Komic Monastery: The Mahakal Statue, Testament of Divine Power

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Let us hear the legend narrative of Komic Monastery in Spiti Valley. Due to the drought, the monks of the Komic Monasatery decided to relocate the monastery to a lower Village Hikkim. The Mahakal Statues, regarded as the protectors of Dharma, refused to leave Komic’s holy land despite many attempts to transfer them. The whole monastery was relocated, as were all of the monks, except for one monk who decided to look after the statue. In 1972, a large earthquake jolted the region, devastating the Hikkim Monastery.  Monks were convinced that Komic Village was the best location for the Monastery, so they relocated it, and it still stands as an affirmation of their power. 

Komic Monastery, also known as Tangyud Monastery, is one of two monasteries connected with the Sakya Sect of Buddhism. Komic Monastery in Spiti Valley is working towards promoting and preserving the Buddhist cultural legacy, and it is the region’s important religious and educational center. The flaring prayer flags, as well as the walls and pillars built in traditional Tibetan style, symbolize ancient Tibetan culture’s architecture.

The Mahakal chamber at the monastery is a holy room that is completely dark and serves as a meditation space for the monks. Photography is prohibited in the room. Once you enter the room, you can sense the energy that the place holds. Unfold the mystery and power that Tangyud Monastery beholds in  Spiti Valley tour packages.

The Komic Monastery, located at a very high altitude, provides a fantastic view of the lower village, fields, and the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas, contributing to the hypnotic effect of holding you in place and never wanting to return to the city.

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Things to do in Komic Monastery

  • A visit to a Komic Monastery may be made more enriching by learning about Buddhist culture and traditions. The Buddhist religion is rather unknown to many. Komic Monasteries convey a lot about religion via its sculptures, paintings, and religious texts. 
  • Engage with the monks and discover their knowledge. Monks have a unique perspective on life, and discovering them would be a learning experience. They have their ways of interacting with God, including meditation and other rituals. Monks can even show you some of the monastery’s unexplored places and tell you about the history of the region.
  • The best thing to do in Komic Monastery is to meditate in the blissful peace and connect with the supreme power.
  • Komic Monastery sits at the topmost altitude of the region and has access to the most splendid and enchanting views of the region. Soak into the natural beauty of the region.
  • Taste the authentic local cuisine that is available near the Komic Monastery. 

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Tips to follow in the Komic Monastery Premises

  • Don’t enter the Komic Monastery premises without seeking permission. During the Prayer and lunch timings in the Monastery, some section is closed for the visitors. Be mindful of not entering into the prohibited areas of the Monastery
  • Do not touch anything inside the Komic Monastery premises. The paintings, murals, and sculptures placed inside the Monastery hold significant religious importance, and touching them might hurt their sentiments. 
  • Dress appropriately when visiting the Monastery. Do not in any way try to deter the decorum of the place’s sanity.
  • The monks residing within the premises are the students. Be courteous to them and do not in any way try to mock the religion or the people. 

The best time to visit Komic Monastery


The greatest time to visit the Komic monastery is in the summer. By May, the snow has melted and the roads are accessible. The months of May to September are the greatest time to visit Komic Village because of the excellent weather, which is ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the region. Since Spiti Valley is only accessible during the summer months, a large number of tourists visit the area. Accommodation arrangements should be made well in advance since hotels and homestays near the Komic Monastery and surrounding areas are limited.

Winters are harsh here with the abundance of snow blanketing the region. The roads and passes leading to Komic Monastery in Lahaul and Spiti are all blocked rendering it impossible to reach the place. 

How to reach Komic Monastery


By Air: The major airports nearest to Komic Monastery are Chandigarh, Kullu, and Manali Bhuntar. From these airports, you may take a cab or taxi to Komic Monastery. There are few flights from major cities to Kullu and Manali, thus the Chandigarh airport is the most convenient. 

By Railways: Shimla Railway Station is the nearest station to Komic Monastery. The toy train ran from Kalka railway station to Shimla. From there, travelers can continue their journey via road. 

By Road: The most adventurous and hardest method to get to Komic Monastery is via road. Tourists may take cabs or taxis to Kaza from the major railway stations and airports. Bus services from Kaza Himachal operate between Himmik Village, Langza Village, and Komic. Tourists can take advantage of these buses or proceed on their own by taxi or car.

By Trek: Hikers and climbers use this adventurous route to enjoy the Spiti Valley Trek. To reach Komic Village along the route, trekkers must begin in Kaza and travel to Langza Village, Hikkim Village, and ultimately Komic Village. The trek path is tough yet rewarding, with magnificent scenery and the delight of completing the trek.

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Places to stay near Komic Monastery

Komic is a sparsely inhabited village with few residents. There are no decent and fancy hotels or guest homes in Komic Village. Tourists may expect to find some on-the-budget homestays, although this is highly dependent on availability. Kaza Spiti Valley offers stays near Komic Village. Kaza, a major town, lies 19 kilometers from Komic Villag and is a host of various hotels, guest rooms, and homestay alternatives.  

If you wish to experience the Spitian way of life and how people in remote areas manage their livelihoods in challenging terrain and weather, book your accommodation at a homestay. The locals manage and maintain the homestays, and they have transformed a section of their house into a homestay to add to their income. The residents of the village rely only on crops and visitors to earn a living, and this season too lasts for only a few months.

Places to visit near Komic Monastery


Spiti Valley has some of the most beautiful and unexplored places to visit near Komic Monastery.

  • Key Monastery in Kaza Spiti Valley is the world’s oldest monastery, preserving Buddhist culture and heritage via Thangas and sculptors from ancient times.
  • Langza Village in Spiti Valley is a village that has hidden gems in the form of fossils of marine animals buried millions of years ago. The marines are believed to be older than the Himalayas. Langza village is also known as the Fossil Village.
  • Hikkim Village in Lahaul Spiti is famous since it houses the world’s highest post office. The post office connects the residents of the village to the rest of the globe. Travelers come to this town to take photos in front of the post office. To attract more tourists, the post office building was rebuilt and designed in the shape of a post box.
  • Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see place near Komic Monastery. The sanctuary is home to endangered flora and fauna. This wildlife reserve is home to endangered snow leopards. Photographers come here solely to catch a glimpse of the giant snow cat.

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Is there accommodation available near Komic Monastery?

There is minimal accommodation near the Komic Monastery. Komic village contains just 13 houses and no hotels or guesthouses. You could locate one or two homestays. Because the only time to visit the area is during the summer, they might also be occupied. However, Kaza, located 19 kilometers from Komic Monastery, is a large town in the area with various hotels and homestay options. Komic Monastery is easily accessible from Kaza Village.

What are the main attractions inside Komic Monastery?

The prayer rooms inside the Komic Monastery are decorated with exquisite Buddhist relics and artwork. This is one of the region’s oldest monasteries, preserving the paintings and murals of Buddhist deities. The Mahakal Statue is kept in one of the prayer rooms which is different from the rest of the Monastery’s rooms, this room is used by the monks for prayers and meditation. 

Are there any entry fees to visit Komic Monastery?

There is no entry fee to visit the Komic Village. However, if you choose, you can donate to the religious cause at the /monastery.

What are the opening hours of Komic Monastery?

The Monastery is available for tourists after the morning prayers. If you have accommodation near the monastery, try to visit around prayer time to observe the monks reciting religious sects, which adds positivity to the environment. 

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