Sol Café: Ecosphere, Journeys for change

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The Sol café is a wonderful place to meet travellers who are experiencing the sprawling and picturesque Spiti Valley. Sol Cafe in Spiti is a culinary delight that offers a blend of Indian as well as International cuisines. Food prepared at the cafe is finger licking and it will be a dream come true to come back to this place again and again. 

The cafe provides a space for relaxation and connection with fellow travellers and a chance to interact with the local community and discover interesting facts and findings about the region. Sol Cafe is a culinary delight that offers a blend of Indian as well as International cuisines. Food prepared at the cafe is finger licking and it will be a dream come true to come back to this place again and again. 

The Sol Cafe is run by the Ecosphere group and they support an initiative to help the locals, running the schools and planting solar power for the village and neighbouring areas. You can also buy souvenirs like handmade postcards, fridge magnets and chocolates to take back along with you.The money earned from the cafe goes to support the various initiatives.

Enjoy the savoury food and help to conserve the Himalayas and create a sustainable future with Spiti Valley tour packages.

4 Best things to do in Sol Café 

  • Know about the Ecosphere Volunteer group

Ecosphere is a social enterprise born out of love for the Himalayas and its people. The volunteers of the group are deeply concerned about conservation and creating a sustainable future. A huge number of local and international volunteers are associated with the group. The cafe is run by volunteers from all over the world. All that you buy here, goes directly to supporting several local community initiatives.

  • Sit outdoors and relax

The outdoor sitting area of the Sol cafe in Spiti Valley provides the guests with an astounding view of the majestic Himalayas and the village area. Sipping a hot cup of coffee or buckthorn tea with a view of mountains is next-level exciting.

  • Taste Everything

The cuisine in Sol Cafe in Kaza is a wonderful blend of Siptian and international flavours. Taste some well-baked pizza. Try tasty pancakes, chocolate sandwiches, and waffles. The best drink at this cafe is smooth rum. For tea and coffee lovers, here you may have a delicious cappuccino, tea, or black coffee. Some travellers even say that they serve the best coffee in the world. Alternatively, the momos feature wonderful Spitian flavours. Seabuckthorn tea is the finest way to end the meal and soothe your tummy.

  • Write on the “wish to the world” Ceiling

The Sol cafe in Spiti Valley has an interesting concept of a ‘Wish to the World’ ceiling, where you may write your wishes on chart paper and glue them to the ceiling. It is fun to read the wishes of so many travellers from across the world.

The best time to visit Sol Café 

The best time to visit Sol Cafe in Kaza is throughout the summer, which runs from May to October. During this time of year, the temperature in the area is nice and ideal for outdoor exploration of the region. The café is open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. Winters are not regarded to be the best season to visit the Sol Cafe since the temperature in the region goes below zero and the roads are impassable.

How to reach Sol Café

The Sol Café in Spiti Valley is conveniently located on the main market road Kaza. Once there, the place is easy to find. You may even seek assistance from a local to find your way to the Cafe.

Places to stay near Sol Café 


There are several possibilities for where to stay near Sol Cafe. Tourists can book hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and zostels. Tourists may select their hotel based on their comfort and price; there are also several options for homestays near the Sol Cafe. Locals manage these homestays, which have transformed a portion of their homes into guest rooms. These homestays provide pleasant meals and lodging, as well as an insight into the life of Kaza residents.

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Places to visit near Sol Café


Explore Kaza Village

Kaza  is the largest town in the Spiti Valley and also the district headquarters. Kaza is divided into Old and new Kaza. The new Kaza is established for administrative buildings whereas the old Kaza has the charm of markets, cafes, restaurants and hotels.A number of small villages Hikkim, Komic, Lanza and other villages are nearby to Kaza and can be covered in a day. This is the best location to stay and visit the nearby attractions.

Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery is one of the five main Buddhist religious centres and the most visited tourist destination near Sol Cafe in Spiti. This river is situated at the confluence of the Spiti and Pin Rivers. The statue of the Vairochana or meditating Buddha is the major attraction of the Monastery. The Monastery has ancient paintings, cravings and Buddhist sects preserved that are worth looking at and appreciating. 

Kibber Village

Kibber Village is well known for Kibber Monastery, Kibber wildlife and the highest motorable road. This Village is located near the Chicham Bridge, which is the highest man-made bridge in Asia. The houses in the Kibber village are built in a classic Tibetan style with stones and mud. Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary offers a rare view of the endangered snow leopard and other animals.

Is Sol Cafe child-friendly?

Yes, the sol Cafe is Child-friendly. The cafe has a menu which is well-suited even for kids.

What type of cuisine does Sol Cafe

Cuisine in Sole cafe has all the Indian as well as International flavours. Cafe received footfall from the people of various nationalities. The best cuisine however to give a try is the Spitian cuisine. The meals prepared at the cafe include local species.The food here is loved by all the travellers.

What are the operating hours of Sol Cafe?

The cafe operated from 9 AM-8 PM

What makes Sol Cafe a must-visit spot in Spiti Valley?

The welcoming atmosphere and ambience of the Sol Cafe make it a hot spot for travellers. This is a meeting place for travellers alike and share their experiences up to this point. The volunteers at the Sol café are friendly and welcoming; they are all Ecosphere group volunteers. Cafes have souvenirs for sale too. They even have a small library, where you can exchange the books.

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