Places to visit in Hikkim village: Haven’t Posted a Letter, let’s do it at Hikkim

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Wouldn’t it be enticing to send a letter to yourself from the world’s highest post office a place to visit in Hikkim Village? Hikkim is a village situated at an elevation of 4,400 feet above sea level in Lahaul and Spiti. Hikkim Village in Spit Valley is one of the highest year-round inhabited villages in the world. 

Nestled between Kaza and Langza, Hikkim offers a splendid view of the nearby villages, ancient Monasteries, and the Great Himalayas. Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is extremely cut off from the rest of the for almost half of the year, is a perfect destination for those who just wish to wander around in the village lanes, sit by the locals, and engage in heartfelt conversations about discovering the region’s culture. 

Spiti Valley Tour Packages takes you to the most exotic places to visit in Hikkim Village and lets you experience the beauty of this enchanting destination which is an adventurer’s paradise. Trekkers from all over the world visit Hikkim village to experience the thrill of trekking to the world’s highest village, Komic via Hikkim.  Ancient Monasteries, that hold religious significance to the people of the region, add charm to this village and nearby places to visit in Hikkim Village.

So, here’s a complete travel guide to Hikkim Village and places to visit near Hikkim Village Spiti.

6 Places to Visit in Hikkim Village

  • World’s Highest Post Office
  • Sakya Tangyud or Komic Monastery
  • Komic Village
  • Kaza
  • Langza Village
  • Kibber Village

Let’s explore these places to visit in Hikkim Village and nearby areas.

World’s Highest Post Office


Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is well-known for having the world’s highest post office, which is the only post office that serves 4 or 5 adjacent villages and is the only way for the villages to communicate with the outside world. Don’t be shocked if you come across just one man, Rinchen Cheering, postmaster, who works tirelessly to solve the people’s daily issues. He has been working at the post office since its foundation in 1983. The mails are all sent on foot and travel a long distance before reaching their final destination. First, the postman carries all these mail on foot to Kaza. From there the mails are transported to Reckong Peo by bus, they are transferred to Shimla and then to Delhi. From Delhi, they are on their way to reach their final destinations.

The public works department originally installed just the world’s highest post office signboard, but after observing its popularity, they converted the existing post office building into a new one in the shape and color of a letter box to attract an increasing number of tourists. 

When you pay a visit to this place in Hikkim Village spiti, sip a cup of tea, send a postcard to yourself to celebrate your presence here, and have a conversation with the postman about how he is playing a vital role in connecting the villagers with the rest of the world while also helping them connect with their roots in the age of emails, messages, and WhatsApp. 

Sakya Tangyud or Komic Monastery


Sakya Tangyud Monastery, located in Komic Village and two kilometers from Hikkim Village, is one of the world’s highest monasteries and the best place to visit in Hikkim Village spiti. The Monastery is located on the outskirts of the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, overlooking Hikkim Village and Kaza. Sakya Tangyud Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in the Sakya branch of Buddhism and a prominent religious center for Buddhists.

This monastery was seriously damaged in the 1972 earthquake and has been robbed several times by thieves from Kashmir and other parts of the world. Robbers stole all of the monastery’s gold and precious sculptures, forcing the monks to flee for their lives.

Tangyud Monastery is an architectural masterpiece, and its Indo-Tibetan style with mud walls and white stripes reflects the region’s rich tradition. The monastery is adorned with paintings and murals depicting old traditions, as well as sculptures of Buddhist gods. The Monastery has an annual festival in July, with the main attraction being the residents doing sword dances while donning colorful animal masks.

Komic Village


Komic Village in Spiti Valley is a place to visit in Hikkim Village, which is surrounded by the snow-capped mighty Himalayas and breathtaking scenery, is one of the world’s highest-altitude villages. This calm village has a countable number of houses surrounded by natural beauty and remote from modernism. Small mud dwellings convey the narrative of the residents of this little village, about their simpler way of life in the valley’s tough surroundings.

Travelers visit Komic Village in Spiti Valley to admire the beauty of the quaint place and to capture themselves in front of the most iconic signboard that praises them for visiting the world’s highest village. The Village’s most strategic location also brings with it a slew of obstacles, including a lack of even basic facilities. Once you are at the location, attempt to converse with people to understand their problems and trials of living in a remote part of the world.

