The Lost Chamber Aquarium, Explore Dubai’s Underwater Wonderland!

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Dubai is the ultimate destination for unique and adventurous experiences, featuring The Lost Chamber Aquarium which is a must-see attraction. From skydiving to watching movies in snow-filled cinemas, Dubai Tour Packages offers many exciting activities for you. It’s the perfect place to escape reality and immerse yourself to create unforgettable memories with a lot of breathtaking views. The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai truly promises an adventure like no other!

Among the major attractions Atlantis is a luxury hotel on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The most special thing about  Atlantis is that it offers 1,500+ luxury rooms, 23 dining spots, and entertainment hubs like nightclubs and many more. This hotel is famous for two amazing things: The Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chamber Aquarium. 

The famous Aquaventure Waterpark is among the world’s largest aqua parks, featuring over 150 water rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy, whereas The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai lets you explore a stunning underwater world.

Explore The Underwater World At The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Let us now dive into The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai for an awesome underwater adventure! Where you can discover ancient ruins and colourful sea creatures, and be a part of the legendary Atlantis with its cool gadgets and breathtaking views. The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai is huge, covering 46,000 square feet and housing 65,000 marine creatures from 250 species. With 10 themed chambers, it gives visitors a cool experience, with fancy interiors that remind you of the legendary city of Atlantis.

At Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium, there’s lots to do! You can snorkel, dive, and even feed the fish. They also have fun educational programs and guided tours. You can also get a closer look at the amazing creatures with a special ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour!

The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai combines entertainment with marine conservation, partnering with local groups to protect habitats and raise awareness about ocean preservation. Visitors are educated and encouraged to contribute to marine life conservation efforts. And also it will be the perfect place to plan your honeymoon in Dubai.

List Of Exciting Things To Do At The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai:

  1. Ambassador Lagoon
  2. Aquatrek Extreme
  3. Ultimate Snorkel
  4. Shark Safari
  5. Dive Explorer
  6. Predator Dive
  7. Fish Tales Tour

1. Ambassador Lagoon In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


The Ambassador Lagoon at The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai is one of the star attractions. This huge marine home holds a whopping 11 million litres of water and is home to over 65,000 cool marine animals, like sharks and rays, hanging out. 

Just imagine yourself walking through the lagoons of a 10-meter-long tunnel and be amazed at the floor-to-ceiling glass window and super exciting viewing platform which will be perfect for awesome photos. You can also join a guided tour led by experts to learn all about the animals and their homes.

In addition, there will be nearby interactive touch tanks that let you get hands-on with sea creatures like sea urchins and starfish in a safe and fun environment. Everyone, even if you’re not a certified diver, can enjoy the fun at the Ambassador Lagoon!

2. Aquatrek Extreme In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


Have you ever imagined swinging in the water next to sharks? Yes, The Aquatrek Extreme at The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai, is actually the coolest aquarium which provides you the deep dive experience with a facility of cool high-tech helmets. 

It is one of Dubai’s coolest and the most themed with record-breaking depths. As you go through the depths of the aquarium you’ll find a whole bunch of amazing creatures like rays, sharks, and colourful fishes. As you sign up for this adventure journey, you can walk around underwater with these awesome animals.

If you are worried about swimming then, you don’t need to worry about it as there is no need to know how to swim to experience this wonderful underwater ride!

3. Ultimate Snorkel In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


The specialty of Ultimate Snorkel in The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai gives you the most amazing experience with a mind-blowing opportunity to snorkel in the Ambassador Lagoon. As you get a chance to swim at this mesmerizing place you’ll see more than 250 species of different kinds of fish and a lot of marine animals.

You’ll experience the most colourful underwater world around you with a lot of fishes and marine animals with colourful scales and corals in pinks, blues, and gold. The guidance will be given by the experts in a detailed briefing before providing you with snorkels, masks, and vests. 

The other interesting thing about the Ultimate Snorkel is that children aged group 6 and above can also join this wonderful experience. This will definitely make up a thrilling adventure for the whole family to enjoy together!

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4. Shark Safari In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


The Shark Safari in Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium is the most exciting adventure at Atlantis. Once, you are dared to swim underwater surrounded by 100’s of sharks you will be provided with a special clear-glass helmet and will be guided by the experts for an unforgettable adventure journey in your life.

