Stays in Hikkim Village: Best Places to Stay in Spiti Valley

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All set for your adventurous vacation to Hikkim Village Spiti Valley? But wait what about the stays in Hikkim Village? Now don’t say that you will be booking any hotel, it doesn’t matter. It does Matter especially in Hikkim Village which is adorned with picturesque and splendid views of the majestic Himalayas, beautiful valley, and the charm of mud houses in the quaint Village.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive selection of the top hotels in Hikkim Village Spiti Valley that will completely transform your vacation to Spiti Valley into a dreamy destination. This list includes all sorts of accommodations, from luxury to budget hotels in Hikkim Village, and it is meticulously chosen so that guests may have a taste of the Spiti Valley’s exquisite cuisine, tradition, and culture at these accommodations.Spiti Valley travel packages transport you to a fantasy location of Hikkim, Langza, and Komic Villages, with accommodations, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Places to Stay in Hikkim Village and Nearby Locations

  • Spiti Village Resort

Spiti Valley Resort is a luxury stay in Hikkim Village Kaza. Spiti Village Resort features mud rooms and beautiful Indo-Tibetan paintings. The interior of each room reflects the Spiti Valley’s culture while also representing the architecture of ancient times. Spiti Village Resort is located next to the Key Monastery, which gives a heavenly touch to its eco-friendly accommodations.

The resort has suites and rooms with a variety of views. The Monastery View Room provides a beautiful view of the Key Monastery, which is located on a gorgeous hilltop and is the centerpiece of this trip. Valley view rooms provide a view of the magnificent Spiti Valley and Spiti River. The Anjana Suite at the resort is the most desired by all visitors. This suite features a window on the ceiling, allowing tourists to admire the night sky while relaxing in their beds.

The resort provides travelers with an array of scrumptious foods. This resort is a perfect blend of delectable cuisine and warm hospitality that will transform your trip into a dreamy vacation. 

Tariff: 18,500 Rs/Night (Anjana Suite)

Amenities:  Parking space, Laundry service, Power backup, Tea/Coffee maker

Rating: 4.7

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

komic Village: 30.5 km

Langza Village: 23.3 km

Hikkim Village: 22.8 km

Key Monastery: 1.1 Km

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  • Osel Rooms

This accommodation in Hikkim Village Kaza is managed by Spiti Ecosphere. The Spiti Ecosphere community is a group of volunteers from all over the world who offer responsible travel and eco-friendly tours of the Spiti Valley. They are on a mission to spread awareness about mindful and curious traveling. Osel Rooms, a hotel in Hikkim Village Kaza surrounded by the breathtaking Trans-Himalayas, is the perfect stay in Hikkim Village for anybody searching for a relaxing stay with family or friends! The hotel’s rooms are well-equipped with all of the essential conveniences and provide breathtaking views of the valley and the Himalayas. Our friendly team of Spiti Ecosphere is always available to assist and coach you on how to better tour Spiti! 

The hotel features an in-house restaurant called Taste of Spiti, which serves a blend of traditional Spiti food along with international cuisine for all kinds of travelers. This is the best place to have a taste of the authentic cuisine of Spiti Valley. 

Tariff: 3,380 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Parking space, Power backup, Child friendly, Electric Kettle

Rating: 4.1

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23.8 km

Langza Village: 16.6 km

Hikkim Village: 16 km

Key Monastery: 15 Km

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  • Tethys Himalayan DEN

Tethys Himalayan DEN a luxury stay in Hikkim Villay Chicham provides unparalleled views of the Himalayan peaks and the Spiti Valley. This stay, located in the center of Spiti Valley, is close to numerous attractions and serves as an excellent base for visitors to the area. This little den is the perfect respite from city life, providing you with a taste of Spitian culture and rich heritage. 

This quiet stay in Hikkim Village consists of six rooms, each with a unique view of the valley. This gem and best guesthouse is located beyond the Chicham Bridge, Asia’s largest man-made bridge in Asia. This stay in Hikkim Village is nestled in the picturesque village of Chicham and immerses you in the world of the natural environment. Because this location is at a high height, travelers may have difficulty acclimatizing to the high altitude conditions. 