Komic Village does not have luxury hotels, therefore you can expect just authentic and heartwarming homestays. Try to spend a [night in this village and enjoy a day in the Spitian way. The cozy houses and serene setting will relax your mind and leave you with fond memories of Komic Village for a lifetime.


Kaza Temperature

Kaza in Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, is a dreamy destination with sparkling streams, massive mountains,  valleys, and peaceful surroundings. Historical forts, ancient monasteries, and trekking routes all add to the allure of Kaza, a place to visit in Hikkim Village. Kaza is separated into two parts: the old Kaza, which includes the King’s Palace and Fort, and the new Kaza, which features government offices and buildings. 

Kaza is the largest town in the Lahaul and Spiti area, and hence its architecture is an amalgamation of ancient structures and modern art forms. Being one of the largest towns Kaza attracts a great number of tourists, and as a result, there are numerous luxury hotels, guesthouses, and even basic accommodations for travelers. Kaza also features some of the most exotic and authentic restaurants that connect tourists to the cuisine of Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Some of the cafes to pay a visit to in Kaza are Sol Cafe and Cafe Zomsa.

Langza Village


Langza Village in Spiti Valley is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Hikkim Village. Located at a distance of 8 km from Hikkim Village, Langza Village is set at the base of the Chau Chau Kang Nilda mountain. The major attraction of the Langza Village is the tallest Buddha statue. This golden-colored Buddha statue is visible from kilometers away overlooks the Village and is the protector of the Village and its people.

Langza Village has earned the title of the Fossil Village. This village has hidden gems in the form of the fossils of marine animals. Million years ago even before the existence of the Himalayas, this region was Tethys Sea, and when this sea submerged, the Himalayas were formed. Tourists can spot a few of these fossils by careful observation along the lanes of the Village. Hikkim is an archeologist paradise and the government has strictly prohibited the sale of these fossils. It is advisable not to engage in the purchase of any of the fossils from the locals, however, you can take home the artificially made fossils as a souvenir and help the locals earn their living.

Kibber Village


Kibber Village in Spiti Valley is 31 kilometers from Hikkim Village and serves as a base for visitors to the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary. This village relies heavily on agriculture and tourism for its livelihood. Kibber Village is also the last village in Spiti on the ancient path to Tibet. Previously, yearly trade fairs were conducted in Kibber Village, when Tibetan traders would come to market their items. However, because the road has been closed, this practice is no longer permitted. 

Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most visited Wildlife Places in Spiti Valley and is the home to many extinguished and endangered flora and Fauna. This is the home to red fox, Tibetan Eagle, Tibetan wolf, ibex, blue Sheep and the most iconic cat, the snow Leaopard. Wildlife enthusiast and photographers visit Kibber just to capture the glimpse of Snow leopard through their lense. There are about 30 snow Leopards in the Spiti Valley and the forest department in association with the locals are working to conserve the species. It is easier to spot Snow Leopards durin the winter season, since they come to lower regions in quest of prey, hence it becomes easier to spot the big cat in Winters and hence, tourists eager to have a glimpse of snow cat visit the Kibber wildlife sanctuary in winters.

Best time to visit Hikkim Village

The best time to visit Hikkim Village is determined by the travelers’ preferences for experiencing the region’s beauty. Hikkim Village is a winter wonderland, but due to heavy snowfalls, the roads leading to the village are closed for over half of the year, making it a challenge to even reach the village. The severe winters isolate the village from the rest of the world, making it impossible to explore the places to visit in Hikkim Village.

Summer, on the other hand, provides excellent weather conditions ideal for exploring the areas and participating in Spiti Valley Trek. The best season to visit Hikkim Village is from May to September, when the temperature ranges between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius with a windy chill at night that may require the use of woolen clothing. Summer temperatures are great for hiking and other outdoor activities to experience the Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley at its grandeur. 

 Places to stay in Hikkim Village

Hikkim is a little Village with just countable houses. It is hard to find luxury places to stay in Hikkim Village. Mud cottages built in the typical Spitian style are the sole alternative available. These homestays have the most basic arrangement, with a small room with a bed and a bathroom, as well as traditional village food. Staying at these homestays in Spiti Valley is a great opportunity to learn about the Spitian traditions.

