Snorkelling in vietnam; the complete guide

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Of late Vietnam has topped the charts in the list of best holiday destinations and you’ll see almost every second person taking international trips to Vietnam. In recent years, Snorkelling in Vietnam has grabbed the special attention of tourists. Among other major adventure activities, Snorkelling in Vietnam has become extremely popular. 

Famous for its azure blue waters and diverse marine life; Vietnam is much more than just a picturesque location. It has some of the world’s most exotic, pristine, and exquisite beaches.

A major factor for the growing popularity of Vietnam is the easy availability of visas, and world-class scuba diving, and Snorkelling and is comparatively cheaper than many other tourist destinations. Lately, many travel bloggers have also rated Snorkelling in Vietnam as the best worldwide. 

5 best spots for snorkelling in vietnam


Vietnam has a plethora of alluring beaches, diving spots, and places to visit in Vietnam, where one can dive head-on into the tranquil waters and immerse in natural bliss. The best time for Snorkelling in Vietnam is the months of September to April, the climate is generally cooler; the water currents aren’t very wild and there are no rains, resulting in good underwater visibility.

  • Phu Quoc– Imagine stepping into the enchanted maritime world, and discovering a place that’s full of vibrant animated colorful creatures. Gone are the days when your world was restricted to only watching fish in an aquarium. With Snorkelling, delve into the heart of the deep blue sea and set out on a treasure hunt, watch the rich maritime ecosystem of Phu Quoc one of the best places for Snorkelling in Vietnam, unfold right in front of you.

Among the best Snorkelling spots in Vietnam, Phu Quoc has a special place. Here Snorkellers and scuba divers can witness an exceptional and diverse marine ecosystem. 

A myriad of marine species like the crown-of-thorns-seastars, pufferfish, butterfly fish, and more than 259 other species of aquatic animals are habitants of Phu Quoc. Underwater fish feeding is another prevalent activity at Phu Quoc, however, it is not advisable to undertake such activities as they disturb the maritime ecosystem in many ways. 

Must-visit recommendations for Snorkelling in Phu Quoc are Rach Vem, Ganh Dau, An Thoi Archipelago, and Seaworld Phu Quoc Park. For the best Snorkelling in Vietnam, do visit these spots. 

  • Cham Islands: Located at a distance of a few km from the mainland of Hoi an,

Cham Islands have recently gained recognition by UNESCO as a World Biosphere Reserve. No wonder these islands are among the best places for Snorkelling in Vietnam and also a Marine Protected Area (MPA). 

Why has this place gained a safe spot among the MPA? It is due to a plethora of significant marine creatures, untouched beaches, intricately growing coral reefs under the blue surface of the ocean bed, and flourishing biodiversity.

What makes the Cham Islands one of the best places for Snorkelling in Vietnam?

Among the ample number of things to do in Vietnam, Snorkelling in Vietnam, especially in Cham Islands; an archipelago consisting of 8 islands is extremely popular. Snorkellers can live their dream of swimming with their multicolored aquatic friends at Cham Islands, at a reasonable price of around 10 USD. The prices here are lower in comparison to, prices of Snorkelling in Vietnam in other places. 

Tourists can also find some great places to eat in Vietnam present on the Cham Islands. They can enjoy mouthwatering, spicy Vietnamese seafood along with other fun activities. 

  • Halong Bay: Step into the beautiful world of tiny islands; Halong Bay. Soak up in the salty waters and walk the magical white sandy beaches of Halong Bay, another piece of heaven for snorkellers who love some quiet time and prefer Snorkelling in Vietnam in a peaceful and secluded environment. 

Snorkellers from across the globe, admire Halong Bay’s splendid green limestone masses, standing across the cerulean Vietnamese waters, filled with plentiful breeds of fish, corals, and aquatic plants.

Apart from being famous for Snorkelling in Vietnam, Halong Bay is famous for island hopping and is also a popular honeymoon destination. Tourists can book package tours to visit the whole area at economical rates. Travelers can pick various Halong Bay travel guide tours as well. 

