10 Stays in Langza Village: Best Places to Stay in Spiti Valley

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Have you booked your accommodation in Langza Village Spiti Valley for your vacation this summer? No! Are you aware that this place has very few accommodations and that too fills up way too fast? Langza Village in Spiti Valley is only available for tourists during the summer months for adventure activities and hence tourists want to avail the opportunity as much as possible.

We have eased your work and have compiled a list of a few most amazing stays in Langza Village for your next trip to Spit Valley Tour packages for a dreamlike vacation.

Just a few points to consider before you start dreaming about your stay in Langza Village. Spiti water has water scarcity and all hotels rely on tankers for their water supply. So utilize water wisely and judiciously. There are frequent power cut-offs in summer due to huge tourist inflow and some hotels have power backups while others have solar heater facilities. So be patient if your hotel faces any issues.


Places to Stay in Langza Village and Nearby Locations

  • Hotel Dehden Retreat

Hotel Duhden Retreat is a cheap hotel in Langza Village that provides all essential amenities and a cozy room for guests to recuperate after long and tiring trips. This hotel is a hybrid of a homestay and a hotel in Spiti Valley, providing the comfort of a homestay with the conveniences of a hotel. This hotel has received excellent ratings, with guests praising the staff’s friendliness and the comfortable rooms for a cheap stay in Langza Village. 

Tariff: 2,500 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Kettle, Power Backup, Child Friendly, Free Parking, Free Breakfast

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 5.3 km

Hikkim Village: 3.6 km

Key Monastery: 9.2 Km

Sol Cafe: 10 min

Himalayan Cafe: 6 min

  • Eskape Inn Kaza

Eskape In Kaza is a newly constructed property in Kaza constructed in 2023. If you are looking for some budget hotels in Langza Village, this stay in Langza Village is the finest option to choose from the best hotels and resorts in Spiti Valley.  Every room in the hotel showcases the tranquil splendor of the snow-capped mountains. Because of its proximity to key attractions and the main market, this hotel is an excellent choice for a relaxing stay in Langza Village. Guests at the hotels have rated this hotel as an excellent 3-star hotel with neat and clean premises. 

Tariff: 4,053 Rs/Night 

Amenities: 24-hour front desk, Hot Water, Power Backup, Breakfast, Free Parking, Restaurant

Rating: 4.4

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 15.9 km

Hikkim Village: 15.4 km

Key Monastery: 14.3 Km

Sol Cafe: 3 minutes walk

Himalayan Cafe: 4 min walk

  • Juniper Homes- Story Homes

Juniper Homes Homestay is a homestay in Spiti Valley that combines elegance and comfort to create a memorable experience. This villa, located in a calm and attractive setting, is an ideal escape for people seeking peace and relaxation and the most comfortable luxury stay in Langza Village. You’ll be met with a large, beautifully traditionally decorated living room that emanates warmth and sophistication. 

The rooms are adorned carefully with a mix of modern and classic features, resulting in a warm and welcoming feeling. This stay in Langza Village is sure to provide an ideal stay for an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in luxury, comfort, and natural beauty, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Tariff: 2,999 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Bonfire, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking, verandah

Rating: 4.8

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 16.2 km

Hikkim Village: 15.7 km

Key Monastery: 14.6 Km

Sol Cafe: 4 min

Himalayan Cafe: 5 min

  • Hotel Deyzor

Deyzor is well referred to by tourists as the ‘Oasis of Spiti’. This hotel is a marvel in its interiors that represent the soul of Spiti Valley. Its beautifully articulated interiors are the soul attraction of the Hotel Deyzor making the stay in Langza Village a memorable experience. The hotels have carefully selected and added bit and pieces from all over Spiti that gives a feel of the region’s rich heritage and culture. 

Hotel Deyzor has personal service and a travel-friendly atmosphere for travellers and especially for adventurers where true passion lies in visiting the village. The village is located just walking distance from the Sakya Tangyud Monastery 1 km from the old Village. This luxury stay in Langza Village will comfort your vacation in Langza Village and nearby destinations. 

Tariff: 3,348 Rs/Night 

Amenities: Breakfast, Free Parking, Pet-friendly and Child Friendly

Rating: 4.9

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 15.9 km

Hikkim Village: 15.4 km

Key Monastery: 14.3 Km

Sol Cafe: 3 Minutes

Himalayan Cafe: 4 Minutes

  • Spiti Heritage Himalayan Brothers

Spiti Heritage Himalayan Brother is a luxury Luxury holiday rental in Langa Village Kaza, near the renowned Key Monastery. The hotel in Langza Village Kaza offers Himalayan view accommodations that provide an unparalleled view of the gorgeous Himalayas, elating the whole experience. 

Whether you’re an adventurer, a cultural explorer, or simply searching for a refreshing vacation, Spiti Villa Himalayan Brothers Resort promises a remarkable experience in the Himalayas away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This luxury resort in Hikkim Village provides visitors with an amazing dining experience including the local food of Spiti Valley with locally produced products as well as International flavors. 

Tariff: 6,500 Rs/Night Amenities:  Free Parking, Free Breakfast, child-friendly, Power Backup

Rating: 3.8

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 5.9 km

Hikkim Village: 4 km

Key Monastery: 9.7 Km

Sol Cafe: 7 minutes

Himalayan Cafe: 6 Minutes

  • Hotel Kunphen Sakya Abode

Hotel Sakya Abode is a charm in Spiti Valley. This property is managed by a small family and is one of the oldest running holiday rentals in Langza Village Spiti Valley. One of the most unique experiences that this stay in Langza Village Kaza offers is the traditional Spitian living with traditional architecture and authentic food. 

