Exploring Pibting Monastery In 2024- The Hidden Gem Of Ladakh

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Ladakh is considered one of the most mystical and beautiful locations in India. We welcome you to Pibiting Monastery where tranquility meets magnificence in perfect harmony. Nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, Pibiting Monastery is a timeless beacon of serenity and spiritual enlightenment.

Surrounded by towering mountain ranges, every corner of this sacred sanctuary is adorned with the wonders of nature. Prepare to embark on a journey of inner discovery and profound peace, where the stunning surroundings constantly remind us of the divine beauty surrounding us. So while you plan your Leh Ladakh tour packages, be sure to drop by the Pibiting Monastery Zanskar to revel in its beauty.

The History of Pibiting Monastery

The History of Pibiting Monastery

The History of Pibiting Monastery

In ancient times, Padum was believed to be one of the two capitals of Zanskar, the other one being Zangla.

Padum is the administrative headquarters of the Zanskar region of Jammu and Kashmir and is well known for its untouched and remote surroundings. You can travel here for a great adventure or just to enjoy nature’s beauty at its finest. The Pibiting village is 2.5 km from Padum and the monastery can be seen anywhere from the Zanskar valley.

The Monastery is believed to have been constructed by Emperor Kanishka. The Sani monastery which is also close by is also said to have been constructed by him. You can get a 360-degree view of the entire valley from the top of the monastery.

The Pibiting monastery is located in the old village of Pibiting in Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated near Padum which is named after Padmasambhava. The locals also call this the “Guru” monastery. 

How to reach Pibiting Monastery in Zanskar

How to reach Pibiting Monastery in Zanskar

How to reach Pibiting Monastery in Zanskar

By Air – The nearest airport to Padum is Leh Airport. You can fly to Srinagar or Leh before taking a journey by road.


By Train – The nearest railway station is in Jammu. It is approximately 735 km from Jammu to Padum. You can hire a taxi or take public transportation to Padum.


By Road – You can take a bus from Srinagar, Leh, or Jammu to Padum. You will cross Kargil along the way from all routes. For those bike enthusiasts – you can get your bike or rent a bike from Delhi to Ladakh. You must check the permits for a Ladakh road trip before planning your travel.

For the best experiences, you can check out our ultimate guide to Leh Ladakh bike trip. It must also be noted that the Zanskar Valley is shut off for 6 months during winter due to heavy rain and snowfall.

Pibiting Gompa – An austerely beautiful monastery

Pibiting Gompa - An austerely beautiful monastery

Pibiting Gompa - An austerely beautiful monastery

Nestled on a hilltop beside the Tsarap River in the valley of Zanskar, the Pibiting Monastery serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in strange and remote places.

We can see the influence of the Buddhist culture and the resilience of the customs and traditions that have been passed on throughout the years.

The village of Pibiting is small and quite far away from the mainland. It might seem desolate but the people out there have warm hearts and their hospitality speaks a lot about the culture of the place. There are a few amount of hotels near Pibiting Monastery.

The Pibiting Gompa plays an important role in promoting tourism in the area. The land and soil, due to harsh weather conditions is barren and there are few yielding crops. The monastery holds a collection of ancient chortens.

The vicinity near the monastery provides a great landscape for trekking and photography. One of the best things to do in Pibiting Monastery is trekking or hiking and the area near the monastery serves as one of the popular spots for trekking in Ladakh.

The scenic beauty in and around the region forms one of the main attractions of Pibiting Monastery. The Pibiting Monastery tours can be done using a guide locally from the village.

Places near Pibiting Monastery in Ladakh

Places near Pibiting Monastery in Ladakh

Places near Pibiting Monastery in Ladakh

Sani Monastery

This amazing monastery is based in the Sani village and is believed to be one of the oldest Kanika monasteries in Zanskar. The Sani village is located 6 km away from Padum on the Kargil – Padum Road. Most of the monasteries in the Zanskar region are perched on a hilltop. However, this monastery is built more like a castle and on flat ground.

The famous Naro Nasjak festival is celebrated here every year in July. This two-day festival is enjoyed and participated by people all around the Zanskar valley. Festival time is the best time to visit this monastery along with many other wonderful monasteries in Ladakh.


Karsha Monastery

Probably one of the largest monasteries in Zanskar, the Karsha Gompa is another top attraction in Zanskar. It is located in Padum Valley in a village named Karsha and beside the Doda River.

The annual celebration of the festival of Karsha Gustor in January is one of the main attractions of the monastery. The festival lasts for almost 2 -3 days and is one the best festivals of Ladakh.

Stongdey monastery

Another monastery that lies on a hilltop, the Stongde Monastery is 10 km to the north of Padum on the way to Zangla. Its interiors are adorned with amazing wall paintings. There are several beautiful temples situated inside the complex of the Stongde Gompa.

Like the Karsha monastery, Stongde Gompa also hosts the Gustor festival, which takes place on the 28th and 29th day in the eleventh month of the Tibetan Calander which usually falls in the month of January.


Keeping the legacy alive

A beautiful religion and culture, the Pibiting Monastery has stood the test of time and provides visitors with a lot of pleasure with how intricately crafted the interiors and architecture are. The structure may require a few renovations but the beauty of the monastery lies in its resilience to withstand the harsh conditions in the valley.

Protecting and preserving the culture is also the responsibility of visitors. Respecting the holy place and not littering carelessly, go a long way in helping the monks and the locals in preserving this beautiful monastery.

What are the best times to visit Pibiting monastery?

The best time to visit the Pibiting monastery is from June to September. The most favorable weather conditions for trekking or hiking the desert landscape and visiting the local attractions are during this time.

How can visitors reach Pibiting Monastery?

You can hire a taxi, rent a bike, or use public transport to reach Padum and the Pibiting village. The monastery lies at the center of the village and you cannot miss it as it stands on top of a hill.

Is there an entry fee to visit the Pibiting monastery?

No there is no entry fee to visit the Pibiting monastery.

Are there accommodation options near Pibiting Monastery?

There are a lot of stays near Pibiting Monastery. The hosts are very thankful and warm-hearted and provide you with good hospitality. Here is a list of hotels located in and around Pibiting Village:

  1. Omasila Hotel and Restaurent
  2. Penzela Hotel
  3. Hotel Rigyal
  4. Padum Paradise
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