Exploring the Kingdom of Dreams- The Realm of Fantasies

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Hey there, dreamers and adventurers! Have you ever wished to step into a world where magic swirls in the air, where every corner holds a secret waiting to be discovered?

Ready to awaken your senses and create memories that will last a lifetime?  Check out India tour packages and let’s get planning your adventure to the Kingdom of Dreams!

 Well, guess what? Your wish is about to come true as we embark on a magical journey to the Kingdom of Dreams!

So, grab your sense of wonder, pack your imagination, and get ready to be swept away on a rollercoaster ride through a world where the impossible becomes possible and where every moment is filled with enchantment and delight. 

Welcome to the Kingdom of Dreams – where fantasies come alive and where the adventure of a lifetime awaits!

History of the Kingdom of Dreams


Opening its doors in 2010, the Kingdom of Dreams is a relatively fresh enterprise.

It is the creation of The Great Indian Nautanki firm, a partnership between the Apra Group, a real estate developer, and Wizcraft International Entertainment, a well-known event management firm.

Their goal was to establish a venue that would celebrate Indian performing arts and culture in a modern, futuristic environment.

Soon after opening, the Kingdom of Dreams became known as one of the world’s top entertainment destinations, drawing visitors from all over the world including India.

It has been instrumental in renewing and advancing Indian performing arts, offering both established and promising performers a stage.

 How to Reach


Reaching the Kingdom of Dreams is a breeze. Located just a short distance from Delhi, India’s capital city, connectivity is excellent. Here are your options:

Air:  Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the nearest major airport, well-connected to domestic and international destinations. From the airport, you can either pre-book a taxi or utilize ride-sharing services like Ola or Uber for a comfortable journey to Gurugram.

Train:  Delhi boasts several major railway stations, including New Delhi Railway Station and Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station. Once in Delhi, cabs or ride-sharing services will take you to the Kingdom of Dreams.

Road: Gurugram is well-connected by road to Delhi and other major cities in North India. If you’re planning a road trip, national highways like NH8 and NH24 offer smooth connectivity.

Metro: The nearest metro station to the Kingdom of Dreams is IFFCO Chowk, located on the Yellow Line. From the station, it’s a short walk or rickshaw ride to the venue.

Best Time to Visit the Kingdom of Dreams

While the Kingdom of Dreams welcomes visitors throughout the year, the best time to experience its magic is during the cooler months, from October to March

During this period, the weather is pleasant, making it ideal for exploring the outdoor attractions and enjoying the various shows and performances without the discomfort of extreme heat.

Visitors can also visit here from October to December and immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of Indian festivals like Diwali and Dussehra during these months. Special performances and decorations add to the festive charm of the Kingdom of Dreams.

Things to Do at the Kingdom of Dreams


Witness Captivating Live Shows:  The heart of the Kingdom of Dreams lies in its two state-of-the-art theaters, the grand Nautanki Mahal and the intimate Showshaa Theatre. These theaters stage a spectacular array of live productions, including:

Bollywood-style musicals: 

Be enthralled by vibrant song-and-dance extravaganzas that showcase the best of Indian cinema.

Indian classical dance performances:

 Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian dance forms like Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, and Odissi.

Contemporary plays: 

Experience thought-provoking dramas and comedies by renowned Indian playwrights.

International productions: The Kingdom of Dreams occasionally hosts international shows, offering a diverse theatrical experience.

Explore Culture Gully:

  Step into a vibrant recreation of a traditional Indian street market. Culture Gully houses pavilions representing various states, showcasing their unique cuisines, arts, and crafts. Indulge in regional delicacies, marvel at handloom textiles, or pick up beautiful souvenirs.


Dine at Leisure: 

 Take a break from your theatrical adventure and indulge in a culinary journey at one of the Kingdom of Dreams’ restaurants. They offer a variety of Indian and international cuisines, catering to diverse palates.

Enjoy Live Music:  

Several areas within the complex host live music performances, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the Kingdom of Dreams.

Attend Workshops: 

 If you’re feeling inspired, participate in workshops conducted by renowned artists and learn the intricacies of Indian dance forms, music, or even theatrical makeup.

Zangoora and Jhumroo: The Stars of the Kingdom of Dreams

Although the Kingdom of Dreams has a wide variety of captivating productions, Zangoora – The Gipsy Prince and Jhumroo are two that always steal the show.

Zangoora – The Gypsy Prince:

This lavish Bollywood musical is sure to delight large audiences. Proof of its ongoing popularity, it debuted in 2010 and currently holds the record for the longest-running Bollywood stage performance in India.

A Grand Spectacle: Zangoora is a visual feast that features huge sets, beautiful costumes, and amazing aerial performances.

Star-Studded Production: The show has a star-studded cast that includes performers like as Kashmira Irani, Gauahar Khan, and Hussain Kuwajerwala.

A Story of Love and Destiny:  Zangoora’s narrative revolves around a young gypsy prince, Zingaro, who falls in love with a princess. Their love story unfolds amidst a backdrop of mystery, betrayal, and spectacular battles.

Musical Magic: The show’s lively soundtrack was written by the renowned duo Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The soundscape created by the music is extremely captivating as it skillfully combines classical Indian influences with modern Bollywood beats.


A Cultural Experience: Zangoora is more than just entertainment; it’s a cultural experience. It is a colorful tapestry that showcases aspects of mythology, storytelling, and folk dance, all woven together with ancient Indian traditions.


