12 Unique Hotels In The World That Defy Convention

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As we are moving ahead with time, the world is evolving, and everything along with it is moving towards progress with a unique approach. 

The hospitality industry trends are constantly changing and evolving with time, and are coming up with new ideas that are so unique they will blow your mind. 

Can you believe that some unique hotels in the world give you a chance to have an experience of a lifetime, not only with their hospitality but also their unique designs? 

Let me introduce you to some of the most unique hotels in the world that will sweep your feet off the ground.

1. Jail Cell Hostel, Ottawa

Source : TripAdvisor

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to spend your night in jail? Did you ever fancy the thought of spending your night in jail, or have you already been arrested, so you know what it feels like? 

Let me tell you one interesting fact if you fancy the idea of going to jail, just to see why it scares the heck out of people. 

This very cool hostel in Ottawa, Canada, is based in a restored jailhouse, and the rooms here are similar to that of a prison. You can choose to share your cell with another inmate, or you can have your single cell; it’s up to you. You can also have a free jail tour. 

Wouldn’t it be so cool, to spend the night in jail and have top-notch hospitality, as if you are a popular celebrity in jail, that too without an offence? 

2. Finn Lough Bubble, Ireland

Source : Finn Lough

Come out of your comfort bubble of having a 5-star stay dripping with luxury, and explore the bubble domes in Northern Island. 

You will be staying in a transparent bubble with a 180-degree view of the place. The starry skies at night make your stay worth every penny. 

This Bubble Dome also allows you to lie in your room and stargaze.

3. Cockpit Cottage, Costa Rica

Source : Good Times

I am sure you have slept on a flight plenty of times; chances are you doze off as soon as the flight takes off, but did you know you can sleep on an aeroplane in your own bed without any turbulence? 

In Costa Rica, there is a hotel that welcomes people in their unique stay where the interior has been designed like a plane, with a bed, and is equipped with every modern amenity you can think of. 

The interior is made of teak wood, which adds to the ambience of the place. The best part is that you will have a view of the ocean from your room.

4. Cube House, Rotterdam

Source : Wikipedia

Once, an architect was given the challenge of making a home over a pedestrian bridge. The architect refused to disappoint and made homes in the shape of cubes, and it could not get better. 

You can make your next visit to Rotterdam in the Netherlands and stay here in these curious cubes for a day or two to experience one of the most unique hotels in the world. 

Each cube is interestingly designed in different shapes, sizes and angles and will make you curious to no end. 

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5. Kakslauttanen Igloo, Finland

Source : Finding the Universe

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stay in an igloo and live like a penguin for a day? 

Well, if that idea makes you excited, then pack your bags and get going to Finland. It’s the best place to witness the northern lights. The glass igloos are quite popular here because you get to see the northern lights during the season. 

6. Manta Resort, Tanzania

Source : BBC

Can you imagine living underwater? 

You can’t, right? Because how are you going to breathe after the oxygen runs out? 

Now this may come as a surprise, but there is a resort in Tanzania called The Manta Resort, which has an underwater room where you can stay. 

Besides, there is also a room above the surface of the water on a floating island. You no longer need to snorkel to see the fish because they come to you on the window of your room. 

This is probably the most unique hotel in the world. 

7. Underwater Suite, Maldives

Source : TripAdvisor

To experience the ultimate luxury underwater, you should visit the underwater hotel in Maldives. The room comes with a butler, a chef, and top-notch facilities, while you witness the underwater creatures swimming over the roof of your room, making you feel like you have a private aquarium. 

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 

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8. Double Decker Bus, UK

Source : Wikipedia

Adding to the list is the Bertram Hotel in Devon, which is perfectly designed in the 1950s style with an interior worth praising. The intricate details will feel like you have stepped back in time. 

Though it is inside a double-decker bus, it has all modern amenities, including a hot tub. 

9. The Train Car Hotel, Indianapolis

Source : Indy's Child

The Train Car Hotel allows you to sleep on the train and is heaven for history buffs. The touch of 1920s flare is what makes your stay in this hotel a memorable one. 

With actual tracks running beside this hotel, you can hear as well as feel the trains passing through the hotel. 

10. Ice Hotel, Sweden

Source : My Modern Met

If you love winters because everything freezes during this time of the year, you cannot get enough of it, then you should spend a few days in the Ice Hotel in Sweden. 

If you are one of those very strong people who can bear the extreme winters, then this is the place for you. So the challenge is that you have to stay in this hotel which has ice installations, and the room will freeze you to no limit. 

Even though the rooms are frosty and cold, the bed is lined with reindeer fur and sleeping bags to keep you warm. 

If you can make it through the night, the staff will treat you with a nice cup of hot lingonberry tea. 

11. Wine Barrel Hotel, Austria

Source : Global Construction Review

We love wine because it gives a classy touch to the art of drinking. But do you love wine enough to sleep in a wine barrel? 

Confused? Well, there is a wine barrel which is actually a room with basic amenities, including wifi. 

Located in the countryside in Austria, the place looks absolutely lovely and gives you an entirely different experience of lodging.

12. Cave Hotel, Italy

Source : TripAdvisor

Caves are full of mysteries and have always been seen with fascination. 

So there is a 9000-year-old cave which shows the evidence of civilisations that have been living in them. One of the hotel groups took the initiative of carving out the cave to build hotel rooms while also protecting the integrity of the people living inside the cave. 

It took ten years to carve out 18 lovely hotel rooms in the cave, but in the end, it was all worth it, for it is gaining popularity with time. More and more people want to explore this cave hotel which is probably one of the most unique hotels in the world.


Just when you think the world could not be any weirder, in that exact moment, you see or read something that blows your mind. I am sure after this, your mind has started to wonder how people come up with such ideas, and how these ideas become so popular. 

All these unique hotels in the world, and the idea of building them is worth appreciating, and the best way to appreciate it is to spend a day or two here to witness the magic with your own bare eyes. 

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