Myths About The Chandra Taal: Unveiling the Mysteries

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Chandra Taal Lake, located at an elevation of 4300 m, possesses unparalleled and impeccable beauty. The Lake is a heavenly place that will fascinate you with its beauty and leave drooling for more. This Lake has a captivating beauty that will entice you to return again and again.

Chandra Taal Lake, popularly known as “Moon Lake,” earned its name from its crescent form. The lake’s radiant blue water reflects the region’s charisma and entices visitors with its astounding backdrop of the surrounding Himalayas.

Chandra Taal Lake is the source of the river Chandra and despite its Challenging terrain and remote destination, it is a travelers paradise. Chandra Taal in Spiti Valley Trek is a dream trek for adventure seekers, wildlife enthusiasts travel to this place just to capture endangered snow leopards. 

Chandra Taal Lake is considered sacred due to various myths about the Chandra Taal. The mythological Chandra Taal myths create an ambiance that generates tourists’ spirituality and devotion. 

So, let’s untangle these Myths about Moon Lake in Spiti Valley tour packages.

Religious Belief: Legend of Mahabharata, Moon and Indra God


According to Hindu mythology, Chandra, or the Moon god was set to bathe in this lake. It is said that after having a bath in this lake Moon regained its beauty and coolness. Several Hindus make pilgrimages to Chandra Taal Lake to bathe in the holy water. 

Another myth about the Chandra Taal goes back to the Mahabharata. It is stated that when the Pandavas went into exile, they were gradually separated from their spirits. Yudhishthira, the eldest of all, died in Chandra Taal Lake. Lord Indra arrived with his chariot and carried his soul to heaven. Because of this, residents see Chandra Taal Lake as sacred, comparing it to the Ganga River.

One of the other stories of Moon Lake is that Lord Indra, the “King of Gods,” bathed in the sacred water of Chandrataal Lake to wash away his sins. People around the country visit the lake to take a dip and wash away their sins in the holy water.

Folk Tales: Heartbroken Mermaid

One folk story of Chandra Taal Lake that is believed by the locals is that it is home to mermaids. Many years ago, a shepherd came to check on his livestock near the lake. The mermaid and the shepherd fell in love at first sight. But the shepherd was married, and he didn’t tell the mermaid about it for fear of losing the love of his life. Someone revealed the shepherd’s secret to the mermaid one day, the mermaid was heartbroken and the shepherd never saw her again.

The people still think that the mermaid in search of love lives by the lake and steals things from unmarried men and that only single men can see her. 

The Love Story: Romanticizing the lake

The most widely recognized love myth about the Chandra Taal is of a couple madly in love: the Moon God’s daughter Chandra and the Sun’s son Bhagar. They were completely in love with one other, yet it went against their fathers’ wishes. They agreed to elope and meet at Baralacha la. Unfortunately, they couldn’t meet there and instead met near the Chandrabhaga River. Both created Suraj Taal and Chandra Taal as a memoir of their love, which is still romanticized by their love.

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Is Chandra Taal really a "Moon Lake"?

Chandra Taal is also known as the “Moon Lake”, because of its crescent shape. Hence the name Moon Lake. However, the legendary story related to the Moon God also gives it this name.

Are there any supernatural or mystical beliefs associated with Chandra Taal?

There are a few myths of Chandra Tall Lake. Locals believe that it was here at the Chandra Taal Lake that the eldest of the Pandavas took his last breath. The king of the Lord, Indra came on this Chariot to take the soul of Yudhishtra to heaven. 

Is it true that Chandra Taal has mystical healing properties?

No, Chandra Taal Lake doesn’t have mystical healing properties. However, once after having a visit to this lake, you will feel at peace, and of all the worldly desires you will just wish to stay here for the rest of your life.

Are there any legends or myths about the origin of Chandra Taal?

Chandra, the Moon God’s daughter, and Bhaga, the Sun’s son, were profoundly in love. But their fathers were opposed to their union. So they eloped, met at the Chandra Bhaga River, and created the Suraj Taal and Chandra Taal to commemorate their love.

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