Just imagine the sight of you facing the sharks which gives you an adrenaline rush by witnessing the grace and power of sharks in their natural habitat. The breathtaking experience of this Shark Safari will definitely leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

You’ll feel safe and secure by receiving guidance from expert instructors who will help you navigate through the underwater wonders of the Shark Lagoon. Just decide yourself to immerse in the beautiful ocean, where the ride on Shark Safari will definitely promise you an unforgettable experience in the depths of Atlantis!

5. Dive Explorer In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


The Dive Explorer in Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium is a dream come true opportunity for certified divers who are seeking thrills and adventure. This provides you a scuba diving experience for adventure seekers which makes you explore marine life diving among the remains of the lost city and ancient temple remains.

An expert diving team will be guiding you where you can master the art of safe diving practices in the Lost Chamber Aquarium. Get ready for an exciting adventure! Dive in, explore the ruins, and meet cool sea animals. You’ll remember this trip forever!

6. Predator Dive In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


Get set for an exciting adventure with the Predator Dive experience in The Lost Chamber Aquarium In Dubai. It’s perfect for dared divers who want to get close to sharks and rays. 

Imagine yourself feeding these amazing creatures! There are 14 different species, including sharks, cobias, and stingrays, making it an incredible feeding session in the diverse marine aquarium.

But remember, this adventure comes with a price as it’s the most expensive one at The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis. In addition, it’s only for certified divers. You’ll be given a special suit to wear, making the experience even more thrilling. Get ready to dive in and create memories that will stay with you forever!

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7. Fish Tales Tour In The Lost Chamber Aquarium


The Fish Tales Tour in The Lost Chamber Aquarium will make you explore the marine creatures in The Lost Chamber Aquarium, Ambassador Lagoon, and the Fish Hospital which will be guided by knowledgeable experts. 

As you walk through this you’ll get to know about the fascinating world of marine life, where you will learn about their diets, growth, and complete welfare. By knowing this you will get a close knowledge of the variety of sea creatures, observing their unique behaviours, from colourful fish to impressive sharks.

This educational tour will help you to know more about marine life and their conservation, which will be a major part of protecting these amazing animals. Don’t miss this amazing chance to make memories and appreciate the ocean even more!

Ticket Pricing At The Lost Chamber Aquarium


As you’re worried about, the Ticket pricing for The Lost Chambers Aquarium In Dubai here are the complete details of it which starts at AED 115 per adult. Prices may vary during public holidays and weekends. Special access is required for each experience you choose.

  • Shark Safari: Starts from AED 610 (for ages 10 & above) Approximately INR 11,825
  • AquaTrek Xtreme: Starts from AED 970 (for ages 12 & above) Approximately INR 18,820
  • Ultimate Snorkel: Starts from AED 445 (for ages 6 & above) Approximately INR 8,650
  • Shark Snorkel: Starts from AED 515 (for ages 6 & above) Approximately INR 10,000
  • Dive Explorer: Starts from AED 1200 (for certified divers of ages 10 & above) Approximately INR 23,270
  • Dive Discovery: Starts from AED 1570 (for ages 10 & above) Approximately INR 30,525
  • Predator Dive: Starts from AED 2655 (for certified divers of ages 10 & above) Approximately INR 51,580

Location of The Lost Chamber Aquarium

Rachel’s Ruminations

The Lost Chamber Aquarium is located on a man-made island in Dubai. The luxury and iconic hotel of Atlantis in Dubai is home to this unique attraction making it easier for tourists and locals to visit. You can visit this beautiful city anytime and explore the underwater resort in Dubai.

How To Reach The Lost Chamber Aquarium


To reach Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium, take Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 or use public transport. If travelling by metro, take the red line to DMCC metro station, then switch to the Dubai tram at JLT tram station. Get off at Dubai Marina Mall tram station and take marine transportation to Atlantis the Palm. Alternatively, you can take the monorail for a unique experience. Use the RTA Journey Planner to find the right buses from your location.

Opening Hours Of The Lost Chamber Aquarium


Dubai The Lost Chamber Aquarium at Atlantis is open daily from 10 am to 9 pm. However, specific experiences may have different timings.


Hence, get yourself ready to discover the amazing underwater world at The Lost Chamber Aquarium in Dubai. Where you can meet sea animals and try exciting adventures like Shark Safari and Dive Explorer. Have fun, make memories, and learn about protecting marine life. It’s an adventure and learning experience rolled into one!

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