Palace On Wheels Can Now Be Used For Weddings

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Great news from Rajasthan! The state government has given the green light to use the famous Palace on Wheels for special events like weddings, corporate meetings, and photo shoots. This decision is part of a bigger plan to make Rajasthan a top destination for tourists, both from India and around the world.

The Palace on Wheels is a luxurious train known for its beauty, and soon, it will be the backdrop for destination weddings and other events. 

Deputy Chief Minister Diya Kumari believes that using the Palace on Wheels for weddings will not only make the events more memorable but will also promote Rajasthani art and culture among international tourists. Couples choosing the Palace on Wheels for their weddings will not only have a unique and lavish setting but will also become tourism ambassadors for Rajasthan and India. 

The government is working on plans to open the doors for such occasions this season, and the details about dates and pricing are yet to be announced. Online bookings will be available for those interested, as mentioned by Principal Secretary (Tourism) Gayatri Rathore.

Operated by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), the Palace on Wheels is just one of the many heritage properties in Rajasthan, making it a perfect choice for destination weddings. Currently, more than 120 forts, palaces, and havelis in Rajasthan serve as venues for grand events. 

This initiative aims to elevate Rajasthan’s status as a premier wedding destination, adding a touch of grandeur to special occasions and showcasing the essence of Indian culture and tradition.

Rajasthan is committed to hosting luxurious and culturally rich events, creating unforgettable experiences for visitors and enhancing its global tourism appeal. Get ready for a blend of opulence and tradition in the heart of India!

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