Tariff: 4,144 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Parking space, Power backup, Child friendly, Restaurant, Breakfast included, Pet Friendly

Rating: 4.6

Location: Chicham Village

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 42.3 km

Langza Village: 35.1 km

Hikkim Village: 34.6 km

Key Monastery: 9.9 Km

  • Parasol camps and retreat

Parasol Camps and Retreat is the best stay in Hikkim Village Chandra Taal Lake. Parasol Camps provides a campground 1.5 kilometers from Chandertal Lake that has been servicing travellers, hikers, and bikers for over a decade. These have 20 campers that are cozy and warm despite the high altitude. 

This campground near Chandra Taal Lake is the ideal place for nature enthusiasts to be as close to nature as possible. Chandra Taal Lake is a sight to behold throughout the day. The shift in the hue of the lake as the day progresses is an opportunity not to be missed. And if you can spend the night near the lake, it will be the cherry on the cake. This homestay brings nature lovers’ fantasies to life by providing a comfortable and relaxing stay near Chandra Taal Lake.

This Stay in Hikkim Village near Chandra Taal is run by Bishan Ji and his crew, who work relentlessly to provide comfort to travelers while pursuing their dreams. 

Tariff: 5,000 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 4.5

location: Chandra Taal Lake

distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23.3 km

Langza Village: 5.7 km

Hikkim Village: 3.7 km

Key Monastery: 9.6 Km

  • Spiti Villa Himalayan Brothers

Spiti Villa Himalayan Brothers is one of the best hotels in Spiti Valley for a comfortable vacation. This Luxury resort in  Hikkim Village Kaza is nestled very near to Key Monastery one of the major attractions of the Spiti Valley. This hotel in Hikkim Villages is located in the center of the valley, providing convenient access to the major attractions and cultural marvels that determine Spiti Valley.

Whether you’re an adventurer, a cultural explorer, or simply looking for a refreshing retreat, Spiti Villa Himalayan Brothers Resort guarantees a memorable experience in the Himalayas away from the chaos of city life. This luxury stay in Hikkim Village offers guests with exquisite dining experience with the local food of Spiti Valley prepared from locally sourced ingredients as well as international flavors. 

The hotels in Hikkim Village proudly boast mountain view rooms that offer an unparalleled view of the majestic Himalayas elevating the experience.

Tariff: 9,159 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 5.0

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

komic Village: 30.3 km

Langza Village: 23.1 km

Hikkim Village: 22.6 km

Key Monastery: 4.1 Km

  • Zostel Homes Kibber

Zostel Stay in Hikkim Village Kibber Village is a one-of-a-kind accommodation specially curated for solo travelers, bikers, trekkers, and adventurer enthusiasts who want to vacation on a budget. Zostel Spiti is the most happening place to stay in Hikkim Village, allowing fellow travelers to connect and share their experiences from their trip to Spiti so far. At Zostel, like-minded travelers discuss the adventures that they undertake, as well as share tales about their struggles and experiences while traveling through the valley.  

Zostel Rooms provides a variety of stay options for all types of tourists. They provide Alpine tents for those who want a luxury tent with a valley view. They also provide outside tents for people who want to spend the night under the stars with a view of the valley while staying within their budget. Their most popular room is the mixed dorm, which has 6 beds in a room with a common bathroom and is ideal for solo travelers. 

Zostel room is one for all sorts of stays, so if you are searching for something that goes on a budget but also allows you to hear and share your experiences, then Zostel room is a must-book accommodation in Hikkim Village. 

Tariff: 2,999 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 3.8

Location: Kibber 

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 38.8 km

Langza Village: 31.5 km

Hikkim Village: 31.0 km

Key Monastery: 6.3 Km

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  • Norbuling guest house

Norbuling Guest House is one of the budget hotels in Hikkim Village which is located at the main market of Kaza. Due to its vicinity to the major tourist attractions, this stay in Hikkim Village Kaza is the most preferred choice of accommodation. Norbuling Guest House provides fairly decent rooms with basic facilities. 

This accommodation in Hikkim Village Kaza is near one of the most popular cafés among visitors. Sol Cafe, Himalayan Cafe, and Cafe Deyzor. You will not have to worry about meals throughout your stay here. These eateries are well-known for offering traditional Spiti Valley food.

