These Nations Are Offering Travel Opportunities For Retired Citizens

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Retirement is that part of our life where people indulge in pleasures neglected by work commitments. What better way to celebrate retirement than by travelling to different places worldwide? As we are talking about travelling for vacations, did you know about a European nation that is offering a considerable discount to retired senior citizens travelling for vacations? Let’s find out more about these offers. 

The European nation we are talking about is Spain. The Institute for Seniors and Social Services of Spain runs this offer, also known as IMSERSO. Travelling for senior citizens comes under their “social tourism concept.” According to this concept, the social tourism team will invest in travel for retired senior citizens, which will help improve their overall well-being and keep them active. The IMERSO tourism program also contributes to ageing and promotes an active lifestyle. 

The discounted vacation trips for senior citizens open from June to October yearly. According to the reports of 2023-2024, the Spanish Government made more than 886,269 destinations available for retired senior citizens, and the prices may vary from 124-435 euros depending on the places and the cost of transportation. 

Here are a few things to remember before applying for social tourism for senior citizens. 

Eligibility Criteria


As the Ministry of Social Rights of Spain made this offer, the candidate must be a legal citizen of Spain. A retired personnel who isn’t a citizen can apply for a non-working visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A retiree who gets a pension, unemployment benefits, or other subsidies from the Spanish Security System is eligible. However, the terms and conditions such as age, disability status, and financial situation are also considered. At the same time, approval is given to the people who have lower incomes and applying for the first time are given priority.

Things Covered In The program


The offer covers accommodation, meals, insurance and sightseeing charges. It is also dependent upon the destination package, and some packages are designed so that you can choose to include or remove transportation facilities to and from their destinations.

Application Process


The application is simple; newly retired or first-time applicants can apply on the official website of IMERSO. You can also print an application and mail it to their given address. The new application process for 2024-2025 will open in June 2024. Once the application is accepted, you can opt for the discount offers using their program ID cards on the program’s official website. You can also choose a destination where you want to visit and enjoy your retirement vacation.


Retirement is a time to enjoy those small and pleasurable moments, and the best way to embrace this new phase of travelling to different places. As Spain has this beautiful initiative for retirees, why don’t you apply and fulfil your dream of travelling in Spain and enjoying your vacation?  

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