10 Corporate Team Outing Places in Chennai You Must Experience

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Corporate Culture is something that requires a break every 2-3 months, not just any regular break, a break that allows employees to relax and enjoy with their team members outside of the office environment. 

Whether you choose a Corporate Package or some of the Best Team outing Places in Chennai, nowadays, team outings have become an essential part of the corporate culture. Beyond the confines of boardrooms and cubicles, team outings provide a platform for colleagues to connect on a personal level that fosters healthy in-office relations, and enhanced productivity as well.

Why A Company Requires Team Outings

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Team outings are more than just recreational activities, there are a lot of other Benefits of Team Events in India. By providing a break from the daily routine, team outings offer a platform for colleagues to bond and recharge, fostering a sense of connection and unity among team members.

Engaging in activities outside of the office environment encourages communication, and problem-solving skills, strengthening interpersonal relationships and trust among team members. 

Additionally, team outings promote employee morale and motivation as well. Investing in the well-being and creating opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment can result in increased job satisfaction, and ultimately, improved performance and retention rates within the organization.

Here’s the list of the Best Team outing Places in Chennai:

  • MGM Dizzee World
  • Kishkinta Theme Park
  • Queens Land
  • Phoenix Marketcity Chennai
  • VGP Universal Kingdom
  • Marina Beach
  • The Farm Chennai
  • Green Meadows Resort
  • Wild Tribe Ranch
  • Adventure Zone

Entertainment/Enjoyment Team Outing Places in Chennai

1. MGM Dizzee World

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MGM Dizzee World is a thrilling amusement park with a wide range of rides and recreational activities suitable for team bonding and enjoyment. From high-speed roller coasters to water slides and carnival games, this park is one of the top corporate team outing places in Chennai with endless opportunities for fun and enjoyment. 

Entry Fee: INR 699 Per Adult & INR 549 for Kids, with separate charges for rides and attractions.

Activities: Roller coasters, water slides, carnival games, and explore food stalls.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

2. Kishkinta Theme Park

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Kishkinta Theme Park is a popular place known for its wide variety of rides and water attractions suitable for team outings. From thrilling roller coasters to relaxing rivers, this park offers a diverse range of experiences for team members of all ages. With its vibrant atmosphere and exciting attractions, Kishkinta is one of the best corporate team outing places in Chennai for teams to enjoy and relax.

Entry Fee: INR 690 Per Adult, Separate charges for rides and water attractions.

Activities: Roller coasters, themed attractions, wave pools, and water slides.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

3. Queens Land


Queens Land is another one of the popular team outing places in Chennai. It is an amusement park featuring a variety of experiences ideal for corporate events and team outings. Team members can enjoy thrilling rides, participate in group activities, and relax in the park’s scenic surroundings, making it a perfect destination for a day of fun and relaxation. With its thrilling rides, colourful entertainment shows, and picnic areas, this park offers something for everyone. 

Entry Fee: INR 450 – 550 Per Person, with Additional charges for rides and shows.

Activities: Thrilling Rides, water parks, entertainment shows, and picnics.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

4. Phoenix Marketcity Chennai

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Phoenix Marketcity Chennai is a shopping and entertainment complex that offers a diverse range of activities for team outings. From shopping for the latest trends to enjoying delicious dishes at various restaurants, this destination is one of the most-visited and best corporate team outing places in Chennai and has something for every corporate team. 

Team members can explore the retail outlets, catch a movie at the multiplex, and chill at cafes or bars, making it an ideal spot for a fun-filled day out with colleagues.

Activities: Shopping, dining, movie screenings, coffee breaks.

5. VGP Universal Kingdom


The VGP Universal Kingdom is a well-known amusement park offering an exciting mix of rides and entertainment options for team members to enjoy. Here, teams can enjoy pumping rides, explore themed zones, and indulge in delicious treats, ensuring a day filled with laughter and excitement. From family-friendly attractions to thrilling roller coasters, this park is among the best team outing places in Chennai for fun and enjoyment.

Entry Fee: INR 300 – 500 Per Person, Additional charges for rides and attractions.

Activities: Rides, themed zones, food courts, live entertainment.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

Relaxing Team Outing Places in Chennai

6. Marina Beach


Stretching along the Bay of Bengal, Marina Beach is among the most popular team outing places in Chennai for relaxation. With its golden sands and gentle sea breeze, this iconic beach is perfect for organizing Creative Corporate Event Ideas To Boost Team Spirit. Enjoy beachside activities, and create memories over refreshing oceanic views.

Activities: Beach walks, volleyball, kite flying, and beachside picnics.

7. The Farm Chennai

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For teams looking for relaxation and enjoyment, The Farm Chennai is basically an organic restaurant and is among the top corporate team outing places in Chennai. 

Located away in a peaceful environment, this place offers a serene escape for corporate teams among scenic landscapes. With its rustic charm and eco-friendly atmosphere, this venue is ideal for team outings focused on relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Price: INR 1500 For Two, Additional charges for selected activities and facilities.

Activities: Nature walks, bird watching, outdoor games, and meditation sessions.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

8. Green Meadows Resort

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Green Meadows Resort is another peaceful retreat for corporate teams seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. Surrounded by gardens and serene waters, this resort is one of the best corporate team outing places in Chennai and offers luxurious amenities and facilities for hosting corporate events, workshops, and team-building activities in a serene and scenic environment.

Price: Varies for accommodation packages.

Activities: Swimming, indoor games, spa treatments, and team-building workshops.

Adventure Team Outing Places in Chennai

9. Wild Tribe Ranch

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Wild Tribe Ranch is an outdoor adventure heaven that offers exciting and thrilling activities for thrill-seekers. Teams can unleash their adventurous spirit here through dense forests and challenging terrains. From thrilling zip-lining and high ropes activities to team-based challenges, this destination is one of the popular team outing places in Chennai. It promises an unforgettable experience that strengthens teamwork and friendship.

Entry Fee: INR 450 Per Adult, and varies based on selected activities and group size.

Activities: Zip-lining, high ropes courses, obstacle challenges, and nature treks.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

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10. Adventure Zone

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Adventure Zone is another of the best corporate team outing places in Chennai for adventure lovers. This place caters to corporate teams seeking dynamic team-building experiences. 

Located in the outdoor environment, this venue is a perfect blend of fun and learning. Here, teams can engage in exhilarating paintball battles, and test their agility on rope courses, wall climbing, team-building exercises, and other adventurous challenges as well.

Entry Fee: INR 600 Per Activity, Per head.

Activities: Paintball, rope courses, obstacle challenges, and team-building exercises.

(Note – Prices may vary depending on weekdays, weekends, and seasons)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any resorts near Chennai suitable for team outings?

Yes, several resorts near Chennai are ideal for team outings and corporate retreats. The MGM Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram, the Green Coconut Resort in ECR, and the Ideal Beach Resort in Mahabalipuram.

Can you suggest some adventure-based team outing spots in Chennai?

Chennai and its surrounding areas offer various adventure-based team outing spots. The Muttukadu Backwaters and the Adventure Zone at the VGP Universal Kingdom are the two best spots where teams can engage in thrilling activities like kayaking, windsurfing, ziplining, rock climbing, etc.

What are some popular team outing destinations near Chennai?

Near Chennai, there are several popular destinations perfect for team outings. Mahabalipuram is popular for its ancient temples, beaches, and seaside resorts.

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