Kungri Monastery in Spiti Valley: Complete Travel Guide

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Kungri means ‘snow mountain’ in Tibetan, and the Kungri monastery Spiti is positioned directly beneath the snowy mountains.

Kungri Monastery is the second oldest monastery in Spiti Valley, after Tabo Monastery in Tabo Village. This monastery was built in the year 1330 and is the best monastery in Lahaul Spiti. This is the sole monastery in the world that practices Nyingmapa Buddhism. When visiting the Kungri Monastery, be sure to look at both the new and old monasteries, which are worth seeing. The old monastery is adorned with antique paintings on the walls and manuscripts. The monastery, with its historic architecture and tranquil environment, provides insight into Tibetan Buddhism’s rich traditions.

Spiti Valley tour packages will give you an insight into Buddhist culture and traditions, the lives of the monks, and the outlook on the architecture of the ancient monastery.

Places to visit near Kungri Monastery


Mud Village

Mud village is the last village on the Indo-Tibetan border, and the journey to the village is blissful. This village may be visited on a day trip from the Kungri Monastery in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists love visiting the village. The village has countable houses and residents. There isn’t much to do in Mud Village, Relax in the magnificent environment, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and lush vegetation.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is located in the chilling desert of the Spiti Sub-Division of Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul and Spiti Districts and is the best place to visit in Kungri Monastery nearby.

Pin Valley National Park is most known for its endangered snow leopards, which have a population of just 12 in the area. Other endangered creatures that may be seen in the national park are the red fox and the Himalayan cough. The region is abundant in medicinal plants and spices. Local Pharmacists collect these plants and spices to prepare remedies. 

Confluence of Spiti River and Pin River 

The confluence of the Pin and Spiti River is a sight to behold near the Kungri Monastery in Himachal Pradesh. The pristine blue skies, brown mountains, green vegetation, and sparkling rivers together provide a spectacular perspective of the Himalayas, and the serenity is magnificent.

Best time to visit Kungri Monastery 

cultural-celebration in monastery

The best time to visit the Kungri Monastery is in July. Cultural celebrations are held all through this month, devil dance and sword dance are the major attractions, which are integral parts of the Nyingmapa sect’s culture and are performed annually. This festival attracts hordes of travelers from all around the world.

Visit the monastery during prayer hours to witness monks chanting holy texts and meditating. The heavenly air of the location takes you to another realm.

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How to reach Kungri Monastery


To see the Kungri Monastery, first travel to the Pin Valley Spiti. The Pin Valley is 16 kilometers from Kaza. Government buses travel between Kaza and Pin Vally, however, the frequency of service is low. The best option is to get a taxi or a bike from Kaza. The landscape between Kaza and Pin Valley is pretty adventurous in itself. The route is bumpy, and the Spiti River flows alongside you. Once in Pin Valley, head to Gulling Village. The monastery is only 3 kilometers from Gulling Village. The entire drive from Kaza to Kungri Monastery is loaded with stunning scenery and pictures. It is impossible to miss even one minute.

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Accommodation Near Kungri Monastery

  • Monastry

If you like, you can spend the night in the monks’ quarter. So make some links or ask a monk to offer you an experience of living the monastic life.

  • Hotels

Hotels and guest houses provide a variety of lodging alternatives. These hotels are accessible in Gulling, Attargo, and other adjacent villages. Tourists may choose a suitable hotel or guest home based on their needs and budget.

  • Homestays

The ideal way to stay near Kungri Monastery is to spend the night at a homestay. The reason for this is because it allows you to explore people’s lives and cuisine. The homes are simple, with historical architecture, and the cuisine is authentic.

Tips to remember when visiting Kungri Monastery

  • When visiting the Kungri Monastery in Spiti, ask any monk to show you around. They will be pleased to share with you about the monastery’s history as well as the paintings, sculptures, and murals in the monastery.
  • Make sure you even visit the old Kungri Monastery, which is just adjacent to the new one and is the best activity to do in Kungri Monastery. The old monastery has 1,000-year-old paintings inscribed on the walls with Buddhist manuscripts and idols of deities.

What is the historical significance of Kungri Monastery?

Kungri Monastery is the world’s second-oldest monastery and the only one dedicated to the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism. This monastery, built in 1330, carries great significance for Buddhist scholars, pilgrims, and visitors from all over the world..

What can visitors expect to see and experience at Kungri Monastery?

The Kungri Monastery’s architecture is the main attraction, and it differs from all other monasteries in Lahul and Spiti. The inside of the monastery is to be adorned and documented. The walls are decorated with silk paintings and gigantic statues that reflect Buddhist heritage. Various statues and representations of Buddhist deities can also be seen within monasteries. Religious literature and historical armories are also displayed to strengthen the attractiveness of the monasteries.

Are there any special events or festivals held at Kungri Monastery?

Every year in July, a cultural festival is organized. Tourists and Buddhist monks from all over the world visit Kungri Monastery to participate and observe the celebration. During the celebrations, a particular devil dance and sword dance are performed, which adds to the overall attractiveness.

How can visitors reach Kungri Monastery, and what are the best times to visit?

Visitors may access the monastery from Gulling, which is only 3 kilometers away. You can begin your journey in Kaza and go to Pin Valley before continuing to Gulling. The best time to visit the monastery is during the summer months, particularly in July, when a cultural festival is held.
Also, make an effort to visit the monastery during their prayer time to see the chanting and meditations.

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