Stays in Komic Village: Himachal Pradesh

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A stay in Komic Village when vacationing in Spiti Valley could surprise you with the eye-catching landscapes of the snow-capped Himalayas, distinct valleys, and rooms with authentic Tibetan architecture. 

Komic Village in Himachal Pradesh offers numerous remarkable attractions, including the valley’s oldest monasteries and beautiful vistas of the small village enriching the valley. The accommodations in Komic village and the surrounding areas are limited owing to the remote location of the place. Tourists may find an array of places to stay in Komic Village, including luxury hotels, rental homes, budget accommodations, and homestays. Staying at hotels in Komic Village and nearby regions is a unique experience, as they provide tourists with mystical views and heartwarming hospitality. You can experience some of the fascinating stays in Komic Village with Spiti Valley tour packages which will transport you to a completely other world. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to stay in Komic Village to immerse yourself in the culture of Spiti Valley and learn about the fascinating lives of the people who live in isolated villages.

Places to Stay in Komic Village and Nearby Locations

  • Spiti Valley Resort

The Spiti Valley Resort is a luxury stay in Komic Village Spiti Valley that offers an unusual and personalized view of the valley and river. The resort features a pleasant staff and delectable authentic cuisine. The views from this top guest house in Komic Village are breathtaking, especially in one of their unique rooms with a glass ceiling, which is ideal for skywatching while reclining on the bed. If you are looking for the best stay in Komic Village, book your stay at Spiti Valley Resort.

Tariff: 15,000 Rs/Night

Amenities: Break Fast Included, Free Parking, Restaurant, Pet Friendly

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 17 km

Langza Village: 5.6 km

Hikkim Village: 3.5 km

Key Monastery: 9.6 Km


Hotel Deyzor

This Stay in Komic Village is situated in the lap of the mountains and provides spectacular views from the rooms. Deyzor Hotel in Komic Village is a comfortable place to spend your holiday in Lahaul and Spiti Valley with family and friends. With the picturesque views and stunning landscapes viewed from this hotel, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in nature’s lap.

The basic and colorful rooms of the hotel designed in the typical Spitian style enhance the spirit of the region. Shakya Tangyud Monastery is approximately a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Experience this luxurious hotel in Komic Village by taking a leisurely walk around the region’s main attractions.

Tariff: 5,300 Rs/Night

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, 

Rating: 4.7

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23 Km

Langza Village: 16 km

Hikkim Village: 15.4 km

Key Monastery: 14.3 Km


Sakya Abode

This stay in Komic Village is nestled in a peaceful and pleasant environment. Sakya Abode is designed in a traditional Spitian style that symbolizes the region’s culture and religion. All of the Abode’s rooms are big and open to a large verandah, which is suitable for meditation, leisure sitting in nature, and children’s play. 

This is the best hotel in Komic Village that also has facilities like organizing trekking for groups, bikes on rent, taxi rentals, and others. The luxury stay in Komic Village has an in-house restaurant that serves both Indian and Tibetan cuisine. It is an amazing stay in Komic village that will leave you with lifelong memories.

Tariff: 9,500 Rs/Night

Amenities: Breakfast available, Free Wifi, Parking space, 

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23 Km

Langza Village: 5.5 km

Hikkim Village: 3.5 km

Key Monastery: 9.5 Km


Tethys Himalayan DEN

Tethys Himalayan Den stays in Komic Village is an eco-friendly accommodation with a panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains. This top guest house in Komic Village is an ideal site to spend your time in Spit Valley, with its peaceful natural surroundings. This location is near to the best places to visit in Spiti Valley and provides all of the information needed for adventurous activities in the valley. 

Tariff: 4,200 Rs/Night

Amenities: Free breakfast, Free Wifi, Parking space, 

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 42.3 Km

Langza Village: 35.1 km

Hikkim Village: 34.6  km

Key Monastery: 6 Km

Kibber Village : 3 km


The Alpinist Cafe & Retreat

This stay in Komic Village is located in the heart of Spiti Valley Kaza, is close to numerous attractions, and serves as an excellent base for visitors to the area. Tourists may spend the day visiting neighboring attractions before relaxing in the Alpinist Retreat’s pleasant and welcoming accommodations. This is a top guest house in Komic which is the perfect respite from city life, providing you with a taste of Spitian warmth, nature, and culture.

The hotel in Komic Village is ideal for relaxing and tingling the taste buds with the mouth-watering Tibetan cuisine while also planning your next adventure in the valley, and meeting like-minded travelers on the Spiti Valley expedition. 

Tariff: 5,850 Rs/Nigh

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, 

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 23.8 Km

Langza Village: 16.6 km

Hikkim Village: 16.1 km

Key Monastery: 15 Km


Himalayan Brothers – Hotel Spiti Heritage

The Himalayan Brothers’ stay in Komic Village Kaza is the ideal combination of elegance and comfort for an amazing stay in the Himalayas. Whether you’re an adventurer, an explorer, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway in the mountains, this resort in Komic Village will provide an amazing experience. Being ideally located near all of the region’s key attractions Key Monastery, a visit to this holiday rental in Komic Village will undoubtedly leave a memorable, delightful experience in your heart and mind. 

