NASA’s Spacecraft Will Allow Travelling To Any Part Of The World In Just 2 Hours

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What would it be like to travel to any part of the world in just 2 hours? Wouldn’t it be so cool? 

Now you must be thinking how it is possible to reach any part of the world in just 2 hours when some places are 22 hours away from your place. Well, NASA plans to launch a sub-orbital flight, making this possible. 

As per reports, NASA will be launching the son of Concorde, which is the X-59 spacecraft which has a speed of 1500 km/hour. Being the son of Concorde, X-59 will be smaller than its father.

This new launch will reduce travel time drastically, which means a flight from London to New York will take 3.5 hours, and the flight from London to Sydney, which takes 22 hours, will complete the flight in just two hours. 

The X-59 will use Quiet Supersonic Technology to create a sonic boom to break the sound barriers. These Sub-orbital flights are very similar to that of a rocket. These sub-orbital flights will operate at 3500 miles which means they will be covering 5632 km per hour, built with the idea of time-saving prospects. 

The spacecraft will be 100 ft long and 29.5 feet wing span with 14 ft height. 

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