14 most beautiful Photography spots in chandigarh: Your Photography Guide

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Chandigarh is a place where beauty resides and is often called “ City Beautiful “When something is beautiful enough, it deserves to get uncountable clicks and can be added as a place to visit in the new year which can also be stored as a memory in terms of a Photograph, and thus this place has become a haven for Photography enthusiasts.

Not only is its evergreen and stunning architecture but its environment offers uncountable picturesque locations perfect for Photoshoots. So if you are looking for some amazing clicks to upload on your Instagram while you are in Chandigarh, Do not forget to look at the magnificent places in Chandigarh only made for clicking pictures. So let’s deep dive into the Photography spots in Chandigarh.

Ever wondered, why people spend Thousands of Rupees just to select a location for a pre-wedding photoshoot place and much more to get access to those places only to get some vibrant and beautiful clicks with their loved ones?

What if I told you, that Chandigarh has exactly the kind of places that you always look for to get amazing clicks?
Exactly, People do not only come to Chandigarh to spend some time in peace but also get their pictures clicked in a very budget-friendly way. Let’s look at some places where you can get some pre-wedding Photoshoots.

Popular Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations

1. Rock Garden


This premium site is located in Sector No. 1, Chandigarh. Lies in the heart of Chandigarh and has one of the most beautiful Photography spots in Chandigarh, This place was created by a visionary mind named Nek Chand. This beautiful location is filled with sculptures made by using things like bottles and tiles. The paths are soaked in magnificent mosaic art which adds up to your pictures and makes it look even more beautiful and unique. Every part and phase of the Rock garden is different, making it perfect for taking pictures before a wedding, Not only the Rock sculptures but also the beautiful Waterfalls and peaceful ponds just add up to your mood which makes the picture-perfect scenario for every couple.

Each and every thing from the sculpture to the environment is so graceful, Moreover, The way light shines on the sculptures makes them look even more special in photos. That’s why many couples, love coming here for their pre-wedding shoots.

2. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Image Source : Pinterest

This magnificent land is located in Sector 16 of Chandigarh, If you want to know if Chandigarh loves nature or not? You can get the answer just by visiting this place, Not only 1600 varieties of roses but 32000 plus trees can be seem at this place which are not there to just enhance the beauty of this place but also helps people as these trees contains Medicinal traits.

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoot, How can we forget flowers, right?  It’s like a colorful paradise! Everywhere you look, there are beautiful colors and peaceful surroundings. Whether you’re among the colorful flowers or surrounded by green trees, the Rose Garden is a lovely place for taking romantic pictures, and this is the exact reason why this placeisin the list of amazing Photography spots in Chandigarh and because of all these reasons, this can be your ideal place as a photography spot in Chandigarh.

3. Bougainvillea Garden

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Some gardens are really made for Photoshoots, right? Not because of how well they are maintained but because of the name these places have, like Bougainvillea Garden, woah, sounds like some Dr.Frankestine’s natural lab, if you know you know, well don’t you worry, if you are willing to click some cheesy and romantic photoshoots,  Bougainviella garden got you covered. Being on the list of best places to Photoshoot in Chandigarh, this garden brings you a flood of beautiful aromas, It’s like a burst of colors and smells. It’s huge, like 20 acres huge! Perfect for taking those cheesy pre-wedding pictures. You know, where you pretend to be all romantic amidst the flowers. But hey, at least the background will be pretty, right?

Just make sure to strike a pose in the midst of the flowers and soak in the natural beauty – it might just make your photoshoot bearable, But do not worry, this place is perfect to be considered as the best photography spot in Chandigarh.

4. Leisure Valley


Leisure Valley as from the name you can guess what the place holds for you, The Leisure Valley is like a green escape from the noisy city, with lots of trees and cute flowers. Couples love it when they want a break from the busy city life. You can walk around and have little peace in your life. The Leisure Valley is a perfect place where you can click your beautiful moments as a memorial photoshoot.

So, if you are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle life of the city, this place should totally be in your list of photography spots in Chandigarh.  the Leisure Valley is your spot, just the sweet chirping of birds and maybe the occasional squirrel scurrying by. It’s the perfect place to pretend you’re in a romantic movie, minus the cheesy dialogue.

5. Capitol Complex


So, there’s this fancy place in Chandigarh called the Capitol Complex. It’s like the city’s way of showing off its fancy architecture. Designed by some great architect named Le Corbusier, it’s all about clean lines and geometric shapes – very posh, you know? And oh, let’s not forget the huge lawns, perfect for striking those pre-wedding poses. Whether you’re posing in front of the big Legislative Assembly building or trying to look fashionable next to the High Court, this can mark as your Architectural photography spots in Chandigarh.