Tariff: 2,500 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 38.8 km

Langza Village: 5.5 km

Hikkim Village: 3.5 km

Key Monastery: 134 Km

  • Spiti Eco Domes

Want to experience something more exotic than the grandeur of a hotel? Have you ever visited mud homes? Certainly not, particularly in India. Because the Spiti Eco Domes are the first of this kind in India. 

Spiti Eco Domes are composed of mud bags and are India’s first mud bag hotels. These domes are built from mud and transformed into wonders. These eco-friendly stays in Hikkim Village are significantly more unusual than any other posh hotel. Here, you may experience nature while staying in eco-friendly domes. Even when the temperature is dipping to -15 degrees Celsius the eco dome will provide you with enough warmth to keep you warm. 

A few of these domes have a glass ceiling at the top, allowing guests to have an experience of stargazing in Spiti Valley from the comfort of their beds. The fantasy of sleeping beneath the stars can be fulfilled at Spiti Eco Dome a luxury stay in Hikkim Village. 

Tariff: 4,480 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Breakfast included, free cancellation, free private parking. Pets friendly

Rating: 5.0

Location: Rangrik, Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 25.5 km

Langza Village: 18.3 km

Hikkim Village: 17.8 km

Key Monastery: 13.6 Km

  • Iceland Homestay 

Iceland homestay is located on the main road Kaza. The Iceland homestay is a budget homestay in Hikkim Village with comfortable rooms for a solo traveler and even for a family. They also have a variety of hotel options for different types of tourists, ranging from double to quadruple occupancy.

This homestay’s strategic position makes it the most popular choice of accommodation in Hikkim Village Kaza. The main tourist sites may be covered within a few kilometers distance. This homestay also has delectable food that offers a mix of international as well as local cuisine on its menu. The Food can even be served in the room for the comfort of the guest. This homestay is close to the trekking trail of Spiti Valley Treks

Tariff: 2,500 Rs/Night 

Amenities:   Free private parking,  Pets friendly, Terrace

Rating: 4.6

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23.1 km

Langza Village: 15.9 km

Hikkim Village: 15.4 km

Key Monastery: 14.3 Km

  • Tendel Homestay

This homestay is located 16 km before Kaza and is a unique stay in Hikkim Village that takes on a field walk to experience carpet making and sock making. This homestay is located in Sumling, which happens to be a 3-level farmland and is the complete topography of the village. 

This homestay offers the most tingling food that will elevate your culinary experience in Spiti Valley, as all the flavors added to the food are from the homegrown farm. This stay in Hikkim Village has the basic amenities that are enough for a comfortable stay. 

Tariff: 3.000 Rs/Night 

Amenities: Free private parking,  Washing Machine, Sitting area, Parking Space, Free Breakfast 

Rating: 5

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 34.7 km

Langza Village: 27.5 km

Hikkim Village: 27 km

Key Monastery: 22.8 Km

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What is Hikkim village famous for?

Hikkim Village is well known for its post office. The Post office of Hikkim Village is distinguished with the title of the World’s highest post Office. Tourists visit here to snap themselves in front of the iconic post office and also to post letters and postcards to their family and friends as a memory of being at this place.

Are there any health facilities in Hikkim Village?

Hikkim is a small Village that has a countable house. There is a very basic health facility that is available in Hikkim Village. For something major, the nearest health facility is available in Kaza. People have to travel to Kaza to get proper medical supplies. 

Are there any tourist attractions in Hikkim Village?

The major tourist attraction in Hikkim Village is the Hikkim Post Office. The beauty of Hikkim Village draws tourists towards the village in search of peace and tranquility. Other major attractions near the Village are the Key Monastery in Kaza, Sakya Tangyud Monastery in Komic Village, and the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary

What is the average price range for hotels in Hikkim?

If you want to stay in Hikkim Village, guests may find rooms for as little as 700 per bed or as much as Rs 19,000 per night. The average price of a room in Hikkim will be approximately Rs 2000. Hikkim Village features a variety of hotels, guesthouses, and homestays ranging from opulent to budget-friendly options. 

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