27 Best Places To Visit In Cherrapunji: Adventure and Nature Awaits

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So, Want to experience God’s Created beauty on earth? Here is our Exotic Meghalaya Tour Plan for you.! One of the most beautiful states in Northeast India, Meghalaya appears straight out of a fairytale. In this enchanting state, the best places to visit in Cherrapunji are something worth visiting as it is a treasure trove for several natural wonders. 

Out of all the places to visit in Meghalaya, Cherrapunji is most popular amongst travelers as it receives heavy rainfall and creates a magical experience atmosphere, especially in monsoon. 

Cherrapunji Tourism is a wall-striking knit with pouring waterfalls, living root bridges that defy nature, and a wealthy cultural heritage ready to be explored.

About Cherrapunji Tourism


Hey travelers! Forget the raincoat for a second! Cherrapunji gets crazy rain, but there’s way more to this place than waterfalls. Want to experience something truly awesome? Check out Nongsawlia village. It’s historic, it’s Khasi culture central.

Eco Park is your jam. It’s got all sorts of wild plants and sweet walking trails – perfect for getting your fresh air fix.

Adventure seekers, gear up! Slope into the complex depths of ancient caves like Mawsmai Cave, or take to the skies for a thrilling zipline experience in Mawkdok Dympep Valley which comes in the most adventure places to visit in Cherrapunji. History buffs can delve into the mysteries of bygone eras at historical sites like Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church.

Foodies, tempt your taste buds with the unique flavors of Meghalayan cuisine, while photographers can capture the essence of Cherrapunji’s captivating landscapes, from majestic waterfalls to awe-inspiring root bridges. Here you can find the traditional food places to visit in Cherrapunji. 

Cherrapunji is more than just a collection of places to visit; it’s a collection of experiences waiting to be discovered. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to Places to Visit in Cherrapunji which lies beneath the surface of this land brimming with beauty. Cherrapunji promises an unforgettable adventure.

27 Best Places To Visit In Cherrapunji

Cherrapunji Sightseeing is full of cool places to visit. Walk on bridges grown from trees at the Double Decker Living Root Bridges which is one of the best places to visit in Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Experience Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest waterfall in India! Mawsynram is the wettest place on Earth. Check out Mawlynnong, Asia’s cleanest village. Explore Mawsmai Cave or relax in Thangkharang Park with its pretty lake. So many places to visit in Cherrapunji!

So, here’s a list for you of some of the top places to visit in Cherrapunji during your Meghalaya Trip:

The Cascading Waterfalls of Cherrapunji


Many of us wonder why Cherrapunji has lots of waterfalls. The answer to this question is that Cherrapuniji is known as one of the “wettest places on earth” and is blessed with rolling hills and deep valley, which sets a perfect stage for several waterfalls in Meghalaya. Here is a list of a few top places to visit in Cherrapunji to enjoy the beauty of these cascading waterfalls:

1. Nohkalikai Falls: 


Get ready to be amazed by Nohkalikai Falls! It’s the tallest waterfall in all of India, like a super tall water slide! Imagine all that water rushing down over 1,100 feet, creating an incredible scene. When you stand at the special viewing spot, you might even feel the cool mist on your face and hear the loud roar of the water! It’s super powerful and worth seeing.

2. Seven Sisters Falls:


The Seven Sisters Falls are like a dance party for waterfalls in Cherrapunji!  Seven separate falls flow down a big cliff, each one a little different.  Some are gentle and flow smoothly, while others are strong and crash down with force.  When you see them all together, it’s like a beautiful symphony of water misting down below. It’s a sight to see.

3. Dainthlen Falls:


Tired of crowds at the other waterfalls? Dainthlen Falls is your chill zone! Entirely covered in green trees, this waterfall has a couple of levels and a cool pool at the bottom – perfect for a refreshing swim on a hot day.  Imagine chilling under the falls, listening to the water crash down – it’s super relaxing!

4. Wah Kaba Falls:


Wah-Kaba Falls is perfect for families! It’s super easy to get to and has a cool pool where you can all go swimming.  The water falls down from the rocks, making a pretty scene.  Kids can splash around and have a blast, making memories that will last forever!

