Sanur Beach in Bali: A Whole Guide

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Sanur Beach in Bali has a dreamy beach vibe which needs to be explored on your Bali vacation. It stretches 8 Kilometers long along the south-eastern coastline of Bali, with other notable beaches as well. Starting from the Padanggalak beach which is really famous for the Bali kites festival. 

You must try the wondrous ruins of the Taman Festival in Bali for the unique urban exploration and abandoned amusement park which features vine-covered structures and theatre ruins. Then, there is the beach of Pantai Matahari Terbit, known as Sunrise Beach. It is very much similar to Padanggalak, one of the best beaches in Bali

So, you should get your Bali packages booked to explore the beachy vibes like never before!

Beaches of Sanur Bali


The central strip of Sanur Beach is Pantai Segara Ayu, known for being protected by a reef and great swimming conditions. You will witness a regular crowd of locals on weekends at the beach’s northern end. 

The commercial wooden boats take the passengers to Lembongan Island from Pantai Segara Ayu. Also, there are some of the most popular recreational activities happening on the shore including cycling, sea kayaking, and kite flying. So, why not indulge in the most amazing adventure activities in Bali

When you go southwards from Pantai Segara Ayu, there is a refined resort-like vibe here at the Sanur Bali. The clean Sanur beaches like Pantai Sindhu have been maintained by the hotels in Sanur Bali. 

Enjoy the calm waves that are suitable for swimming and some sections of the Sanur beach which have hotel-run daybeds and Balinese-style gazebos. 

You can have the chance to dine in the best restaurants in Bali, on the Sanur Beach on a clear morning. You can also witness the outlines of Mount Agung and Nusa Penida Island on the horizon. 

In need of a quiet beach spot? You must head to Patang Karang which is a favorite place for many. It is narrower with great dining scenes at the beach. Also, surfers can enjoy paddling out to reef breaks that come along the remaining 4-kilometer stretch of Sanur Beach from Pantai Karang. 

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Sanur Beach in Bali


The splendid paved beachfront stretches from 5 Kilometers from the Jalan Mertasari area in South Sanur, north to the main beach at Jalan Hangtuah. You would be enjoying a lovely scenic bike ride when you are coming here in the morning. It is a delightful and beautiful experience to have while coming on the Sanur beach. 

You can try some of the best adventure activities on the Sanur beach, like kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, surfing, and paragliding. Also, the people who are not interested in such activities, you can definitely take a banana boat and enjoy the calm waters on the Sanur beach. 

You will find a safe and exciting underwater adventure as well, here at Sanur Beach! It is an opportunity to witness the underwater world to a depth of 15 feet without certification, and without getting your hair wet.

How to reach Sanur Beach?


The Sanur Beach is located within Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and is a 20-minute ride by taxi from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. You will find many metered taxis all over the island that will take you to Sanur. 

You will see that it is one of the most accessible areas in Bali and there are well signposted exit points from the main road into the heart of Sanur. Also, it would take about 30 minutes drive from Kuta, 45 minutes from Seminyak, and 15 minutes from Denpasar. 

What makes Sanur Beach unique compared to other beaches in Bali?

Sanur Beach stands out among other beaches in Bali for its calm and peaceful vibe. Unlike some of the more bustling beaches on the island, Sanur offers a serene atmosphere with gentle waves and a relaxed ambiance. It’s perfect for swimming and water sports, thanks to its shallow waters and protective reef.

Additionally, Sanur is famous for its stunning sunrise views, drawing visitors who want to start their day with a breathtaking spectacle. With its tranquil beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Sanur Beach offers a unique escape from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s more crowded tourist spots.

How can I get to Sanur Beach?

It is located in one of the most accessible areas in Bali! You can easily reach here by metered taxis, within 30-45 minutes from Kuta, Seminyak, and Denpasar.

What are the recommended activities at Sanur Beach?

Sanur Beach offers a range of fun activities for everyone. You can start your day by taking a leisurely stroll along the sandy shore, feeling the gentle breeze and listening to the waves.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out some water sports like snorkeling or paddleboarding. For those who prefer to relax, sunbathing under the warm sun is always a great option. Don’t forget to explore the local shops and restaurants nearby to get a taste of delicious Indonesian cuisine.

And as the sun sets, gather around for a mesmerizing view and maybe even a beachside bonfire. Whatever you choose to do, Sanur Beach promises a memorable experience for all.

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