Nahargarh Fort Jaipur: Exploring The Pride Of Aravalli Range!

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Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan lies amidst the serene beauty of Aravalli Hills the “Line Of Peaks”. Surrounded by these peaks lies the architectural marvel Nahargarh Fort which commands a stunning view of Jaipur, the pink city of India. Resonating with the great valour and glory of the Rajput kings, Nahargarh Fort is a great testament to the prowess of defence and rule. All of it can be explored with some of the best Rajasthan Tour Packages.

With its scenic panoramic vistas blended with heritage and architectural values, this Fort turns out to be one of the best places to visit in Jaipur without a miss.

However, to truly experience the full essence of this historical monument you need to unravel its mysteries and learn complete insights into Nahargh Fort to make your trip more valuable and enriching. So, let’s get more insights into this historic marvel and make an addition to the to-do list in Jaipur!

About Nahargarh Fort In Jaipur


Nahargarh Fort previously known as Sudershengarh stands at the edge of majestic Aravalli hills. This was constructed way back in 1734 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, till date it stands as a strong defensive hold strategically placed alongside the Jaigarh Fort and Amer Fort to curb the enemy encroachment with its sturdy built value.

This fort served as a stockade against invasions, showcasing the resilience and the valour of Rajputs. Nahargarh Fort for being a strong defence ring for Jaipur city allured itself to be a major tourist attraction with its ancient charm and sweeping looks.

History Of Nahargarh Fort


Nahargarh Fort has a strong history dating back to the 18th century.  Right after the construction of this fort by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, the purpose of this construction served well by extending its walls over the surrounding hills forming insightful fortifications connecting Amber and Jaigarh Forts for protection. 

Throughout history, this fort has hardly been attacked due to the reason of its strategic location and formed a safe haven for various personalities like Marathas, Sepoys during the mutiny, and Europeans of the region during local scuffles.

With time and need this Fort was extended and first recorded in 1868 in the reign of Sawai Ram Singh. Later in 1883-1892, other extensions were made to Nahargarh fort by Dirgh Patel at a whooping range of 3 and a half lakh rupees.

This place was also regarded as the hunting residence of the Rajputs and also got its modifications in the 19th and early 20th centuries, adding more architectural grandeur. There is a popular belief that a famous Rajput king named Nahar Singh Bhomia’s spirit was stayed aback in this fort and only named after him

Architecture Of Nahargarh Fort In Jaipur

Here are a few elements of the splendid architectural design of Nahargarh Fort:

1. Fusion of Mughal and Rajput


This fort is a clear blend of Mughal intricate carvings, and garden styles with the sturdy walls, Havelis and temple architectures of the Rajputs.

2. Ornate Entrance Gateway


With the decoration of ornamental motifs and handcrafted carvings, the entrance gates of Nahargarh Fort welcome visitors in the grandeur of opulence.

3. Innovative Designs


The ventilation system of this fort is top-notch along with the best planning of water harvesting techniques. It remains cool and pleasant due to the placement of the windows all across.

4. ​Unique Temple Shrines


One can find several temples dedicated to the Hindu deities within the fort complex. This shows the prominence given by Rajputs to religious and cultural diversity.

5. Jharokhas


These are overhanding balconies that are a special addition to the Rajour architecture. These balconies are used to enjoy the panoramic views of Jaipur and also for kings to appear for their people.

6. ​Madhavendra Bhawan


There are various suites that are built to create a sense of interconnectedness for Maharajas and the queens. This place not only shows the architectural detailing but also hails the exquisite craftsmanship of the then times.

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Best Time To Visit Nagargarh Fort


The best time to visit Nahargarh Fort is in the months of late September and early March. This time frame helps you to tackle the scorching heat of summer which can range over 40 degrees in this place. Winters are more pleasant with the temperature ranging around 10 – 24 degrees ideal for exploring this place peacefully. 

