Exploring Rajghat: A Journey Through Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial in Delhi

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Delhi, the political centre of India has many important places that also hold historical significance. One amongst such places, which you must add in your Delhi tour, is Raj Ghat while exploring with our India tour packages. This is the memorial dedicated to Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi aka Mahatma Gandhi, was one of the most influential leaders in world history

There is a black marble platform where the father of the Nation was cremated. The platform is open to the sky and at one end of the platform, there is an eternal flame. This memorial is situated on Delhi’s Ring Road. The Ring Road is also known as the Mahatma Gandhi Road. There is a stoned footpath guarded with lawns on both sides at Raj Ghat which leads to the memorial. There are so many places to visit in Delhi.


History Of Raj Ghat

Mahatma Gandhi introduced the idea of non-violence or Ahinsa and fought for the country’s independence. After his untimely assassination in 1948, he left an indelible mark in the hearts of everyone. There are amazing historical places in India which you can explore.

Situated on the banks of the Yamuna River, Raj Ghat in Delhi is a serene and sacred site. The site’s attractions lie in its simplistic and graceful design, reflecting the essence of Gandhi’s principles.

The Indian Government built the memorial, Raj ghat Delhi which has a peaceful garden with fountains and lush trees on the river’s banks, was officially designated as Raj Ghat. This will let you dive into memorials in the Vicinity of Raj Ghat, Delhi .

This memorial complex was formally inaugurated on January 31, 1950, two years after Gandhi’s untimely demise. This simply structured platform at Raj Ghat is a tribute to his life’s teachings of truth, modesty, and nonviolence.


Architecture Of Raj Ghat

The architectural design of Raj Ghat reflects Gandhi’s value– simplicity, humility, and inclusivity. At the heart of the space lies a black granite platform engraved with the parting words of Gandhiji, “Hey Ram”. The platform is built in the centre without any roof, and is based  in an open bright sky. It also has an eternal flame that endures his timeless legacy.

The design of Raj Ghat was crafted by American-trained architect Vanu G Bhuta, seeking the influence of the mandala’s pattern for this memorial. The samadhi, or memorial, is placed at the nucleus of a sunken square courtyard connected with four ramps, stretching out towards each cardinal direction. 

Here, the garden features labelled trees planted by esteemed personalities worldwide, such as Queen Elizabeth II, USA President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, and many others.


What’s Inside Rajghat, New Delhi?

Gandhi Memorial Museum or The National Gandhi Museum, nestled within Raj Ghat in Delhi, provides a tribute to the life of Mohandas Karmachand Gandhi. Also Known as Raj Ghat Museum, the complex houses artefacts, photographs, and documents from Gandhi ji’s life. The moment you enter the museum, you will encounter 23 models of charkhas or spinning wheels, embodying Gandhi’s ideology which are skillfully  created.

Additionally, a display of Gandhi ‘s personal items and an audio-visual section showcases his works and enlightening journey. The film show timings are from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Location, Timings And Entry Fees For Raj Ghat

Raj Ghat is open to visitors throughout the year. No entry fee and camera or photography charges are imposed on any visitors, making it accessible to all.

Raj Ghat Delhi Timings – 06:30 AM to 06:00 PM

Time required to visit Raj Ghat: 01:00 Hrs

Rajghat delhi ticket price – Free/ No Cost

Raj Ghat Delhi location – Behind Red Fort, Gandhi Smriti, Raj Ghat, New Delhi, Delhi 110006, India.

Nearest metro to Raj Ghat in delhi – Jama Masjid and ITO are the nearest metro stations.

How To Reach Raj Ghat Delhi

Raj Ghat is situated in the bustling capital of Delhi, which has one of Asia’s largest international airports, which connects it with several other international destinations. The city offers various public transportation modes to reach Raj Ghat conveniently.

One of the most efficient ways is to take the metro. The nearest metro stations to the Raj Ghat location are – Jama Masjid and  ITO Metro Stations.  

