Kibber- Musings of a photophilic and a stargazers abode

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Kibber Village in Spiti Valley



What can a cold desert surrounded by limestone rock mountains offer a photophile? Well, plenty if your destination is Kibber Village in Spiti Valley. From vast valleys to magnificent snow-capped mountains to rich flora and fauna, Kibber is one of the most picturesque places in India, which is unadulterated, crisp and brimming with Buddhist culture and traditions. 

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Also known as Khyber, Kibber is a quiet village of only 77 households, who are mainly dependent on agriculture and animal herding. Since winters are extremely harsh, they make the most of the summer months by growing their own crops and then storing these for future consumption. Campings are also arranged during summer months for tourists if you plan it ahead and there are a couple of good homestays as well. Kibber Village has all basic amenities like electricity, a school, a post office, a hospital, restaurants, and hotels in Spiti Valley.

Kibber is a place with some prominent monasteries in Spiti Valley like Key Monastery, Kibba Monastery, and Sakya Tanggud Monastery.

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Things to do in Kibber Village

Things to do in Kibber Village

  • Visit the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary which is located close to the village and houses many snow-dwelling animals such as Ibex, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Tibetan Woolly Hare, Himalayan Wolf, Lynx, Pika, Tibetan Wild Ass, and Snow Leopard. 
  • This village is a popular place among adventure lovers as trekking and mountaineering are the main attractions of this village. One can go to the Dandmachan Peak for trekking or mountaineering and also for photography.  Treks and hikes in Spiti Valley are one of main most sought after experiences in Spiti Valley.
  • Parang La Trek never disappoints trekking enthusiasts. At an altitude of 18,400 feet, it offers stunning views of Tso Moriri Lake. It starts from Kibber village and takes you through Pare Chu river before ending in Karzok village. You will have an experience of a lifetime as you are rewarded with fantastic views of mountains, deep gorges and vast landscapes.
  • Trek to Tso Moriri Lake.Tso Moriri or Mountain Lake is the largest of the high altitude lakes in the Changthang plateau. You will also come across rare species of flora and fauna making the place a paradise for photographers and wildlife lovers.
  • Hike / Drive to Surrounding Villages. Kibber is a piece of the bigger Spiti puzzle, which surprises you with unexpected sights at every turn. From gorges to valleys, snow-capped peaks to green meadows, brown desolate mountains to secret ponds, luscious fields to rocky hills, there is something for everyone. You may hike or drive to Kibber’s three neighbouring settlements Chicham, Gette, and Tashigang.
  • Chicham is about 6 kms from Kibber. This settlement is home to Asia’s tallest (13,596-foot) suspension steel truss bridge, which spans a 1000-foot-deep valley and connects Kibber and Chicham.It is located across the Parilungbo canyon, and until this bridge was built, the only mode of transportation between Chicham and the rest of civilization was a ropeway. 
  • Gette is more of a cluster of a few homes distributed throughout the brown mountains, green fields, and many ponds full of blue water. Gette village is roughly an 8-kilometer drive away. However, a dirt road begins here, and you must travel to reach into the settlement. The scenery and serenity are beautiful.
  • The same dirt road leads from Gette to another hidden treasure of a town called Tashigang. Yes, a village in the clouds! That’s how the locals refer to it. This community is made up of 4-5 houses, a gorgeous lake, and a lot of fields.

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Best Times To Visit Kibber Village

Best Times To Visit Kibber Village


The weather in Spiti Valley is generally chilly and dry due to high altitudes.

Summers are usually best to visit Spiti Valley, since during summer, the sun shines brightly, and height increases the intensity of the rays. Although the nights are still cold and chilly enough to require warm clothes. During the monsoon season, there is little or no rain. However, rain and landslides cause obstructions and closures on the routes going to Spiti from Manali or Shimla, including the Rohtang Pass.

The winter months are exceptionally harsh, with temperatures as low as -20 degrees in Kibber. The entire valley is blanketed in several feet of snow, making reaching Kibber difficult this time of year. Because the Rohtang Pass is closed due to excessive snow, the Manali-Kaza route is not an option in the winter. However, if visiting Spiti in winter sounds fun and adventurous to you then you can head straight onto it with some extra layering in your backpacks.

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How To Reach Kibber

How To Reach Kibber


Kibber is connected to Kaza, which is connected via roadways to Chandigarh, Shimla and Manali. One can take private taxis or public buses to reach Kibber. Since most places in Spiti Valley are at high altitude it is recommended to use private taxis for this journey as it will aid in acclimatizing to the high-altitude pressure in the area. For travelling from Manali to Rohtang pass it requires a permit. 

What makes Kibber Village unique?

Kibber Village is a tourist-friendly, moderately developed settlement in Spiti Valley. It has motorable roads, homestays, friendly people, and much to see and do in and around the village. It has a large abundance of both flora and fauna and is especially known to have sightings of snow leopard and other wildlife. Stargazing at night gives you a clear view of the milky way and some other rare sightings.

What are the best activities to do in Kibber Village?

Some of the best activities to do in Kibber Village are Trekking to the nearby trek points like Parang La Trek, Tso Moriri Lake, Chicham, etc

Are there any accommodation options in Kibber Village?

Yes, There are many accommodation options in Kibber. You can stay at Norling Homestay, Deshek Homestay and Zostel.

What is the best time to visit Kibber Village, and how do I get there?

Kibber is connected to Kaza, which  is connected via roadways to Chandigarh, Shimla and Manali. One can take private taxis or public buses to reach Kibber . Since most places in Spiti Valley are at high altitude it is recommended  to use private taxis for this journey as it will aid in acclimatizing to the high-altitude pressure in the area. For travelling from Manali to Rohtang pass it requires a permit. The best time to visit Kibber is usually during the summer months.

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