The Multifunctional Manek Chowk Of Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad is a vibrant and cultural city of Gujarat with various heritage and cultural places, including temples, monasteries, mosques like Jama Masjid, mansions, and palaces. Apart from that, Ahmedabad is known for its local delicacies and the bustling markets of Manek Chowk. It is famous for its multifunctional role in Ahmedabad, where it functions as a vegetable market in the morning, a jewellery market in the afternoon, and converted into a crowded street food market at night. 

About Manek Chowk Ahmedabad

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The Manek Chowk is located in the Old Ahmedabad region of the city. The Old Ahmedabad is a walled city founded by Sultan Ahmed Shah I in 1411. It was the capital of Gujarat for six centuries and later became the most important political and trade centre in Gujarat; apart from that, the Old Ahmedabad region was enlisted under UNESCO’s World Heritage City in 2017. 

Today, Manek Chowk Ahmedabad is one of the largest jewellery markets in India. From there, you can buy gold, silver, emerald stones, and gemstones in the afternoon and after 9:00 p.m. this place has become a heaven for food lovers. 

The square was made in such a way that people could trade heavy metals and jewellery without discomfort, as the square is located in the city’s centre. Even today, you can find those old jewellery shops in Manek Chowk Ahmedabad. However, the city is modernized. You can also see the malls and various avenues in Manek Chowk.

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 Why The Name Manek Chowk?

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Let’s look at the English meaning of Manek. It is “Ruby,” named after a renowned saint, Baba Maneknath of Ahmedabad. A few stories say Baba Maneknath was against Ahmed Shah I, who built the Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad in 1411. However, the fort’s walls were built, and Maneknath wove a mat during the day and removed the knits at night. Similarly, after a few days, the fort’s walls fell down miraculously. Sultan Ahmed Shah believed that it was because of Saint Baba Maneknath. 

Ahmed Shah persuaded Baba Maneknath to show his magic by entering a small jar. When he did, Ahmed Shah buried the jar. Other stories say Baba Maneknath was the one who helped Sultan Ahmed Shah I construct the Bhadra Fort in Ahmedabad or was an advisor of Ahmed Shah I. Because of his contribution, the city square was named Manek Chowk Ahmedabad. 

What Will You Find In Manek Chowk?

As we know, the city square is surrounded by various structures, including the markets, some of which are:

1. Baba Maneknath Mandir

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In the city square of Old Ahmedabad, you will find a temple of Baba Maneknath, where he took his samadhi, which bears a tomb of the saint. The local traders and shopkeepers of the city square believe that the blessings of Baba Maneknath and his shrine bring prosperity to all the jewellery, clothing, vegetable, and food markets of the Manek Chowk. 

2. The Tomb Of Ahmed Shah I

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You will also find the mosque with tombs dedicated to the male members of Ahmed Shah’s family, including Ahmed Shah I. Hence, it is known as “Badshah no Hajrio” or “Badshah ka Maqbara” as it is a mediaeval mosque. Women are not allowed to enter, and men must cover their heads. There are tombs of Ahmed Shah I in the centre, Muhammad Shah II to his left, and his grandson Qutub-ud-din Ahmed Shah I to his right. On Ahmed Shah’s tomb, the chadars and flowers are still offered nowadays. 

3. Rani no Hajiro


On the streets of Manek Chowk, you will also find tombs which are dedicated to the Queens and female members of the royal family; hence, it is known as “Rani no Hajiro” or “Mughalai Bibi’s Tomb.” If you look at the enclosure, you will find it is high above the ground with a gateway, and there is a courtyard surrounded by cloisters fixed with carved stone screens. 

The enclosure is open in about 36.58 metres and was built in 1445. The entire courtyard consists of eight marble tombs, said to be the Queens of Ahmed Shah I and other Gujarat Sultanate rulers. However, the main tomb belongs to the Queen of Mughali Bibi, Muhammad Shah II’s wife and mother of Mahmud Begada. Hence, it is called “Mughlai Bibi’s Tomb.”

4. Stock Exchange Building 

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You can also observe the Stock Exchange Building of Ahmedabad in the city square. It was established in 1894 and is said to be the oldest stock exchange in India after the Bombay Stock Exchange. If you look at the Ahmedabad Stock Exchange building, It will remind you of the British style of architecture with the colonial facade and grid-style balconies with individual pillars. 

5. Mahurat Pol

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The city square comprises the “Pol,” a Gujarati word that means a housing cluster composed of many families of a particular community. In Mahurat Pol, you will find the clustered houses of Jain communities, which settled here around the 1450s. You can also see two temples inside the pol: Sheetalnath Jain and Dholeshwar Mahadev.

Manek Chowk Night Market

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Okay, let’s talk about the most exciting part of what Manek Chowk is famous for. We know that Manek Square is a regular vegetable market in the morning from where people buy the local ingredients and vegetables; around noon, it is converted into the jewellery market where the local traders and other jewellers sell metals, gold, silver, and gemstones, and after 9:00 pm it becomes a Manek Chowk night market where you will find that the people are crowding for the street food stalls. 

The Manek Chowk night market is a paradise for food enthusiasts. Locals believe it is an Amdavadi version of giving heavy meals that include sweets, snacks, chats, and other local delicacies to the people after dinner. Every night, stalls start popping up with a proper arrangement of tables and chairs to avoid discomfort for visitors. It is just like the Food fiesta at Manek Chowk. 

