Indians Get Longer Validity And Easy Accessibility To Schengen Visa New Rules!

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The European Union has taken a new step to make Indian travellers visiting the Schengen Countries easier. The EU has introduced a new visa program for Indian travellers which is called ‘Cascade’.

‘Cascade’ is a program that allows Indian Travellers to get their visas that will let them visit the Schengen Countries multiple times and will allow them to stay there for a longer time. This type of visa arrangement will be useful, especially for Indian travellers who have a good track record of travelling and related passports.

Hence, if you are from India and are planning to visit European countries, then getting a visa is very easy, allowing you to travel as many times as you wish.

The European Commission, which is like the government of the European Union, made some new rules on April 18th which are different from the old rules, especially for Indians. 

These new rules made it easier for Indians to get visas which let them visit Europe multiple times. This shows that the EU really wants to improve its relationship with India and wants more people from India to visit for tourism and business.

In the new visa system called “cascade” which was introduced for India, Indian citizens can get visas which let them visit Schengen countries many times over a long period. To get a two-year visa, they must have used two visas in the last three years. Then, if their passport has enough time left before it expires, they can get a visa that lasts for five years.

While these visas are valid, people who have them can travel just like those countries that don’t require visas. They can go in and out of Schengen countries multiple times without needing to apply for new visas each time.

The EU and India have a plan called the Common Agenda on Migration and Mobility. As part of this plan, they’re putting in place a new system to work together better. This shows how much they care about building connections between people from the EU and India. It’s all about making their relationship stronger in different ways.

A Schengen Visa enables unrestricted travel across a zone comprising 29 European countries, encompassing 25 EU member states and four additional nations (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland). Within a 180-day timeframe, holders are permitted to remain for a maximum of 90 days.

Schengen visas aren’t just for one thing; you can use them for tourism, business trips, or visiting your friends and family. But, they don’t let you work in the Schengen area.

This visa setup makes travelling in Europe easier. Instead of getting different visas for each country, you only need one visa to visit many countries in the Schengen area.

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