Journey In Sarkhej Roza: A Blend of Culture, Spirituality, and Royalty!

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Big monuments show how great a dynasty was. Even though everyone dies eventually, their impressive work in terms of memorable sculptures and architecture lasts forever. A monument that used to stand tall, is now a famous museum that tells the story of Indian history. Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad is one such historic site which is about 8 kilometres southwest of the old centre in Makarba. 

Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roza is a complex with a mosque, tombs, and a palace which is usually called Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad. It was built to honour Ahmed Shah who is a spiritual advisor, Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh. 

The buildings in Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad are old but beautiful. Arranged around a big tank that was made by Sultan Mahmud Begada in the 15th century, many rulers of Ahmedabad used to spend time in Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad. 

The main attraction in Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roza, is that you can see the large tombs of Mahmud Begada and Ganj Baksh, which are particularly impressive in Sarkhej Roza mosque. Locals often come here for picnics because it has a nice, friendly atmosphere.

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History Of Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad


The great monument Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roza has a handful of great monuments where you can find a mix of social, royal, and spiritual stuff in the mosque. It was made at the start of the sultanate period in Gujarat. Where the first thing they took over to build there was a mosque and a tomb to remember Khattu Ganj Baksh which is now known as the Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad. 

If you want to know the History of Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad, back in the era when Sultan Ahmed Shah ruled Ahmedabad Ganj Baksh, a famous Sufi saint from Delhi, later became his advisor. 

Later in life, Ganj Baksh moved to Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad seeking peace to his mind and soul. But soon after he died, the sultan built a mosque and tomb in his honour and remembrance, which was completed in 1451 under his successor, Quttubudin which is popularly known as Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad today. 

The Sarkhej Raze mosque, is popularly known for its simple elegance without arched facades, and is considered one of India’s most beautiful, after the construction of Agra’s Moti Mahal.

Later under Sultan Mahmud Begda, Sarkhej Roza Mosque in Ahmedabad saw more construction. He improved the Gujarat style of architecture and expanded the site in the 15th century by adding a tank, pavilions, and a private mosque. 

When the Mughals took control of Ahmedabad, Akbar made additions to the monument. Now, the monuments display a blend of architectural styles from various periods due to different rulers adding their touches over time.

Architecture Of Sarkhej Roza Ahmedabad


Deciding an architecture style before constructing a monument, is very important. Where each stone in an ancient monument tells a story of the hard work, skill, and dreams of the builders. It shows us that when we’re passionate and persistent, we can create incredible things that last forever.

Similar to that, the architecture of Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roza combines Islamic and Hindu styles, by creating a unique Indo-Saracenic style. As you explore the large Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad, you’ll see a complete blend of both Hindu craftsmanship and Islamic design principles. 

As you explore the Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad most of the complex was built by local Hindu craftsmen from Ahmedabad who were more familiar with temple architecture than Islamic styles. This is why you’ll notice differences like simpler carvings and different types of domes and pillars than typical Islamic buildings.

Different Elements As A Part Of Sarkhej Roza Mosque In Ahmedabad

Sarkhej Roza shows how spirituality and royalty are mixed in their design. From the peaceful dargah of Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh to the grand Sarkhej Roza Mosque, each part tells a story of history and culture. Now it is time for us to explore each part of Sarkhej Roza Mosque:

The Jama Masjid at Sarkhej Roza


One of the most beautiful parts of Sarkhej Roza Mosque In Ahmedabad is The Jama Masjid at Sarkhej Roza Mosque in Ahmedabad. 

The insides of the Sarkhej Roza Mosque are praised for their simple beauty and elegant design, especially its most iconic pillared hall. Sir John Marshall, who was in charge of the Archaeological Survey of India, thought it couldn’t have been made any better.

Compared to other Jama Masjids in Ahmedabad’s old city, the one in Sarkhej Roza is simpler. It is a hall with the most iconic pillars and domes of the same height, without tall minarets. 

Inside the Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roza Mosque there’s a large prayer hall, which is an open courtyard, and galleries used for walking and praying. The mosque has five big domes supported by 120 carved pillars. People still pray here regularly, and from the southern part, you can see the lake and pavilion. 

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Sluice Gates and Lake

Source: Sarkhej Roza | Historic Monument Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

The next part of Sarkhej Roza Mosque is the wonderful The Sluice Gates and Lake at Sarkhej Roza Mosque In Ahmedabad, which was built by Begda, and are the most significant structures. 

He constructed a large lake surrounded by stone steps, which is adjacent to the Sarkhej Roza mosque. The intricately carved sluices connect to Makarba Lake, providing sacred water for ablution and serving as a social centre. 

This lake has been fed by three sluice gates, the lake remains full year-round, moderating the climate and offering a cool retreat, making Sarkhej Roza mosque in Ahmedabad a popular summer destination.


Source: Rethinking The Future

The other most important attraction of Sarkhej Roza Mosque in Ahmedabad is the Jharokha. The famous Jharokhas, or balconied windows, were usually at the sides or back of any buildings, but Begda also put them on the front of Sarkhej Roza Mosque which made it a big attraction of the monument. 

The work of the Jharokha in Sarkhej Roza Mosque was given a wide view, with seats and fancy backrests held by pretty brackets. At Sarkhej Roza, they let you see the lake and cool sites of the building while looking at the fancy stonework and latticework. The way light and shadow play on them makes the building even prettier.



Moving to the next attractive part of Sarkhej Roza Mosque is The Traceries. As you know the Traceries not only create interesting light and shadow effects but also help ventilate the area, making the structure feel airy and fresh. 

They make the big building seem like it’s full of tiny holes while imagining it is so beautiful. The beautiful patterns of light filter through the colonnade and traceries. As sunlight shines through the intricate designs, it makes the stone floor look golden. 

The different patterns of filigree on the traceries create a calming and cosy atmosphere with the play of sunlight and shadow.

Plan Your Visit: The Sarkhej Roza Timings


Plan your visit by knowing the Sarkhej Roza Timings of the mosque from 9 am to 6 pm any day. Since it’s a sacred place, please remember to take off your shoes and cover your head with a cloth before going inside to show respect.

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Visitor Charges: Sarkhej Roza Entry Fee


The Sarkhej Roza Entry Fee: There’s no entry fee for visitors to Sarkhej Roza since it’s a sacred place. However, please remember to remove your shoes and cover your head with a cloth as a sign of respect before entering.

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Exciting Destinations: Know The Places To Visit Near Sarkhej Roza In Ahmedabad


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Hence, The Sarkhej Roza Mosque in Ahmedabad is a special place with a lot of history and beautiful architecture. You can see a peaceful mosque and lovely designs there. In addition, nearby, you can find exciting places to visit and tasty food to try. It’s a great spot to explore and enjoy, so make sure to visit and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sarkhej Roza famous for?

Sarkhej Roza is famous for its stunning architecture, blending Hindu and Islamic styles, and its historical significance as a spiritual and royal complex.

Is photography allowed in Sarkhej Roza?

Yes, photography is allowed in Sarkhej Roza, but visitors are advised to respect the sanctity of the site and avoid disrupting others.

What is the history of Roza Rozi Dargah?

The Roza Rozi Dargah holds significance as the resting place of Sheikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh, a revered Sufi saint and advisor to Sultan Ahmed Shah.

Who built the Sarkhej Roza?

Sarkhej Roza was built by Sultan Mahmud Begada in the 15th century as a tribute to the Sufi saint Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh.

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