10 Ways To Make Money With Travel Photography Like A Pro

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Photography is an art, and so many photographers out there are trying to make money with travel photography, but they are not exactly getting to the point where their careers can take off. 

This happens when you don’t have the resources or the right kind of information to make the changes. It is not an easy job, it’s not just about holding a camera and getting the job done. It requires intensive knowledge and a lot of creativity on your end to get the best pictures while travelling. Besides, one should also know how to promote his channel over social media and then monetise it. 

How To Make Money With Travel Photography?

You may be a hardcore travel photographer, but a question might pop up in your mind on how to make money with travel photography. 

There are several ways to make money with travel photography; you just need the right information, which I will be providing you with. 

Check out the tips on making money with travel photography and see what you can implement in your photography skills. 

1. High-Quality Equipment


If you want to take your photography game to the next level, it’s important to have high-quality equipment. It’s important to meet the technical requirement. With improved camera quality, you can minimize the noise, improve low-light performance, and achieve consistency in the sharpness of your pictures. 

You can also use a tripod, flash, or camera cover, and the range of creative and adaptable possibilities expands further. 

2. Sell on Stock

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Monetising your photos can be challenging if you are a beginner at stock photography; however, once your page becomes popular, money will start flowing, and it wouldn’t be so difficult then. 

You can upload your photos to the stock photo sites with keywords that are relevant to your pictures. Photo categories, including lifestyle, portraits, and cuisine, have a higher chance getting success. 

Earning money through stock photography is a passive way to earn, and you should not solely rely on it. To have a successful career as a travel photographer, you need to upload very high-quality pictures and maintain consistency in uploading. 

Basically, it is a game of numbers, and if you are focussed on microstock, then you can upload your pictures on sites such as Shutterstock, Adobe, Depositphotos, and Dreamstime. Some users download photos from these sites at some price. 

Microstock helps you in selling your photos to a small number of people but at a higher price. 

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3. Sell To Customers

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If you want to become a professional travel photographer, the best way is to sell to your clients directly. Start by doing some research about who could benefit from your photographs and reach out to them, making them understand how your photos can benefit them.

This works even while you are traveling. Businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes can benefit from your general photography, so they could become your clients, and you can sell them directly. 

It’s essential to build a good relationship with your clients. The more relationships you make, the more it will benefit you in the long run, as the clients will approach you on their own if they find your work impressive. 

4. Start Blogging

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The best way to reach your potential clients is by starting a travel blog and reaching out to a larger audience. 

With the help of your blog, your audience can learn about your work and the services you offer. 

Make blogs that are relevant to the needs of the people, and provide information that people are looking for, the business will thrive on its own. 

You may become popular by having your travel blog, and there are tourist boards that are always on the lookout for hiring travel bloggers with a good following. 

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5. Teach What You Learn

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The best way to test your knowledge of anything is to teach it to others. You can teach in the form of video courses, or you can offer courses in photography or travel photography. 

If you have already made a travel blog and you have got a good number of followers, then you can use your blog to promote your course as well. 

Teach your students the basics of photography, which includes contrasts, levelling, shadows and everything there is to know about travel photography. The more you teach, the more perfection you are likely to get.

6. Start Your Youtube Channel


Nowadays, everyone uses youtube spending their entire day watching vlogs of people who just share their day-to-day lives. 

Youtube is an ever-growing platform for sharing videos, and you can use it to your benefit and earn money from youtube as well. You can convert your photos to videos, or you can teach on youtube as well. 

As soon as the number of followers grows on your channel, Youtube will start paying you. Besides you can promote your blogs and your teaching classes here as well and take advantage of that. 

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7. Online Committee


If you think your work is just average and is not so top-notch, but you still want to make money with travel photography, then worry no more because you can create an online committee where the quality of your pictures is not such a big deal. 

All you need is self-promotion skills and marketing skills to become a successful travel photographer. 

You can use social media to make your work pay for yourself. Instagram is the most useful social media platform, and if you have a large number of followers, you can do sponsored, or commissioned work as well. 

8. Publish In Travel Magazines

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If you want to get your pictures published then you can also give your picture submission in a travel magazine. 

The first thing that you need to do is to subscribe to their online editions and look for yourself what kind of travel pictures they publish in their magazine. 

Before giving your pictures, ensure that you have read the entry criteria thoroughly and that there is no confusion regarding that. 

Sell to reputed companies so that they pay you for your work and not some small company where the picture credits may be stolen. 

It may be a time-consuming method, but once you are popular, there is no stopping you from making money. 

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9. Create A Web Page

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You see how every company has their own website before they start its operations; similarly, to sell your pictures and prove your authenticity, you have to create a web page with catchy headlines and post some of your best works to attract visitors. 

Your page should be so attractive that it lures people to buy your pictures. You can post pictures of the restaurants, hotels, and cafes that you have taken, and these places can also promote your website or the images taken by you of their properties. This way, partnerships can be done, and that’s a good way to promote your youtube channel, your teaching classes, and every other thing that you have been doing to promote your content. 

10. Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities


You may become the best travel photographer in the world, but there can still be scope for improvement, so never be too proud of yourself. Don’t think that you know everything there is to know about clicking good-quality pictures, so now you don’t need to learn anything. 

There is always scope for growth, so keep practising, keep taking pictures, don’t miss out on opportunities for learning something new, keep upskilling your work, and see yourself climbing the ladder of success with every step you take. 

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