So travelers if your wedding clock is ticking, pack your bags, and plan your trip to Chandigarh to one of the best photoshoot places in Chandigarh.

6. Eiffel Tower Replica

Image Source : The Med Matter

Picture this in the midst of the Leisure valley, there stands a tall tower, the tower of love in the city of love, well if it was Paris, It’s like Chandigarh’s attempt at bringing a piece of Paris to town and this is the reason why this place can be marked as one of the amazing photography spots in Chandigarh, at least they tried to make a place perfect for couples who want to pretend they’re in the City of Love, Thanks to Chandigarh, they helped us to save the expensive plane tickets. Whether you’re catching the best sunset in the world  or trying to look romantic under this mini Eiffel Tower.

So, if you are looking to spice up your pre-wedding Photoshoot, head over to this mini Eiffel Tower, it’s like a pocket-friendly visit to Photoshoot in Paris. But hey, guess what who cares? You can act like you are in a romantic movie in Chandigarh, and with the greenery of Leisure Valley as your backdrop, it’s just a cherry on the cake for you.  

So, if you’re feeling extra cheesy and want to spice up your pre-photoshoot, if you are looking for this kind of moments, head over to Mini Paris. Chandigarh is welcoming you to the best photography places in Chandigarh.

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Best Photoshoot Places

1. Sukhna Lake


Being in the heart of every person, This site can never fail to come in the list of best photography spots in Chandigarh Does this place even need any introduction? They say beauty needs no introduction, but still, if you want to experience the amazing glaze of the shining lake which is framed by the majestic Shivalik hills, which gives the photographers the best scenic view to capture, From capturing the first sunlight falling on the glazing water to clicking the beauty of the moon at night, this place can never fail Photographers to snap a beautiful click in their cameras. Being one of the most photographed places in the world, if you are a Photography geek, you should surely mark this as the best photography place to visit in Chandigarh.

2. Rock Garden


Apart from wedding photoshoots, Rock Garden is often admired by creative geeks, This place has a lot to capture in your memory through your camera, All you need to do is enter this picture-perfect place and let nature do everything else for you.

Each and every phase of this place begs for at least a thousand pics.
If you are a casual traveler or are a professional photographer, this place will inspire you to click everything it has to offer.

3. Open Hand Monument


The hand which stands tall over the whole place, A symbol of peace and unity, the Open Hand Monument is a graceful art of the human mind and what all photographer wants, an art or picture that has a story to tell and that is what this monument provides. When the sun goes down, it makes cool shadows on the grass, and photographers love taking pictures of it because it looks really cool with all the light and shadows.

4. I Love Chandigarh Sign

Image Source : Pinterest

Talking all about Chandigarh, searching all about and yet you don’t love this place, No worries, this big sign of “ I love Chandigarh” will make you fall in love with this place, not only this, the sign is situated in the middle of well-structured Buildings which are an architectural marvel. The same sign can be found at the busiest Elante Mall. People love taking pictures of it because it looks awesome against the city skyline or when it’s all lit up by the mall lights. You can take all sorts of pictures there, from casual ones to more formal ones. It’s simply an outstanding way to highlight Chandigarh’s ambiance. The “I Love Chandigarh” sign is a dynamic backdrop for capturing the heart of the city in both posed and candid photographs.

5. Japanese Garden


What if we told you, you can feel the essence of Japanese culture in India, Yes, correct, Japan has always been into creativity in the very first place, be it any form of art, sports, architecture, or technology, Japan never fails to amaze people by their creativity and so as Photographers, If you are a true photographer you must know what creativity means to you.
Now keeping in mind the Japanese tradition, Chandigarh did its best to recreate the Japanese culture in its magnificent city, and is one of the most fascinating photography spots in Chandigarh. There are pretty ponds and nice bridges, and everything looks really neat and tidy. Photographers love it because it feels like stepping into Japan with all the cherry blossoms and the relaxing koi pond. It’s just a really nice place to take pictures if you like simple, beautiful things.

6. Sector 17 Plaza Market


Photography is not only when you click someone’s high-resolution pics, its something through which you can portray a whole story and this is the place where you can portray a story of someone’s life through pictures, Photographers has a chance to click some bustly life and the busy world here, Photographers like it because there’s so much going on – you can take pictures of people shopping or just chill by the fountain and take some nice shots, especially in the evening when it looks really pretty. This place can act as your best photography place to visit in Chandigarh.