Also, you can opt for cabs, buses or autos that link to the memorial while enjoying the vibrant scenery of Delhi’s culture and heritage.

you will experience the smooth road as the pathways leading to Raj Ghat are well-maintained, which makes for a hassle-free journey. 


What Is The Best Time To Visit Raj Ghat?

To make the most of your visit to this symbolic site, it is advisable to consider the weather and seasonal conditions. 

  • Summer in Delhi can be hot and humid, leading to discomfort and dehydration.
  •  Monsoon season, characterised by heavy rains, may hinder outdoor sightseeing. 
  • The ideal time to visit Raj Ghat is during the winter season spanning from October to March. 

The weather during this period is pleasant, with clear skies conducive to sightseeing. Moreover, plan your visit around the anniversary of any leaders whose memorials are at Raj Ghat. In that case, you may witness special programmes and pay your tribute alongside others. 

Tips For Visiting Raj Ghat Delhi

  1. You need to remove your shoes when entering the main crematorium memorial part where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated following his assassination. 
  2. The area is covered with a lovely, nice garden.  The environment is very peaceful and soothing. You will be hearing birds chirping which will take you to the seventh cloud and will give you the mental peace for which we all crave.

There appeared to be other parts that you can visit too but most people prefer to just visit the main memorial.

Top 5 things to do in Raj Ghat Delhi

  1. Visit the Mahatma Gandhi’s Memorial at Raj Ghat
  2. Tour of National Gandhi Museum
  3. Photography and Contemplation Walk at Raj Ghat
  4. Visitors can attend a Prayer Meeting at Raj Ghat
  5. Guided Tour of the Surrounding Historical Sites

There are many other things to do in Delhi which tourists may explore while enjoying their travel endeavours. 


Raj Ghat Nearby Popular Attractions

There are so many popular places you can visit near Raj Ghat on the Mahatma Gandhi Road, near the Ring Road, Delhi. 

  • Red Fort is around 2.1 km away.
  • Jama Masjid is 2.5 km away.
  • The National Museum of Natural History is approximately 3.7 km away. 
  • Agrasen ki Baoli is 3.7 km away.
  • The Shopping Hub Connaught Place is 4.2 km away.
  • Mesmerising Jantar Mantar is around 4.4 km away.
  • The distance from Raj Ghat to India Gate is 5.3 km away. 
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan is 6.8 km away. 
  • Very famous Market – Old Delhi/ Chandni Chawk is 6 km away.
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is 4 km away.
  • The National Zoological Park, also known as Delhi Zoo is 4 km away.

Where to stay nearby Raj Ghat?

Wondering where to stay in Delhi to have a meaningful day visit to Raj Ghat? Don’t worry, we are here for your rescue. Here are some good places to stay:

Hotels Near Raj Ghat to Stay

  • (1.02 km) GoSTOPS Delhi
  • (0.52 km) SMS Rooms
  • (2.38 km) The Lalit, New Delhi
  • (3.49 km) The Imperial, New Delhi


Yes! Delhi is always a “Dill Walo ka Sheher”, and we love to visit there once in a lifetime. Additionally, Raj ghat is a place which is best known for it’s beautiful environment and historical facts. Uncover, Delhi’s best while making the most out of your stop-over hours here at the capital of India.  To make your trip more remarkable, you can check instagrammable cafes in Delhi.So! Don’t stop and pack your bags today and let’s explore Delhi with your loved ones. Must read some weekend getaways ideas from Delhi.

What is Raj Ghat?

Raj Ghat is a memorial complex in Delhi, India. The first memorial was dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi where a black marble platform was raised to mark the spot of his cremation on 31 January 1948 and consists of an eternal flame at one end.

Where is Raj Ghat located?

 It is based in Behind Red Fort, Delhi, 110006.

What can visitors expect to see at Raj Ghat?

A memorial area dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, Raj Ghat was named after a Ghat on the banks of River Yamuna flowing near Delhi. You can see a Black Marble Platform which is left open to Sky. A eternal torch is located at one end. This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi, was cremated after the assassination.

Is there an entry fee to visit Raj Ghat?

It is free of cost for the visitors.

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