Spituk Gompa: Explore the mystic history of the past

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The word Spituk means “exemplary”, depicting the rise of the religious Buddhist community, their learning, and faith. The Spituk Gompa, better known as the Spituk Monastery or Pethup Gomba is an 11th-century monastery located on the hilltop overlooking the beautiful Indus River in Ladakh, India. For your next trip embark on your unforgettable journey to Leh – Ladakh with Ladakh Tour Packages

The beautiful Spituk Gompa was founded by Od-de, the elder brother of Lha Lama Changchub Od, during his visit to Mayrul. It is said that the site of Spituk is blessed by Arhat Nyimagung. The monastery is the home to more than 100 monks.  A giant statue of Kali is only revealed during the annual festival. Every year from the 27th to the 29th in the eleventh month of the Tibetan calendar, the Gustor Festival is celebrated in this 11th-century monastery.

The Evolution of the Spituk Gompa


The Spituk Gomba has seen a lot of transformation over time. In the beginning, the Spituk was a Kadampa Institution i.e. Red Hat, as we entered the 15th century, it turned into a Gelupa institution i.e. Yellow Hat. As the monastery grew in size, new structures were built and architectural changes were made. In the present times, Spituk Monastery remains the most vital center for Buddhist practice and culture.

Best Time to visit Spituk Monastery


Leh and Ladakh are beautiful throughout the year but due to heavy snow in winter, it becomes really difficult to access most of the places. The summers of Leh-Ladakh are beautiful, April to September offers the most pleasant weather and is the best time to travel. There are plenty of things to do in Leh Ladakh – like trekking, mountain climbing, rock climbing, and cliff jumping that you can do during this period.  

The Spituk Gompa is 8 kilometers from Leh. During the month of April to September, the weather is warm making it easy to explore the monastery comfortably. 

However, if you wish to experience the Gustor Festival, plan your trip to Leh and Ladakh in the month of January. The weather can be harsh during these months. Ladakh turns into a winter wonderland, the temperature can drop below freezing point, so don’t forget to pack all the essentials needed for the trip. 

Key Information for travelers visiting Spituk Gompa

  • The Gompa is the best place for nature lovers and devotees.
  • It will take about 2 to 3 hours to explore every corner of the monastery. 
  • Spituk Gompa is 8 kilometers from Leh. It can easily be accessed through taxis, private cars, buses, or any public transport.
  • The monastery is located in the uphill, so travelers should be prepared to walk quite a few kilometers.
  • The Gompa is open throughout the year from Monday to Sunday. The time is from 6 am to 1 pm, it remains closed for half an hour and again opens around 1.30 pm to 6 pm. 
  • The entry fee is nominal for the visitors. It is 30 INR per person.
  • If you are lucky enough you can see the Chaam dance of Lamas.

Architectural Design of Gompa Spituk


The architecture of the Gompa monastery reflects the passage of time and its evolving influence. The buildings have a unique and harmonious blend of style and color depicting its rich past. The origin of the monastery design is uncertain, but it is evident that renovations according to the changing of times have been made. 

Inside Spituk Gompa

The Spituk Gompa location is breathtaking, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere and serene landscape.

Things to do in Gompa Spituk

1. Meditation


Gompa Spituk is the best place to reflect upon your actions and search for deeper meaning in life. The peaceful atmosphere will make you forget the hustle of your life and contemplate your actions. This place is the best place to reflect upon your life and see it from a different perspective.

2. Interact with the monks

The monastery is the home to more than 100 monks. They are the keepers of the monastery’s legacy and tradition. Talk with them and understand their viewpoint on Ladakh, and learn about their culture and heritage. Learn about their life, their daily practices, and their history. 

3. Spituk Festival


The Spituk festival is the annual festival of this monastery. It celebrates the region’s culture and rich heritage. The festival is celebrated in January every year, the eleventh month of the Tibetan calendar.

4. Panoramic View

The monastery is located in the uphill of Leh.  The breathtaking view of Leh, the Indus Valley, and the mighty Himalayas is one of the best things about the monastery.

5. Trekking


Leh and Ladakh have some of the best spots to trek. The Trek path to the monastery has a breathtaking view which is the best part of the journey. If you are an adventure junkie and love to get involved in sports and activities, you can always trek your way to the monastery.

Places of attraction near Gompa Spituk

1. Monastery Circuit

Leh and Ladakh have many beautiful monasteries to visit. The Monastery Circuit is a spiritual center and home to many Buddhist monks. This Monastery has different sects of Buddhism in one place. You can also visit the Diskit Monastery in Ladakh which is one of the biggest an oldest monasteries.

2. Stok Palace Museum


The Stok Palace is located in the Stock Village and has many antique items like jewelry, stamps, locks, paintings, and many more. This palace belongs to the old monarchs of Ladakh.

3. Gurdwara Pathar Sahib

This Gurudwara Pathar Sahib was built in the 16th century and is situated in the uphill of Magnetic Hill. Many Sikhs, Hindus, and Tibetans have visited this holy place. The beautiful surroundings of the Gurudwara make it one of the best places to visit in Leh & Ladakh.



The 11th-century Spituk Gompa is the witness to various events of the time. Today it is the home to 100 monks and serves as the primary hub for Buddhist teachings and learning. The statue of Shakyamuni Buddha continues to attract visitors from all around the world. Don’t forget to take a trip to this ancient Gompa monastery for your next trip to Leh & Ladakh.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spituk Monastery famous for?

The Spituk Monastery is famous for age-old 11th-century architecture. The location of the monastery gives a panoramic view of Leh which is one of the best parts of the visit. At present about 100 monks are residing in the monastery. 

What is the entry fee for Spituk Monastery?

The Spituk Gompa entry fee is very nominal. It opens its door to its visitors daily and the fee is 30 INR per person.

How to reach Spituk Monastery?

The Spituk Monastery is only 8 kilometers away from Leh. Buses, cabs, taxis, and private cars are readily available. If you are an adventure junkie, you can also trek your way to the monastery. 

Which is the largest gompa in Ladakh?

Diskit Monastery is one of the oldest and largest Monasteries in Ladakh. It is located in the Nubra Valley of Leh district in Ladakh. The monastery is famous for the giant Crowned Buddha statue i.e. the Cho Rinpoche statue. The major attraction of this monastery is the Dosmoche Festival or the Festival of Scapegoat in February. 

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