7. Garden Of Silence


Just imagine a place in the middle of all the greenery, where you can find the calmness within, where you are inspired to click some soulful clicks, and where you can feel alive as a creator and an artist.

This place consists of a Buddha statue which again becomes a great spot to click an amazing picturesque view.

The Garden of Silence is all about finding peace and quiet in the midst of it all and this is the reason why it deserves a place in the list of best Photography spots in Chandigarh.

8. Oberoi Sukhvilas

Image Source : Oberoi Hotels

Who doesn’t want a luxury dropback in their picture, or a Villa, fountain, large garden, or some beautifully designed luxury room? Yes, we all want this kind of backdrop/background. For couples seeking luxuryOberoi Sukhvillas is like a fancy paradise for couples who love luxury. It’s super grand and beautiful, with huge gardens and lots of greenery. Couples can feel like they’re in a fairy tale when they take photos here before their wedding. You can pose in front of the Villas/ mansions/ Castle or just enjoy the nature around you and take some sweet photos together. It’s all about feeling romantic and fancy in every corner of this place.

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Are there any photography-friendly cafes or spots in Chandigarh?

In Chandigarh, you’ll find plenty of cafes and spots that are perfect for photography lovers. Places like Sector 17 Plaza Market and Leisure Valley have cafes where you can sit outside and enjoy the scenery while taking photos. You can capture all kinds of moments, from casual to artistic. Also, some parks, gardens, and cultural centers are open to photographers and offer great settings for their work.
Some of the best cafes with aesthetic appeal are :

1. Virgin Courtyard

  • Location: SCO 1A, Sector 7-C, Sector 7, Chandigarh
  • Price: Rs 1800 for two (approx.)

2. Scola Kitchen and Kaffe

  • Location: SCO 180, Inner Market, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh

Price: Rs 1300 for two (approx.)

3. Backpackers Cafe

  • Location: SCF 16, Inner Market, 9-D, Sector 9, Chandigarh

Price: Rs 2000 for two (approx.)

4. Books n Brew

  • Location: SCO 8, 1st Floor, Udyan Path, Sector 16-D, Chandigarh
  • Price: Rs 850 for two (approx.)

5. The Crown Patisserie

  • Location: SCO 14, First Floor, Sector 17-E, Chandigarh
  • Price: Rs 1300 for two (approx.)

6. The Willow Cafe

  • Location: Shop No, 01, Azaadi Rte, 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh
  • Price: Rs 1600 for two (approx.)

7. Kamaa Cafe

  • Location: SCO 15A, Front Side, Madhya Marg, Secto7-C,Chandigarh
    Price: Rs 1900 for two (approx.)

8. Cafe JC’s

  • Location: Coal Depot Complex, Shop No. 2 & 3, Azaadi Rte, 10D, Sector 10, Chandigarh
  • Price: Rs 1600 for two (approx.)

All of the above cafes are the most aesthetic and photography spots in Chandigarh.

Can I take drone photographs in Chandigarh?

As per the sources, you have to go by the guidelines established by the aviation authorities if you wish to capture drone images in Chandigarh. It is not permitted to fly in particular areas or at excessive altitudes, and you must abide by certain regulations. Make sure you obtain the necessary permissions and verify with the local authorities before deploying your drone. Furthermore, keep in mind that you can only fly drones for enjoyment at low altitudes and in tiny sizes. Keep a watch on your drone at all times and limit its altitude to no more than 400 feet. Further more drones are going to enhance the experience to click the best pics in the best photography spots in Chandigarh.

Are there any hidden gems for photography in Chandigarh?

While many popular locations are well-known for photography in Chandigarh, there are also some hidden gems worth exploring. These may include:


or architectural marvels that offer unique glimpses of nature for photography enthusiasts. Exploring offbeat areas can often lead to discovering hidden treasures perfect for capturing memorable moments.

What are the top locations for photography in Chandigarh?

Some of the top locations for photography in Chandigarh include:

The Rock Garden
Zakir Hussain Rose Garden
Bougainvillea Garden
Leisure Valley
Capitol Complex
Sukhna Lake
Open Hand Monument
“I Love Chandigarh” Sign
Japanese Garden
Sector 17 Plaza Market
Garden of Silence
Oberoi Sukhvillas

These places offer multiple and amazing backdrops and settings suitable for various photography styles and preferences.

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