Renting A Tuk Tuk In Sri Lanka- The Complete Guide

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Renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka opens up a world of unique travel experiences, offering a blend of adventure and cultural immersion, unlike any other mode of transportation. These iconic three-wheeled vehicles in many parts of Asia and other regions provide an exhilarating way to explore bustling city streets, serene countryside landscapes, and everything in between. From the vibrant colors to the distinctive hum of their engines, tuk-tuks embody the spirit of exploration and discovery.

Whether navigating narrow alleyways, weaving through traffic, or simply cruising along scenic routes, renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka promises an unforgettable journey filled with moments of spontaneity and charm. So, buckle up, and as you prepare to make that trip to Sri Lanka, get ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure that will leave a lasting impression.

Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka.


  • Independence – Undoubtedly, the primary benefit of renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka is the freedom it offers. You’ll have the flexibility to explore the country at your own pace, stopping and discovering new places as you desire. Essentially, it provides a unique experience that sets you apart from other travelers
  • Unforgettable memories – Tuk-tuk rental in Sri Lanka provides a lot of experiences that make for fond memories that can be kept forever. When traveling to the best places to visit in Sri Lanka, a tuk-tuk rental is probably the best mode of transportation.
  • Interaction with locals – Sri Lankans often find tourists traveling in tuk-tuks fascinating, leading to numerous interactions and conversations along the way. During your trip, you may find many locals approaching you with curiosity, enhancing the overall experience.


  • Extended driving sessions – Throughout your journey, there will be occasions where you’ll find yourself driving for prolonged stretches. Long drives behind the wheel may last for up to 5 hours, and it can be quite exhausting!
  • Exposure to pollution while driving – While navigating your tuk-tuk, you’ll unavoidably inhale a considerable amount of pollution. 
  • Limited speed – With a maximum speed limit of 40 kilometres per hour, a tuk-tuk’s pace may feel sluggish in comparison to that of a car or bus.
  • Space constraints – If you’re travelling with bulky suitcases, a tuk-tuk may not offer sufficient room. Opting for travel backpacks is essential to accommodate your belongings comfortably!

The ways of the tuk-tuk


Tuk-tuk rentals in Sri Lanka are a prevalent mode of transportation. Whether they’re used as taxis, for daily commuting, or rented by tourists, you’ll scarcely go a minute without spotting a variety of brightly coloured tuk-tuks darting along the neatly paved roads of Sri Lanka.

A standard tuk-tuk can accommodate 3 people with a few bags each. The storage behind the tuk-tuk is not that large and a maximum of 2 large travel bags can fit in it.

If you already know how to ride a two-wheeler then learning how to drive a tuk-tuk won’t be a problem. You might need an instructor to learn the ways the tuk-tuk can be manoeuvred, but you will get it eventually. It is not that hard!

Finding joy in small things


Sri Lanka stands out as a lively gem nestled in the Indian Ocean, boasting sandy shores and a distinct character. Adorned with lush jungles and beautiful temples in Sri Lanka, this unique country is best explored with a touch of independence and minimal planning.

Sri Lanka offers an unparalleled experience whether you are finding the best restaurants in Sri Lanka to enhance your unconventional backpacking journey, consider the option of renting a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka – for a perfect addition to your adventure in Sri Lanka!

Is it safe to travel by tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka?

Tuk-tuk rentals in Sri Lanka are generally secure. Opting for booking through hotel security or using an app offers a safer approach, reducing the risk of being deceived during the hiring process. While traffic poses a challenge in Sri Lanka, tuk-tuk drivers are adept at manoeuvring confidently through the roads, contributing to road safety.

How much does a tuk-tuk cost in Sri Lanka?

In Sri Lanka, the initial fare for most tuk-tuks typically begins at Sri Lankan Rupee (SLR) 100 for the first kilometre, with subsequent kilometres charged around SLR 90 or SLR 80, varying based on the driver or the application used. With non-metered tuk-tuks, it’s recommended to negotiate, as they often commence with the higher end of pricing.

Do we need a licence to drive a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka?

Operating a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka necessitates obtaining a specific recognition permit, which can be acquired through two methods. You can either obtain it with your International Driving Permit or with your Regular National Country Licence, contingent on the regulations of the country you are from.

Where to rent a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka?

You can rent a tuk-tuk from the official Sri Lankan rental site

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