Jhumroo is a film you should not miss if you enjoy Bollywood’s golden age. This lively musical comedy pays tribute to the late musician Kishore Kumar, who was lovingly referred to as “Kishore Da.”

A Celebration of Kishore Kumar: Jhumroo takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through Kishore Kumar’s iconic songbook. The show features 19 of his most beloved classics, recreated with infectious energy and a touch of contemporary flair.

A Hilarious Story: The narrative revolves around a struggling writer who stumbles upon a magical jhumroo that grants him the ability to sing like Kishore Kumar.  The show is packed with hilarious situations and witty dialogues, keeping the audience engaged.

High-Tech Sets and Performances:  Jhumroo utilizes cutting-edge technology to create a visually stunning experience. The stage transforms into various settings, from bustling film studios to romantic landscapes. The choreography is energetic and perfectly complements the infectious music.

A Timeless Appeal:  Jhumroo transcends generations. The timeless melodies of Kishore Kumar, coupled with the show’s humor and vibrant energy, resonate with audiences of all ages.

Hotels near Kingdom of Dreams


The Anya Hotel, Gurgaon: This 5-star hotel boasts luxurious rooms, impeccable service, and stunning views of the city.

The Westin Gurgaon: Another 5-star property, The Westin Gurgaon offers spacious rooms, a world-class spa, and a variety of dining options. 

Golden Tulip Gurgaon Sector 29: This 4-star hotel offers comfortable accommodations.  It’s a good balance between comfort and affordability.

Treebo Trend Iffco Chowk: This budget-friendly hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms with basic amenities. It’s a good choice for travelers on a tight budget.

Attractions near Kingdom of Dreams


Mehrauli Archaeological Park:  Located within Gurugram, this sprawling park houses various historical monuments, including ancient tombs, mosques, and stepwells. 

Red Fort & Qutub Minar (Delhi):  A short trip to Delhi unlocks two iconic landmarks. The majestic Red Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the seat of Mughal power for centuries and is one of the best places to visit in Delhi and the famous minaret Qutub Minar.

Humayun’s Tomb (Delhi):  Another architectural gem in Delhi, Humayun’s Tomb is a precursor to the Taj Mahal and showcases the exquisite Mughal style making it one of the most visited historical places in India.

DLF Cyber Hub:  This upscale complex offers a curated selection of high-end stores, cafes, and restaurants, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated shopping experience and is one of the best places to celebrate New Year In India

Timings and Entry Fees

Timings: 12:30 AM  – 12:00 PM (Weekdays)

12:00 AM  – 12:00 PM (Weekends)

Closed on Mondays.

Entry Fee : Entry: INR 600 onwards

Packages: INR 1099 onwards

Tips to keep in mind while visiting Kingdom of Dreams.

  •  Book tickets in advance, especially for popular shows like Zangoora and Jhumroo.
  • Look for special packages that might include show tickets, meals at on-site restaurants, or even hotel stays for a more comprehensive experience.
  • opt for comfortable clothing suitable for an indoor environment.
  • Photography and videography are strictly prohibited inside the Nautanki Mahal Theater (where Zangoora is usually performed). 
  • You can also pack light snacks if needed. Food is not included in the ticket price, so factor in meal costs while budgeting.
  •  Avoid littering and utilize the designated waste bins.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before the show to avoid last-minute hassles and explore the Culture Gully or grab a pre-show drink.
  • Utilize the cloakrooms provided to store your belongings if needed.
  • Most importantly, come with an open mind and be prepared to be enthralled by the magic of Indian theater!

And there you have it, fellow dreamers and adventurers – the Kingdom of Dreams in all its magical glory! But wait, our journey doesn’t end here. As we bid farewell to this enchanted realm, let’s take a moment to cherish the memories we’ve made, the wonders we’ve witnessed, and the dreams we’ve dared to dream.

Remember, the Kingdom of Dreams isn’t just a place on a map – it’s a state of mind, a feeling in your heart, a spark of imagination that ignites the soul. 

So, whether you’re a prince, a princess, or a humble dreamer, always hold onto that sense of wonder, that belief in magic, and that willingness to chase your dreams wherever they may lead.

As we venture back into the realm of reality, let’s carry with us the magic of the Kingdom of Dreams – let it inspire us, empower us, and remind us that anything is possible if we just believe. 

What exactly is the Kingdom of Dreams?

The Kingdom of Dreams is a vibrant entertainment destination in Gurugram, India, renowned for its theatrical performances, cultural experiences, and immersive attractions that showcase the rich diversity of Indian art, culture, and entertainment.

What are the main attractions of the Kingdom of Dreams?

The main attractions of the Kingdom of Dreams include theatrical shows such as Zangoora and Jhumroo and the Culture Gully featuring diverse cuisines and artisanal crafts

Can visitors indulge in dining experiences at the Kingdom of Dreams?

The Kingdom of Dreams offers a wide range of dining experiences, with options ranging from traditional Indian cuisine to international flavors. Visitors can explore the Culture Gully, a boulevard filled with themed restaurants and street food stalls, offering a culinary journey through different regions of India

Is the Kingdom of Dreams suitable for families and children?

Yes, the Kingdom of Dreams is perfect for families and children, offering a variety of entertaining shows, cultural experiences, and interactive activities suitable for all ages, ensuring a memorable and fun-filled day out for everyone.

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