Spending a night at the Hikkim Village homestay will allow you to discover the way of life of the Spanish people and how they remain linked to their traditions and culture. These homestays are the only places to have a truly traditional supper. Do not miss to have butter tea which is a specialty of Spiti Valley and supplies the body with enough energy to explore the valley throughout the day. The unique arrangement of the dining area within the room is the most appealing and entices guests.

How to reach Hikkim Village

Hikkim is located in the world’s most isolated region. Reaching this village might be difficult. Kaza is the nearest large town to the village. There are two routes to Kaza. Via Shimla and Manali. The Shimla path is rougher and longer. The Manali route is shorter, and the roads are easier to travel on. 

The nearest airport to Hikkim is Kullu Manali Airport or Bhuntar Airport. These airports are well connected to the major airports of India. 

The major railway stations nearest to Hikkim village are Chandigarh and Joginder Nagar railway stations in Pathankot. However, you may also reach Shimla Railway Station by the Toy train, which departs from Kalka Railway Station.

Tourists can continue their journey by road after reaching Shimla and Manali from their respective railway stations and airports. The most direct route is to first arrive in Kaza and then carry on to Hikkim Village. Government buses also operate between the two, although it is important to keep track of the timing of the bus that they operate in.

There is also an adventurous way to reach Hikkim Village, trek from Kaza to Hikkim. Most of the tourist wish to explore this side of their travel to Hikkim Village. Trek from Kaza to Hikkim provides the most captivating view of the Villages, Brown and green valleys, and snow-capped mountains. Solo visitors can seek the assistance of locals to go to Hikkim village via a trek route and experience the allure of this breathtaking settlement. 

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Things to remember when visiting Hikkim village

  • Hikkim is a village in one of the most rural areas of the nation, far from modernization and modern equipment. Thai village is practically shut off from the rest of the nation, and so is mobile connectivity. Only a BSNL connection works here. So, before you visit this location, let your family members that they may have difficulty communicating with you while you are here.
  • For those who prefer to go in their car, the last fueling station is in Kaza. There is no other filling station in the other village. So remember to refill your tanks before continuing your adventure.
  • Remember that nature in Hikkim Village and the surrounding surroundings is in its purest form. Do not in any way try to disrupt the tranquility of this location. This location has grown in popularity in recent years, and the presence of a large number of automobiles can affect the environment. Try to avoid disrupting the region’s natural equilibrium.
  • Do not forget to bring your meds, if any. This region is a small village with very basic medical services available.
  • The last ATM is in Kaza which is the major town of the region. So do carry enough cash with you, for a hassle-free trip.  

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What is the best time to visit Hikkim village?

The best time to visit Hikkim Village is during the summer. During the winter season, the Hikkim Village in Spiti Valley is entirely cut off from the rest of the world due to heavy snowfall that blocks the whole road leading to the settlement. Summer is the best season to visit the Village because of the wonderful weather, which is great for outdoor activities like hiking and places to visit in Hikkim Village and the surrounding area. 

How can I reach Hikkim village from the nearest town or city?

Kaza is the nearest town to Hikkim Village. The simplest route is to drive from Kaza to Hikkim Village, which is only 15.5 kilometers and takes around 45 minutes. Several taxi services are available in Kaza that will transport you to Hikkim Village, and the village can be explored in a day. Himachal tourism buses operate from Kaza to Hikkim Village, however, they operate on a set timetable, so passengers must keep track of their operation time. Another way to go to Hikkim Village is via trekking, which is challenging but soul-satisfying as the track bestowes with amazing landscapes.

What are the main attractions or points of interest in Hikkim village?

The main points of interest in Hikkim Village are the world’s highest post office and the trekking trail to Langza and Komic Village. Tourists may also visit the Komic Monastery and Komic Village, engage themselves in fossil exploration in Langza village, and visit the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary for snow leopard rare sightings.

Are there any trekking routes or outdoor activities available around Hikkim village?

Most hikers prefer the trek route from Kaza to Komic Village to test their endurance on one of India’s most coveted treks. The hiking path begins in Kaza and continues through Hikkim, Langza Village, and Komic Village. The walk usually takes 2-3 days to complete, including overnight stops in villages. Trekkers may also enjoy stargazing in Hikkim and Langza since they are isolated from pollution and offer a clear view of the Milky Way galaxy, with the possibility of spotting planets.

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