To have the best from the viewpoints, you can pick an early sunrise time to witness sunrise and also in the evenings for sunset views. Avoid visiting this place in monsoon season, though the Aravallis turn green and look feast to the eyes, considering the slippery nature and monsoon volatility it can be a tough task to explore this historical gem. Considering famous various festivals like Diwali winter months are highly ideal for visiting Nahargarh Fort.

Things To Do In Nahargarh Fort


There are various things to do in Nahargarh Fort once you visit this place, here are some:

  1. Explore the Fort: Visit all the famous places in the fort complex like Madhavabhavan, Courtyards, temples and the Bastions along the interconnected chambers.
  2. Enjoy Hill View: Get hiked to the highest points of the fort and enjoy the scenic splendour of the Aravelli Range, especially during sunrise and sunset.
  3. Visit Nahargarh Palacec: Enjoy the special appearance of the glass palace or Sheesh Mahal with its stunning beauty adorned with lights, and mirrors with a special ambience.
  4. Choose a Picnic Spot: With the humongous space availability you can convert any corner into a picnic spot and have your delicious meal. Remember to cleanse up the place right after your meal to maintain the neatness of this monument.
  5. Check For Cultural Events: One of the best things to do in Nahargarh Fort is to check for cultural events to enjoy the traditional values. You can also shop for souvenirs at the entrance gateway.

Nahargarh Fort Timings


Nahargarh Fort remains open throughout the week opening in the morning at 10:00 AM to closing at evening 5:00 PM. As exploring this fort may take 2-5 hours varying with the photography sessions and more places you need to plan your visit accordingly. It is ideal to look for sunrise or sunset amidst the beauty of the Aravalli ranges.

Nahargarh Fort Ticket Fare


Nahargarh Fort ticket fare is around 50 Rupees for locals and 200 Rupees for foreigners. Indian Students can avail of the ticket only for 5 Rupees and foreign students with valid identity cards can grab the ticket for 25 rupees. 

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How To Get To Nagargarh Fort


With hardly a distance of 15 km from the city centre of Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort is easily accessible via road through taxis, e-rickshaws or bikes. Along the route, you can enjoy the sceneries of the hills and the cool breeze. Public transport is also a viable option if you are looking for a budget trip, where you can opt for buses available for every hour and hour. Hiking enthusiasts also pick trekking routes to enjoy this beauty during dusk and dawn.

Best Hotel Near Nahargarh Fort


When coming to the best hotel near Nahargarh Fort, this place offers various options:

  1. Trident Jaipur: Luxury yet very close in the vicinity of Nahargarh fort with a distance of 1.2 km.
  2. Club Mahindra Jaipur: High-standard stay with a distance of 1.5 Km from the fort.
  3. Trim Rooms: Best value hotel in the range of 1.4 Km from the fort with friendly staff.
  4. Raj Palace: Opulent stay with royal amenities and hardly a distance of 2.4 Km from the spot.
  5. Royal View Hotel: With sightseeing points nearby this hotel is best in class with hardly a distance of 2 KM from the Nahargarh Fort.

Famous Restaurants Near Nahargarh Fort


There are various famous restaurants near Nahargarh Fort, here are our top picks:

  1. The Curry Spoon: Best in class with delicious food items served at luxury.
  2. Spice Multi Cuisine: With a distance of 1.4 Km from the fort this has the best spice food in the segment. 
  3. Hawkview Restaurant & Bar: Highly opted for its views and drinking options available!
  4. Indian Curry Palace: Ideal place to have a sense of Indian taste with various options.
  5. Pink City Restaurant: This place is famous for its ambience and the multitude of culinary options.

Who is the owner of Nahargarh?

Firstly owned by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734. Currently, this place is handled by the Government of Rajasthan.

What is the mystery of Nahargarh Fort?

The mystery surrounding this fort suggests that the spirit of the renowned Rajput King Nahar Singh Bhomia lingers within its premises to this day.

Why is Nahargarh Fort famous?

Nahargarh Fort is famous for its rich architecture, strategic location,  serene views and historical significance.

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