This stay in Langza is a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and warm hospitality that makes this place a standout choice for an unforgettable Spiti experience.

Tariff: 7,280 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 4.4

Location: Kibber 

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 15.8 km

Hikkim Village: 15.3 km

Key Monastery: 14.2 Km

Sol Cafe: 7 Minutes

Himalayan Cafe: 2 Minutes

  • The Alpinist Cafe & Retreat

The Alpinist Cafe & Retreat is located near Kaza’s main market, which is within walking distance of the bus stop. This stay in Langza Village is surrounded by breathtaking scenery from all sides. The Alpinist provides a breathtaking view of the snow-capped peaks of Spiti Valley and a magnificent view of the Spiti River. This hotel also houses a unique café inside the hotel premises and a rooftop café that provides a stunning view as you sip your hot tea or coffee. 

Tariff: 5,850 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Cafe, Restaurant, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, Child Friendly, Wifi

Rating: 4.5

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 5.5 km

Hikkim Village: 3.5 km

Key Monastery: 9.6 Km

Sol Cafe: 6 Minutes

Himalayan Cafe: 2 Minutes

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  • The Travellers Shed

Travelers Shed welcomes accommodation in Langza Village and is especially for motorbikers and those who are on a Spiti Valley solo trip and have spent several hours riding down a treacherous track to Spiti Valley. The Travellers Shed is a stay in Langza Village Kaza that is intended to connect you with other fellow travellers as well, share the tales we share, and hear some exciting experiences on the roads to Spiti Valley. 

Whether you want to nestle into your bed, cuddle in front of a bonfire, or simply lie down and watch the stars, Travelers Shed has it all. An open terrace with personal space allows you to reconnect with fellow travellers over tea, breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Tariff: 4,472 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Terrace, Bonfire, Breakfast, Free Parking, Indoor Games

Rating: 4.8

Location: Kaza 

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 16.1 km

Hikkim Village: 15.6 km

Key Monastery: 14.5 Km

  • Osel Rooms

Osel’s room is a heaven in Spiti. Staying in Osel’s will be the best decision for your surreal stay in Langza Village Kaza. The hospitality and warmth of the staff combined with the picturesque surroundings will create a memorable experience. 

This stay in Langza Village Kaza is managed by the Ecosphere Spiti. Ecospheere is a social enterprise that was born out of love for the Himalayas and to conserve it. They are committed to sustainable development for the mountains. They are on a mission to help travelers for an authentic experience for an ever lasting memories and impact but also to educate the travelers about mindful travel.  

Tariff: 3,445 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Breakfast, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 4.1

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 16.6 km

Hikkim Village: 16 Km

Key Monastery: 15 Km

Sol Cafe: 1 Minutes 

Himalayan Cafe: 2 Minutes

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  • Banjara Retreat

Banjara retreat is a luxury stay in Langza Village nestled in the lap of the Himalayas and away from the maddening crowds. Each lodge of the Banjara retreat offers a phenomenal view of the snow-capped mountains and exquisite natural landscapes. The Banjara Retreat also provides an opportunity to explore the hikes, guided nature walks, and authentic experience of the Spitian culture. An enchanting experience and a dreamy vacation to Spiti Valley consider a stay in Banjara Retreat. 

Tariff: 4,200 Rs/Night 

Amenities:  Hot Water, Power Backup, Delectable Food, Free Parking

Rating: 4.3

Location: Kaza

Distance from Major attractions

Langza Village: 15.9 km

Hikkim Village: 15.4 km

Key Monastery: 14.3 Km

Sol Cafe: 6 Minutes

Himalayan Cafe: 1 Minutes

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What is Langza village famous for?

Langza Village is well-known for the breathtaking grandeur of the Himalayas and its tranquility. Langza Village is also known as the Fossil Village because it has fossils of sea animals beneath it. Tourists visit Langza to hunt for spiral-shaped fossils and learn intriguing facts about them. Langza Village is connected to a nearby beautiful village and the Key Monastery and Sakya Tangyud Monastery are just a few kilometers from the village.

Are there any health facilities in Langza Village?

Langza Village only has modest healthcare facilities. Langza is a small community with about 30-40 dwellings. Langza’s health facilities are limited to the most basic requirements. For certain critical ailments, visitors must go to the next big town, Kaza, which has appropriate healthcare facilities. 

Are there any tourist attractions in Langza Village?

Langza Village itself does have many attractions places to visit. But it is a quaint village where just the leisure stroll will relax and give you more pleasure. The nearby villages just a few kilometers away have attraction places that are a must-visit when you have a stay in Langza Village. Key Monastery, Sakya Tangyud Monastery, Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, and Buddha Statue in Hikkim are the most tourist attractions in Langza Village. 

What is the average price range for hotels in Langza?

There are not many accommodation options in Langza Village. You can expect to get a few of the decent homestays here. The hotels can be availed at Kaza the nearest largest town of the district. The average price of the hotels at Kaza is 2500. Some homestays in dormitory style can be available for as low as 1000 rs/bed/night and hotels at 18,000 rs/day. 

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