5. Kynrem Falls:


Ready for an offbeat water adventure in Meghalaya?  Kynrem Falls is like a hidden treasure in Cherrapunji!  There are caves to explore near the falls and even secret little pools for swimming.  Imagine finding your special waterfall, like a secret song just waiting to be heard. It’s super cool for explorers!

6. Langshiang Falls:


Want a waterfall with fewer crowds? Langshiang Falls is your chill spot! It’s a pretty drive to get there, but the reward is a beautiful waterfall falling down the rocks. Imagine a peaceful place surrounded by all the green mountains of Meghalaya. The sound of the water is super calming, like a quiet song. Langshiang Falls is perfect for taking a break from exploring and just relaxing in nature.

7. Wei Sawdong Falls:


If you’re looking for a pretty waterfall with not too many crowds, Wei Sawdong Falls is the perfect spot for you! It’s a short walk through the hills to get there, but totally worth it. The water tumbles down rocks covered in green moss, making a peaceful sound.  Some people even say there are spirits in the mist that float around the falls sometimes!  Super cool, right?

8. Rainbow Falls:


Up for an adventure? Rainbow Falls is Cherrapunji’s hidden gem, but only sometimes! It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but worth it if you see a rainbow. Sunlight mixes with the flow of water, creating a magical rainbow that dances in the mist.  It’s like nature’s own light show! Just remember, it’s not there all the time.

Explore the Ancient Whispers of Caves


Exploring Meghalaya’s caves is like visiting museums underground!  Explore dark tunnels, and see amazing rock shapes. They’re special because some have sparkly crystals or even secret waterfalls! The coolest part is there are different caves – some big and open, others narrow and twisty. You can also find some special creatures that live in the darkness! These caves are like a whole other world waiting to be explored!

9. Mawsmai Cave:


Ever imagine exploring a giant room under the ground? Mawsmai Cave is like that, but with cool lights,, so you can see everything! This cave is a combination of special rocks, neat pointy things that hang from the ceiling,, and also bumpy rocks growing up from the floor. Light shines off the walls in a cool way, making everything look sparkly. You can even learn about how these caves were made. It’s like being a detective, figuring out the secrets the cave walls are hiding!

10. Arwah Cave:


Feeling brave? Arwah Cave is an underground adventure for tough explorers and one of the best things to do in Meghalaya for adventure seekers. With a guide to help you, you’ll get to climb, crawl, and squeeze through tight spots. There are cool rock formations everywhere you look, and you might even see some creepy crawlies that live in the cave. It’s like being a real explorer – super exciting!

11. Krem Phyllut:


It’s also a special place for the Khasi people, kind of like a holy site. If you explore the cave, you can almost hear stories whispered by the past, about rituals and beliefs that have been passed down for generations. It’s a place where history and the present come together specially.

12. Laitmawsiang Cave:


Laitmawsiang Cave is a giant underground maze! Tunnels twist and turn for kilometers, making it one of the longest caves in Meghalaya. It’s so tricky that only experienced explorers with special gear can go in. Imagine needing a special suit, a helmet with a light, and even knowing how to tie ropes to climb safely!  This cave is a super hard challenge, not for beginners. If you’re a super explorer looking for an adventure like no other, then Laitmawsiang Cave might be for you!

13. Mawmluh Cave:


Mawmluh Cave is like the king of caves in India – the fourth longest one ever found! It is 7 kilometers long Cave!  There’s even a cool pool inside where 5 different rivers meet. But this cave is tricky to explore because it’s long, confusing, and has water underground.  So, only experienced explorers with special gear should go in.

14. Thangklang Cave:


These caves near Thangklang Village are special because they’re not just rock formations but People actually lived there way back in time.  Archaeologists found things like old tools and pieces of pots inside the caves.  Imagine exploring and seeing these ancient clues left behind by people who lived there long ago!

15. Krem Puri Cave:


Krem Puri holds the title of the world’s longest sandstone cave, stretching a staggering 24,583 meters (almost 15.3 miles)  through the heart of the East Khasi Hills. But this cave is for experienced adventurers, not for a casual weekend trip. Krem Puri Cave is mega cool and definitely worth knowing about!

Living Root Bridges: A Testament to Harmony

Living root bridges are exactly what they sound like – bridges made from tree roots! Imagine super strong roots from special trees growing over time to become natural bridges.  The Khasi people are super smart and patient – it takes years for these bridges to grow!  They’re eco-friendly and unique places to visit in Cherrapunji. Pretty cool, right?

