Ladakh Protests: Not Just a 21-Day Hunger Strike

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Ladakh protests will get bigger as they gain support from the Kargil Democratic Alliance(KDA). The year-long talks broke down earlier this month when a Union Home Ministry Committee refused to safeguard statehood for Ladakh. 

The reason for Ladakh Protest is that Ladakh was downgraded as a union territory in 2019. The protestors state that they have lost political representation and accuse New Delhi of the same. 

Sonam Wangchuk a climate activist actively participated in Ladakh protests for 21 days.

Sonam states that the Culture and Ecosystem need perseverance as promised by the government, not in one but in the last 2 elections. He claimed that the promises were not fulfilled and that it was his responsibility to fight. This being the reason for Ladakh Protest, thousands of Ladakhis joined him on a hunger strike carrying PLA cards of ‘Save Ladakh restore democracy’, and ‘Ladakh demands statehood 6th schedule’.

The demands behind Ladakh protests are as follows

Demand 1: Statehood for Ladakh

Demand 2: 6th schedule for Ladakh

Demand 3: Job security

Demand 4: Land reservation

Ladakh Protests: ‘Climate – Fast’ Ends After 21 Days

Source: Jagran English

In Ladakh protests, Sonam demands the basic right to choose their representatives who can handle Ladakh’s issues like statehood for local tribal rights and the restoration of democracy. The climate activist Sonam ended his fasting after 21 days on Tuesday i.e. March 26. 

He took to X account(formerly Twitter) to pass on a message through a video call stating that the 21-day fast was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, and the 1st phase had ended, but the hunger strike had not come to an end.  

He passes on the fast battle to women for 10 days, followed by youth and Buddhist monks from monasteries. And it may continue with women again or even Sonam himself could come back, but the cycle doesn’t end. He hopes that this strong force can positively impact the central government soon. 

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