the most unforgettable markets and theme nights you can attend at the New Year party in Kasol.

1. Silent Disco Festival

Image Source : EXIT festival

KasolSilence, the Silent Disco Headphones party by Om Negi, organised on December 31st, would take you to the next level of clubbing revelry. Being held at a height of 4500 feet, this party is what you need to set yourself free from all your worldly cares.
KasolSilence will be a silent disco; you can dance in complete silence and groove to the kick-ass Bollywood and EDM music played over headphones.

2. Parvati Music Festival

Image Source : Jugaadin News

Profiled as the country’s most famous New Year event and likened to a ‘Garden of Eden on Earth,’ this festival celebrates the spirit of freedom and individuality through music, dance, art—and a little chaos.
This Kasol party New Year will feature performances by famous entertainers from across the country and various renowned musicians and dancers. Locals may also peddle their wares in a large outdoor flea market. As always, they have an array of exciting activities that will keep you busy well into the wee hours of January 1st!

3. The Hippyland – Christmas Celebration

Image Source : Bharat Stories

As the city’s psytrance nights continue to be in a continuous expansion phase, finding newer ways to satiate the growing crowd of adventurists & synesthetes, as well as retaining their avid loyal following, they shall once again unleash the cultural phenomenon which promises to be more like an audiovisual exhibit embodying a display of vibrant psychedelic tableau!
The event will be overwhelming with a themed environment set through self-designed and executed interlocking awnings, pillars and custom stage tarps coupled with the additional attraction of Christmas lights, amazing psychedelic visuals and a dedicated lighting system. The intriguing multi-coloured fabric décor designed to create an immersive party atmosphere, this New Year party in Kasol provides the perfect ambience for all the psyheads to rock! So bring your best trance moves to create one hell of a memorable experience in an open-air setting.

4. Dancing Himalayas 4.0

Image Source : Wikimedia Commons

The newest, coolest, hippest Kasol New Year Party spot in a far-flung corner of magnificent Himachal, presents Dancing Himalayas 4.0. The three-day event features a heavy lineup of musicians, artists, DJs and guest DJs from around the country. 

The entire valley will be dressed in new carnival garb and ready to charm the visitors. There will be plenty of diversity amongst music, activities and art, which will show off the true potential of this location. So get ready to indulge yourself with the musical extravaganza of this Parvati Yatraa.

5. New Year’s Eve Celebrations (Special Buffet Party)

Image Source : Chiku Cab

Spend your New Year’s Eve with friends and family at the open-air cafe riverside. Let the haze of foggy air and the rays of warm sunlight tickle your skin as you sit by the river, taking in the fresh air and natural beauty. 

Enjoy a delightful buffet with an assortment of savoury appetisers, main courses, and desserts that will satisfy you. The buffet will be complemented by an open bar with premium liquors. They’ll also have artwork and live performances throughout the evening. 

The main stage will be decorated with lights and lasers in such a way that it forms a giant Psy dance floor! In addition, there will be interactive installations throughout the venue, adding to the festivities, making it the best New Year Party in Kasol.

6. Parvati Shangri-La Festival

Image Source : Festival Sherpa

Electric Mahadev, India’s biggest electronic music festival, has made Kasol the first-choice destination for crazy partygoers in the past editions. After getting flooded with reviews, the organisers decided to host the Mahadev Festival annually to give their audience a taste of fantastic music and fun in the lap of nature. 

The crowd at this Kasol New Year Party is juicy and rich, with energy flowing throughout the day. The prestigious festival that will take place in Parvati Shangri-La will be a one-day music festival with jamming performances by DJs and flea markets that will be memorable with pumping energy and reverberating beats, making it the most memorable New Year Party in Kasol. 

7. Himachal Hills Festival 4.0

Image Source : Facebook

The Himachal Hills Festival is an annual event that gives visitors a chance to experience what life amidst the mountains feels like! It is an event that brings together tourists from all over India and abroad, one that lets them explore their wild side and allows them to let their hair down and party hard! 

This festival offers something for everyone, with activities like skiing, trekking, rafting, rock climbing, and rappelling. The ambience is electrifying, and the beats keep playing throughout the day! 

So, if you’re looking for fun and excitement beyond your imagination, we recommend you head straight to this place for the best New Year party in Kasol. 

8. Hype Music Festival

Image Source : Jones Around The World

Buckle up for one of the most banger Kasol New Year Party of the year. The Hype Music Festival is one of the most fun, exciting and best joyrides you can have with your friends. 