16. Double Decker Living Root Bridge:


Check out the coolest bridge ever in Cherrapunji – the Double Decker Living Root Bridge! It’s not made up of metal or concrete but from tree roots grown over hundreds of years by the Khasi people. It took tons of patience and skill, but the result was amazing. It’s like humans and nature working together to build something awesome.  You don’t want to miss this special place in Cherrapunji!

17. Nohwet Living Root Bridge:


Located between the Mawlynnong and Riwai villages, the Nohwet Root Bridge is one of the top places to visit in Cherrapunji. This root bridge is 30 m long and is built over some time by the Khasi tribes living in the region. It was built to connect the villages over the Tyllong River by weaving the roots of rubber trees for generations.

18. Mawsaw Bridge:


It has taken place in the top living root bridges in Meghalaya. The Mawsaw Bridge has a natural swimming pool which is a major attraction. It also reflects the love of the Khasi People towards Nature.

Breathtaking Viewpoints For Cherrapunji Sightseeing

Meghalaya is like a giant playground with amazing lookout spots because the land is all bumpy and hilly, with some areas way up high, you can find no of places with super cool views.  Imagine standing on a hill and seeing rolling green hills, sometimes even waterfalls, all spread out in front of you like a giant green carpet! These viewpoints are the perfect way to see all the beauty that Meghalaya has to offer. Viewpoints make tourists more excited about exploring more places to visit in Cherrapunji and Meghalaya.

19. Mawdok Dympep Valley View:


The Mawdok Dympep Valley in Meghalaya looks like a real-life postcard! We are standing on a hill and see endless green hills with waterfalls, the land is super green in all directions and white clouds floating around. Just Wow..!! The air is clean and fresh, and you can see everything for miles around. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even zipline across the valley! That’s like riding a super fun swing that lets you fly through the air and see the whole view from way up high.  It’s a super cool way to experience the beauty of Meghalaya! We can count this place as an adventure with beauty in places to visit in Cherrapunji.

20. Thangkharang Park:


Thangkharang Park is like a huge green blanket in Meghalaya! It’s a calm and peaceful place with amazing views of rolling hills everywhere you look. Imagine having a picnic under a big, shady tree, munching on yummy food,, and watching the sunset turn the sky orange and pink. Perfect for a relaxing day with friends or a loved one. Just cut off from the City and spend time with nature.!

21. National Eco Park:


 If You Love nature, then Meghalaya’s National Eco Park will be the right choice among the places to visit in Cherrapunji. It’s a green wonderland full of cool plants and animals. You can walk on peaceful paths through the forest, see rare birds flying around in the trees, and smell the fresh pine trees in the air. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature!

22. Garden Of Caves:


Cherrapunji’s Garden of Caves isn’t your typical garden! Forget flowers, this is a hidden world for explorers. Discover caves carved by nature, all bumpy and mysterious. Cool waterfalls mist the air, perfect for a hot day. Lush greenery surrounds you, with towering trees and plants everywhere. It’s an adventure waiting to be had! It’s a hidden gem of Cherrapunji and one of the best places to visit in Cherrapunji.

Exploring the Soul of Cherrapunji: Picture Perfect Villages

Meghalaya’s villages are like hidden secrets waiting to be discovered! Forget crowded tourist spots, these places are where you’ll see the real Meghalaya. Meghalaya’s villages are beautiful because they’re brimming with life and culture. Each village is unique. Many villages are in the middle of beautiful green hills with fresh air and stunning views. The cleanliness and the love of people for nature give you different vibes. You get ready to explore these places to visit in Cherrapunji.

23. Mawlynnnong village:


One of the best places to visit in Cherrapunji in Meghalaya is Mawlynnong village. This special place isn’t dirty or messy at all! The houses are painted in pretty colors and the streets are super clean. Flowers hang everywhere in baskets, making it look like a happy picture. The people who live there all work together to keep things tidy, so it’s a fun place to walk around and see everything sparkling. Keep this village as mandate in your Cherrapunji Sightseeing.

