Sopona Lake In Spiti Valley: A Whole Guide

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Sopona Lake is not much known to people, traveling to Spiti Valley but it is a gem of a place to visit! Well, Chandratal Lake outshines most places to visit in Spiti Valley and is also known to be the most beautiful and visited area of the valley. 

Sopona Lake is really beautiful until you visit it in summer, as it gets dried down when the snow is not melted enough. However, the Sopona Lake trek offers some breathtaking views and surroundings of the Spiti Valley and the high Manirang range. 

The Manirange Himalayan range comes along the highest mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh, on the border between Kinnaur and Lahaul, the two famous Spiti districts. If you really want to explore the whole valley, you must go for the booking of some great Spiti tour packages

Sopona Lake and Mane villages are the few places that will give you the feeling of solitude, calmness, and a disconnecting feeling from the world. They will take you back in time and let you reconnect with nature! 

How to Reach Sopona Lake?


Sopona Lake is located at an altitude of 13500 feet above the remote twin villages of Mane and Maneyogma. When people come from Tabo towards Dhankar, there is a small bridge known as Schichiling bridge before the Dhankar village diversion point from where you have to take a left across the Spiti river. 

This is where you will find the beautiful Sopona Lake and relax here for a bit to experience the reconnection with nature and the beauty of the place. 

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Best Time to Visit Sopona Lake


Sopona Lake is a seasonal lake formed by glacial melts in the Himalayas and is made from the snow of Manirang range mainly. So, the best time to visit Sopona Lake is during summer when roads to Spiti Valley are also open. 

In early summers and early winters, the lake is barren because the glacial snow melts either does not start or dries up by the start of winter. But, the journey to this high altitude is really beautiful in any season and the Sopona Lake trek is like a heaven for travelers. 

Suggested Plan to Reach Sopona Lake


There are many common itineraries for Spiti Valley to choose from Kinnaur or Manali. But, this suggested plan is for reaching Sopona Lake and how to fit this beautiful gem into your itinerary for the trip.

DAY1: Delhi – Shimla/Narkanda 

  • Shimla sightseeing – Mall Road, Lakkar Bazaar, Jakhu Temple
  • Shimla to Narkanda in about 2 hours
  • 8 Hours drive to Shimla 
  • Stay overnight at Shimla or Narkanda according to your preference. 

DAY 2: Shimla/Narkanda – Kalpa/ Reckong Peo

  • You can leave early from Shimla. 
  • Lunch at Rampur. 
  • 8-9 hours drive through Kinnaur Valley. 
  • Stay overnight at Kalpa/Reckong Peo. 

DAY 3: Kalpa/Reckong Peo – Nako – Nako Lake – Geyu Mummy – Tabo 

  • You can start your day early.
  • Check out Khab, the confluence of the Spiti and Satluj rivers. 
  • Witness the Leo Purygal peak from Khab Bridge. 
  • Lunching at Nako. 
  • Stay overnight at Tabo. 

DAY 4: Tabo – Dhangkar – Dhangkar Lake – Mane Village 

  • Start early and visit the Dhangkar Monastery 
  • You can also trek to the Dhangkar Lake. 
  • Have your lunch. 
  • Stay overnight at Mane Village. 

DAY 5: Mane Village – Sopona Lake – Manegogma – Attargu – Pin Valley 

  • Start early in the morning around 5-6 AM and go to the Sopona Lake. 
  • You can have your breakfast packed. 
  • Then have your lunch at the Maneyogma village and head towards the Pin Valley. 
  • Stay overnight at Pin Valley. 

Stay Options Near Sopona Lake


Considering the fact that both of the Mane Villages are more or less tiny hamlets of Spiti Valley, there are no big hotels or guest houses available at such places. 

But, you will find some relaxing homestays in Maneyogma village. Stay here for the best-ever hospitality by the locals in the Mane village, you will feel a lot good while staying here in Spiti Valley. 

You can look for other best resorts in Spiti Valley, and have your stay more comfortable. 

Travel Tips while going to Sopona Lake


Here are some of the travel tips and suggestions that you should take while going to Sopona Lake. 

  1. The food availability is limited to the local homestays, so you should always have some of the packed food with you. You would not get many options while traveling in Spiti. 
  2. You should take a local villager or a guide with you to the Sopona Lake trek from Maneyogma. You would get to know a lot of things and have a great time while enjoying your time at Sopona Lake. 
  3. The nearest place is Kaza where the petrol pump will be available. So, you should definitely get your fuel refilled. 
  4.  There would be no mobile signals in the Mane villages and on the trek to Sopona Lake. 
  5. You will find only ATM in Kaza, so make sure you are carrying sufficient cash with you. 

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What is Sopona Lake, and where is it located?

Sopona Lake is a beautiful lake in Spiti Valley, which is a hidden gem for tourists. Sopona Lake is located at an altitude of 13500 feet above the remote twin villages of Mane and Maneyogma. When people come from Tabo towards Dhankar, there is a small bridge known as Schichiling bridge before the Dhankar village diversion point from where you have to take a left across the Spiti river.

What is the significance of Sopona Lake?

The Sopona Lake has the potential to please tourists and locals with its amazing location to help people reconnect with nature. Also, you can take some Instagram-worthy photos at the place.

What activities can I enjoy at Sopona Lake?

Take a leisurely stroll along the scenic shores or have a picnic with your friends and family. Nature lovers can explore the surrounding area, spotting colorful birds and lush greenery. And don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the beautiful moments at Sopona Lake!

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