With a live DJ playing your favourite tracks, mouth-watering recipes from variegated cuisines to satisfy the cravings of your taste buds and stomachs, cosy personal tents for comfortable accommodation right on the party grounds, and numerous fun activities, this is the place to be at for experiencing a lit New Year Party in Kasol.

9. Kasol and Tosh

Image Source : Towno

Kasol and Tosh New Year’s  New Year celebration will make you wish there were new beginnings every day. It’s a magical place that lets you live in nature, away from the chaos of the city. 

The serene environment, beautiful views and stunning lights will fill your heart with joy and serve as a stage where you can indulge in various events that will last throughout the celebration. The event includes local cuisines, an open-air barbeque party with delicious food, a bonfire night with live music performances, and a DJ mixing it up all night. 

This Kasol 31st December party will revamp your spirits by featuring various colourful activities to try your hands on. 

10. Kasol Music Festival

Image Source : Adotrip

From dusk to dawn, dance all night to the tune of reggae and techno as the stars come out in the sky. It’s a coveted event by locals and tourists, with hundreds of foreigners attending yearly. 

There will be some good international DJs playing trance, drum’n’bass, and psytrance music. Apart from this, Dance Bash is an excellent camping site near the banks of the Parvati River, making it the best and the most memorable New Year Party in Kasol.

You can set up your tents to enjoy your festival-length trekking trip in blissful solitude while listening to the soothing tunes played by entertainment trucks all around you. 

11. Sylvester Gathering

Image Source : Allevents

The Sylvester Gathering is one of the best presents you could give yourself if you want to party hard during this New Year. Being organised by Chalo Kasol, known for its collection of music nights and events in Kasol, this festival is going to be bigger than you think. 

To celebrate the New Year, they are bringing together some of the best artists from around North India who will perform at the acclaimed Oh Magical View Cafe, one of the best cafes nestled amidst the gigantic peaks. 

And then, with the mesmerising views of snowy mountains in all directions, it is no surprise that this little cafe has gelled into Kasol’s popular culture as an escape for many travellers.

12. Parvati Mystery Festival 2.0

Image Source : Tone Deaf

If you’re looking for adventure and relaxation, there’s nothing better than a weekend getaway to Parvati Valley. This serene valley nestled beneath the mighty Himalayas is a hotspot for backpackers, foodies, and those who love spending their nights in tents and bonfires. The night of sparkling entertainment will feature a range of acts, from peppy to soulful. 

There are many reasons to celebrate the New Year in Kasol, ranging from its artistic ambiance to its flirtatious clubs and pubs. From the white-water rafting to the trekking expeditions in the mountains and the walking trails in the valley, Punjabi villages situated along the route, thriving art and crafts marketplaces to a vibrant evening life with international DJs playing techno music — this Himalayan town is known for its ability to attract party animals with its dancing and raving culture.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year Party In Kasol

Is Kasol a Party Place?

While Kasol is famous for its serene environment and lush green flora, this party capital of Himachal Pradesh is also known for its potent part and nightlife. In the last decade, tourists have witnessed some of the best New Year rave parties in Kasol. 

Are Kids Allowed at the New Year Events in Kasol?

Because Kasol is not a touristy place, there is not much of a family crowd, so the festivals and parties are for adults only. Most disco- events do not allow underage children, but there are many campsite and bonfire parties where parents can take their kids.

Will it be Extremely Cold in Kasol for Partying?

Although it can get quite chilly at night, most events will be held indoors and have sufficient heaters for partygoers to enjoy themselves. Some outdoor Kasol New Year Party will also include bonfires and heating systems, so you can stay warm during your time outside as well! But remember to pack some jackets, gloves and beanies —it’s easy for temperatures to drop quickly! 

How to Get to Kasol from Delhi?

The easiest way to reach Kasol from Delhi is by air. The nearest airport to this town is Kullu Manali Airport. Another option for travelling from Delhi to Kasol is by train. You can book tickets online and enjoy the scenic beauty and the thrill of travelling by train. In addition, several buses ply between Delhi and Kasol daily.

Will Online Payments Be Accepted in Kasol?

Kasol is a remote region with no ATMs, so cash is the way to go to make payments in this region. Most pubs and clubs should accept online cards, but cash is a good idea if electronic payment methods aren’t available. 

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