Tariff: 7,280 Rs/Night

Amenities: Restaurant, Parking space, 

Rating: 4.3

Location: Kaza, near to Key Monastery

Distance from Major attractions

komic Village: 24 Km

Langza Village: 16.7 km

Hikkim Village: 16.2 km

Key Monastery: 15.1 Km


Echor Mud Huts Tabo, Spiti Valley

Echor Mud Huts in Komic Village Tabo is a must-try for their serenity and spaciousness, nestled on the bank of the Spiti River and surrounded by apple orchids, peans, and barley fields. The resort’s secluded location and proximity to the main attraction Tabo Monastery of Spiti Valley make it the best place to stay in Komic Village and surrounding areas. 

Tariff: 3,176  Rs/Night

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, Pool, Laundry service 

Rating: 4.7

Location: Tabo Village

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 66 Km

Langza Village: 64 km

Hikkim Village: 63.5 km

Key Monastery: 62.4 Km


Jordan Homestay

This cheap homestay in Komic Village is recognized and registered by Himachal Pradesh’s Tourism Department. This modest homestay, managed by the house’s owner, offers all the amenities, a comforting bed, warm water, a friendly environment, finger-licking local cuisine as well as Indian dishes freshly cooked with homegrown spices and veggies.  The owner can supply you with all of the knowledge you need to explore the valley’s unknown sites. The rooms of the home provide the guests with a sense of Spitian culture, while the old architecture tells the history of the location.

This stay in Komic Village is great for solo travelers, backpackers, and those looking for affordable homestays in Komic Village.

Tariff: 500 Rs/Night

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, Pool, Laundry service 

Rating: 4.9

Location: Komic

Distance from Major attractions

langza Village: 10.1 km

Hikkim Village: 3.2 km

Key Monastery: 34.4 Km

Komic Monastery: 6 meters


Solo Yolo Homestay

Solo Yolo’s stay in Komic Village Kaza is designed specifically for motorcyclists, hikers, and solo travelers. It is the ideal spot to gather with other travelers and learn about their adventures in Spiti Valley. An open terrace lets you reconnect with your friends and other travelers over tea, breakfast, lunch, and supper. And yet, what matters most, the filling station is only 100 meters away from the homestay.

The cozy place makes you feel relaxed from the day full of adventure and discoveries. This budget homestay in Komic Village Kaza, which is nestled in the calm serene settings is perfect for your vacation in Spiti Valley. This homestay is quite a charm among travelers and gets completely booked, so try to make your bookings well in advance.

Tariff: 500 Rs/Night

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, Laundry service, Power backup

Rating: 3.7

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

Komic Village: 24 km

Langza Village: 17 km

Hikkim Village: 16.5 km

Key Monastery: 15.4 Km


Zostel Spiti

This is the most happening and budget-friendly stay in Spiti Valley. The travelers at Zostel Spiti gather in the commonplace to discuss their valley adventures and discoveries. The hotel is advantageously positioned close to the major attractions. Bikers and explorers stay at Komic Village, explore the surrounding area, and return in the evening for a peaceful and relaxing setting.

This accommodation in Spiti Valley has a private deluxe room as well as a superior 6-bed mixed dormitory. They also provide the luxury of outdoor tents and alpine tents for a better stargazing experience in Spiti Valley. Make your Spiti Valley trip more adventurous with a stay at Zostel Spiti in Komic Village Kaza.

Tariff: 1500 Rs/Night

Amenities: Free Wifi, Parking space, Laundry service, Power backup, Private Bathroom

Rating: 4.4

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attraction

Komic Village: 24.5 km

Langza Village: 17.3 km

Hikkim Village: 16.8 km

Key Monastery: 15.7 Km

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What is Komic village famous for?

Komic Village is well-known for its picturesque splendor, surrounded by the beautiful Himalayas and desolate valleys. The magnificent pea and potato fields enhance the valley’s charm. Komic Village is ornamented by the Komic Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries. This village has earned the status of the world’s highest village connected by a motorable road. 

Are there any health facilities in Komic Village?

Komic Village’s health facilities are quite inadequate. The valley’s nearest large town is Kaza, where tourists may locate a main health care center. It is strongly advised that tourists carry enough medicine to last the duration of their journey.

Are there any tourist attractions in Komic Village?

There are some tourist attractions in Komic Village and the surrounding area. The Komic Monastery and the iconic sign board which is put on by the public world department flaunt the world’s highest status of the Village. Hikkim village and Langza village are the nearest villages that can be covered in a day. Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary near Komic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch a rare sight of snow leopard.

What is the average price range for hotels in Komic?

There are numerous pricing ranges for hotels in Komic Village, but there is something for every sort of traveler, from those searching for a luxury stay to those wishing to travel on a budget. The hotels in Komic village range in price from 500 rs/night to 8,000/night. The choice of hotels is influenced by the traveler’s comfort and budget.

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