  • Saigon: As a great thinker said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all” and Snorkelling in Vietnam is surely the adventure of a lifetime. Next on our Snorkelling destinations list is Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minh City. 

Although, it isn’t the most popular choice amongst tourists for Snorkelling in Vietnam, due to the sedimented water in the area, as the visibility is low. 

It may not offer the best Snorkelling in Vietnam, but for beginners and people who want to get a taste of this activity, Saigon is an amazing option, plus the price of Snorkelling in Vietnam is probably the most economical here.

Taking a long walk on Long Hai, Ho Tram, and Ho Coc Beaches in Ho Chi Minh will relieve you of all your worries and exhaustion. You can also spot seahorses and canyon spongers here. 

Not sure if you would like Snorkelling? Then a must-try activity is water-ziplining, a thrill-instilling adventure sport for the daredevils. 

Ho Chi Minh City has something for everyone. For Indian food lovers, many great Indian restaurants in Vietnam are present in Ho Chi Minh.

  • Con Dao Islands: The historic land of Con Dao Island, the witness of the bravery of all the revolutionaries who fought against the French occupation, is home to numbered endangered maritime species in the world. 

The islands give a breathtaking view of the tiger caves and take visitors back in history through glimpses of the prison cells. 

Situated close to the Con Dao Airport, the beaches in this area are mostly crowded and, if you’re a solitude lover who wants to experience Snorkelling in Vietnam in less-crowded areas then, you might find this place a bit off. 

For nature and animal lovers, there are some special spots on the Con Dao Islands where green turtles can be spotted, as this place is also a turtle breeding ground.


Tips to stay safe and enjoy snorkelling in vietnam

Snorkelling through the water currents can give you an out-worldly feeling, but certain things should be kept in mind at all times, to stay safe and enjoy the activity to the fullest.

  • People with any respiratory problems, must avoid Snorkelling completely, as it could lead to serious issues mid-journey. 
  • Stay with your buddy or group at all times.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the mask and practice breathing with the mask and coming out of the water several times before actually going for it. 
  • As the price of Snorkelling in Vietnam is lower than in many other countries, check for the availability of guided packages beforehand, to avoid last-minute hassles. 
  • Do keep track of how far you have swum, as returning back can be quite tiring. Snorkelling in Vietnam would become a nightmare if you aren’t aware of the distance you have traversed. 
  • As beautiful as they seem, marine flora and fauna, corals and even some fish can be extremely poisonous, therefore avoid touching anything underwater at all costs. 
  • Timing of Snorkelling in Vietnam must be taken into account before you set foot into the deep ultramarine world.

Vietnam is a developing nation economically and tourism wise, therefore there are several activites like Kayaking, Sandboarding, Scuba diving and much more to explore in various parts of Vietnam. 

The best time for Snorkelling in Vietnam and also the best places to visit in Vietnam is from October to April and from November to January in some areas, where the monsoon sets in late. 

If you are planning to take up a Snorkelling adventure in Vietnam then make sure the timing of Snorkelling in Vietnam is in the morning, when the weather is cool, and the water is also calm. 

Folks life is short, give Snorkelling in Vietnam a shot!


What are the best snorkeling spots in Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to some of the best Snorkelling spots in Asia. For a thrilling and memorable experience, must-visit snorkelling spots are : Da Nang Islands, Cham Islands, Kho Island, Con Dao Islands etc. 

What is the best time of year for snorkeling in Vietnam?

The best time of the year for Snorkelling in Vietnam is from September to April.

Do I need to bring my own snorkeling gear, or is it provided at snorkeling locations in Vietnam?

If you’re a seasoned Snorkeller and have been doing the sport for a while, then you can always get your own gear. However, all the adventure sport companies and guided tour companies provide you with all the equipment required for Snorkelling in Vietnam.

Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of before snorkeling in Vietnam?

Before you set out on your Snorkelling expedition, you will receive all the necessary instructions for the tour. You shall be accompanied by professional guides, but you must keep in mind that you must know basic level of swimming for Snorkelling in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world.

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