Melasti Beach in Bali, Indonesia: A Whole Guide

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Melasti Beach, the dreamy vibe of this beach cannot be matched! The white sand, beautiful vibes, and calming waves have something to show to the tourists. For a long time, the way to Melasti Beach was not good, but now it has been made appropriate for everyone to come and experience the magic of one of the best beaches in Bali! And, the best part is Melasti Beach is very accessible from any part of Bali! 

Get your bags packed for the tropical paradise to be explored! This is the time to get your Bali travel packages booked for the next vacation! 

Melasti Beach: Location


Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan Bali, popularly South Bali. In fact, Melasti Beach is the southernmost point of the whole island, which is one of the unique experiences in Bali to have!

So, why not get yourselves ready for some really amazing adventure ahead? 

Exactly, the location of Melasti Beach is Jl. Melasti Ungasan, Ungasan, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia. So, you should not get confused with Pantai Melasti Beach and Melasti Beach on the other side of the island at Tanah Lot temple.

How do you Get to Melasti Beach?


If you have stayed in Uluwatu, then you can easily get a Grab or Gojek or, perhaps if you are feeling like driving, make sure you are renting a scooter to make the drive. However, you should be an experienced driver to drive in Bali. 

Also, if you are coming from Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak, then Melasti Beach is considered far away, and you are going to want to hire a private car and driver.

Melasti Beach Entrance Fees

The entrance fee for entering Melasti Beach is 10,000 IDR, which is less than even $1 USD, and you have to pay it at the ticket counter before parking the vehicle. If you are thinking of coming here, you should because it is one of the best places to visit in Bali. 

Also, there are special photoshoots and events happening here, which can be attended by paying some additional price for that. So, you can think accordingly and have a great time here at this dreamy beach! 

When is the best time to visit Melasti Beach?


As such, there is no bad time to visit Melasti Beach in Bali, but the best time to visit Melasti Beach is considered during the dry season. Also, during the wet season in Bali, you will witness 9 hours of sunshine a day! But, you would also see rain for a few hours at the most. 

Also, check the weather forecast before you head towards Melasti Beach and come from the other side of Bali. But, there is no perfect time for visiting the Melasti Bach during the day because something can be evident at any time. 

So, make sure you are seeing the best as you go ahead! Swimming and sunbathing are some of the best things to do in Bali at Melasti Beach as it has very pleasant weather for the same. Do not miss the pretty sunsets which will mesmerize you to the core! 

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What to expect while you visit Melasti Beach?

Melasti Beach is the “typical” dreamy paradise that should be explored while you are in Bali! You would see a long strip of soft white sand and blue waters which are really mesmerizing. Also, you can have plenty of facilities here at Melasti Beach. 

But, instead of all the developments, it is definitely one of the cleanest beaches in Bali! Also, it is a wonderful place if you are looking for magical wedding venues in the tropical heaven. The Melasti Beach is 2 Kilometers long and about three-quarters of the length is sand. 

Facilities at Melasti Beach


Here are some of the top facilities that you would find at Melasti Beach in Bali! The excellent developments help the tourists to have an easy time here. 

You can find: 

  • Toilet facilities
  • Shower facilities
  • Changing rooms 
  • Warungs
  • Parking 

So, why not visit this amazing place and have the best time in Bali?

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What makes Melasti Beach unique compared to other beaches in Bali?

The dramatic cliffs surrounding the beach add to its charm, providing breathtaking views and opportunities for exploration. Moreover, Melasti Beach is renowned for its sacred ceremonies, where locals come to pray and perform rituals, adding cultural richness to its natural beauty. 

With its combination of natural splendor and spiritual significance, Melasti Beach offers a truly unforgettable experience unlike any other in Bali.

How can I get to Melasti Beach and what are the parking arrangements?

To get to Melasti Beach, you can take a taxi, a motorbike, or drive your own car. If you’re driving, follow the signs towards Uluwatu and then turn towards Melasti Beach. Once you arrive, you’ll find parking areas available near the beach entrance. It’s best to arrive early, especially on weekends or holidays, as parking spots can fill up quickly. Remember to lock your vehicle and keep valuables safe. Enjoy your time at Melasti Beach!

What activities can I do at Melasti Beach?

You can enjoy sunbath, surfing and swimming mainly at the Melasti Beach in Bali. It is an ideal beach for such amazing adventures

Are there any facilities or amenities available at Melasti Beach?

Yes, you can find many facilities available at the Melasti Beach, including toilet facilities, shower facilities, changing rooms, warungs and parking.

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