While entering the passage of this food fiesta at Manek Chowk, you can stop at Bastiram’s rabri kulfi to taste the kulfis that have no artificial ingredients. Another place you can visit is Imtiaz Sheikh’s shop, which has various bizarre foods, including chocolate and pineapple pizza; you have to pay INR 200 for it. The night market has a wide variety of street foods. 

Suppose you are not interested in tasting the bizarre food. In that case, you can always opt for the local delicacies of Gujarat, such as dhokla, fafda, khandvi, jalebi, and kachori, at an affordable price. 

If you observe correctly, Maneks Chowk’s night market has over 150 street foods. It includes pav-bhaji, pulao, dosas, various dosas, sandwiches, pizzas, ice-cream parlours, and whatnot.

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Also, keep a little space in your stomach for “Kamlesh Patel’s Paan,” the Patel family has had a special paan recipe since 1967, and it has won hearts from every corner of India. So, remember to taste the paan from Kamlesh Paan Center.

How To Reach Manek Chowk?

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Now, you must be very interested in tasting the delicacy of Manek Chowk, but if you are still thinking about how to reach Manek Chowk, there is no need to worry; this blog will also clear up this confusion. Here are some ways to reach Manek Chowk in Ahmedabad. 

By Road

As Ahmedabad is Gujarat’s capital, the highways and roadways are well-developed. You can book a private cab or bus or choose the state buses to visit Ahmedabad. From there, you can easily visit Manek Chowk by city buses, autos, or taxis, depending on your budget. 

By Railway

Most Indian cities are connected to the Railway route, and the nearest railway station is Ahmedabad Railway Station, which lies in a western network. However, the central railway station is in the Kalupur region of Ahmedabad. From there, you can easily visit Manek Chowk by private taxi or auto rickshaw. 

By Airlines

The nearest airport is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad, where you can land your flight. From there, you can opt for private buses, city buses, or taxis to visit the city square at your convenience. 

Manek Chowk Timings 

If you look at the Manek Chowk timings, it is open from 11:00 am to 2:00 am every night. However, it is suggested that you visit after 9:00 pm so that the food stalls are open.

Best Time To Visit Manek Chowk

The best time to visit Manek Chowk is between October and February. The weather is more relaxed, and you can explore the market without discomfort. If you visit Ahmedabad in the summer, you must take extra precautions to avoid scorching the earth. 

Places To Visit Near Manek Chowk

You have visited Ahmedabad, walked in Manek Chowk, tasted local delicacies, and shopped for souvenirs. Now you are interested in more spectacular places to visit in Ahmedabad. Some of the areas that you can choose to visit are 

1. Sarkhej Roza, Ahmedabad


Suppose you are a history and heritage enthusiast looking for a mosque with a tomb. In that case, you can also visit a place named Sarkhej Roza. The Sarkhej Roza complex showcases the Indo-Islamic or Rajput and Mughal architecture style. The complex includes a mosque, tombs, palaces, and a tank built around the central courtyard. Sarkhej Roza is one of the unique places to visit near Manek Chowk, which has intricate designs and detailed stone carvings. 

2. Akshardham Temple, Ahmedabad


The Akshardham Temple is one of the largest Hindu complexes in Gujarat. It is one of the architectural marvels that everyone must visit once in a lifetime. The temple is situated in the Gandhinagar area of Ahmedabad. The biggest attraction of the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple is the gold-plated idol of Shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan, which is up to seven feet tall and placed in a garbhagriha; apart from that, this temple is also dedicated to education and spiritual growth. 

3. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, Ahmedabad


Suppose you are looking for another heritage site in the city of Ahmedabad. In that case, you can visit the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, known for its latticework on the windows. Looking at the architecture, you will find out that there is a carved “Tree of Life” on 22 pieces of yellow sandstone, and according to legends, it is the best example of trelliswork. The “Tree of Life,” also known as Kalpavriksha, has a celestial significance in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. 

4. Auto World Vintage Car Museum, Ahmedabad


Are you interested in motor cars that are too vintage?  Then look no further than Auto World Vintage Car Museum, which is located at a distance of 11 km from Manek Chowk. Here, you will find all those exclusive collections of classic cars, antique buggies, and jeeps from World War I and World War II. It has motorcycles and utility vehicles as well. You will also find vintage brands such as Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Auburns, Mercedes, and more. Another exciting thing about the museum is that it allows you to go for a short ride in the car of your choice, driven by their chauffeur. 

Whether you are a foodie or just a regular stroller who wants to explore one of the best markets and shop for a few souvenirs or a heritage enthusiast, the Manek Chowk is a place where history speaks through those walls of temples and tombs. There is an aroma of delicious food at night. So whenever you are in Ahmedabad and looking for a robust market in the city, remember to visit the Manek Chowk of Old Ahmedabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pin code of Manek Chowk Ahmedabad?

380001 is the PIN code for Manek Chowk Ahmedabad.

Is Manek Chowk worth a visit?

Yes, it is said that everyone must visit Manek Chowk of Ahmedabad once in a lifetime to see those jewellery shops at noon and the bustling street food market at night.

What is Manek Chowk famous for?

The Manek Chowk of Ahmedabad is famous for its multifunctionality and especially for the street food market at night.

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