24. Nongsawlia Village:


This village looks like something out of a storybook! Nongsawlia Village in Meghalaya is full of charm. Just walk down quiet streets with cute houses, meet the friendly people who live there, and learn all about how they live. You might even see them doing cool traditional dances or ceremonies. This village is showing you the real history and culture of Cherrapunji. It’s a great place to visit in Cherrapunji. if you want to see how people live, not just fancy tourist stuff Pay your visit here for sure.

25. Mawsynram Village:


This village got the title of the “wettest village on Earth,” Can you imagine a place where it rains all the time, way more than you’ve ever seen? This village is cool because you can see how people live with all that rain. Their houses are built specially to handle the continuous rainfall, and they even have clever ways to grow food even when it’s super wet. It’s an awesome place to see how people adapted to their super rainy environment. This is the most beautiful place to visit in Cherrapunji.

Other Places to Visit in Cherrapunji

26. Umngot River:


This river offers a thrilling water adventure during the monsoon season in June to September like water rafting. Umngot River is known as the “Dawki River”. It is such crystal clear water that the bottom surface is easily visible. This beauty of the river has given it a place to visit on the Cherrapuji bucket list. Navigating the strong force of water requires prior experience and guidance from experts. The Umngot River is ideal for peaceful exploration with activities like kayaking or canyoning. This place is Like Heaven for Adventure Seekers. All these places are the most thrilling places to visit in Cherrapunji.

27. Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church:


A testament to the region’s architectural heritage, the Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church stands proudly amidst the landscape. Admire its intricate details, from the stained glass windows to the stonework, and learn about its significance to the local Christian community. Imagine attending a Sunday service and experiencing the vibrant faith that permeates the church. It’s a more spiritual Experience than just natural places to visit in Cherrapunji

Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji

To find Perfect Places to visit in Cherrapunji depends on the season you pick to travel to Cherrapunji. Cherrapunji’s charm changes with the seasons. Here’s a quick guide to pick your perfect adventure:

Sunshine Seeker (October to February): Summer with cool breezes (15°C – 25°C) and clear skies. Perfect for exploring caves, waterfalls, and living root bridges. You can enjoy comfortable weather for trekking, and witness Nohkalikai Falls or Seven Sisters Falls with clear views.

Monsoon Marvel (June to September): Wow.! Lush, rainy summer (20°C – 28°C). Embrace the power of nature! Witness waterfalls at their peak – Nohkalikai Falls or the cascading Seven Sisters Falls. Be prepared for downpours!

Transitional Seasons (March to May & September to October): In-between weather with some rain showers (22°C – 30°C). Offers a mix of both dry and wet seasons. A good balance for outdoor activities. Waterfalls might still be impressive in September and October.

Cherrapunji is awesome any time of year! There are so many Places to visit in Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Looking for sunshine? Explore hidden caves like a real explorer! Like rain? The waterfalls get super crazy and powerful during the monsoon season! The villages are like little surprises, with friendly people and cool stuff to see, like bridges made from real tree roots! No matter where you look, the views are amazing. There’s something fun for everyone in Cherrapunji, so come visit and have an adventure! Just forget the fancy urban world and enjoy the beauty of nature.

What are the must-visit attractions in Cherrapunji?

Cherrapunji is an adventure lover’s dream! See India’s tallest waterfall, Nohkalikai Falls. Walk across amazing Living Root Bridges grown from trees! Explore Mawsynram, once the wettest place on Earth. Discover Mawsmai Cave’s glittering rocks. Relax with a view at Mawkdok Dympep Valley. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you.

How to Reach Cherrapunji?

The most convenient route to reach Cherrapunji is Guwahati Airport (166 km away) and Guwahati Railway Station (146 km away) and then a taxi or bus is easily available to reach Cherrapunji. Road Trip to Cherrapunji is easily planned at budget-friendly shared Sumo/Taxi from Shillong’s Bara Bazar Sumo Stand or a private taxi for more comfort (both take 1.5-2 hours).

What is the best time to visit Cherrapunji?

The best time to visit Cherrapunji is October to February, the most pleasant weather, ideal for sightseeing at caves, and parks, and enjoying hikes. From March to May, enjoy the beauty of the green hills with the possibility of some refreshing showers. June to September is monsoon season, with lots of rain and waterfalls with greenery everywhere.

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